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Name: Download The Trump Card II
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Crusard
Version: 21-Jun-2008
TMX id: 821178
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 13,391
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 2m 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Island
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2:09.45   phenomega+ 0:00.0013,391
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2:10.73   Marius 89+ 0:01.2812,596
2:15.61   Zeref+ 0:06.169,567
2:17.97   alva667+ 0:08.528,102
2:19.41   _evan_+ 0:09.967,209
2:20.07   FT»Tobbe+ 0:10.626,799
2:20.40   KaboOm+ 0:10.956,594
2:21.86   Ned37+ 0:12.415,688
2:22.39   occam+ 0:12.945,359
2:22.82   TMB+ 0:13.375,092
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Author Comments

Previous events...

After several years in suspiction of illegal arms development, a special agent was sent to infiltrate Speedtek's engine research facility. The agent's last communication mentioned that "important information" had been found, but shortly after the mission, contact was lost and no action could be taken against the corporation.

A special trooper team was deployed to destroy a renegade military force's HQ. Soon after the operation, the remaining enemies scattered or surrendered. It is thought that the leaders of this group managed to escape and are still at large. Some of the technology found at the site related to Speedtek.

An atmospheric anomaly has completely destroyed Vulture, Speedtek's facility for environmental research. Only one scientist managed to escape. Altough the survivor was recovered by local authorities, he went missing before proper interrogation could be made.


20-Jun-2008, Serene Island - Operation Trump Card /2

It's peace. Two years have passed since the last incident with the renegade army. We fear their former leaders have secretly taken control of a military base in Serene Island.
Investigations of the Speedtek corporation have finally given us useful information regarding it's current activities. It seems that they are about to provide this base with a special weapon component chip. The weapon circuit is used to control launches of Intercontinental tactical missiles.

Our objective for this mission is to gather evidence of this event, in time to authorize a full-scale attack on the enemy base before they have a fully-functional ICBM installation. The secondary objective is to destroy any signs of these structures under construction.
Our intel has informed the exact time of the circuit component's delivery. You, as one of our most efficient field agents, must follow Speedtek's unit to the meeting point and take high-res photographic evidence, without detection.
If for any reason you are forced to quickly evacuate the area, you can find a speedboat on Serene's eastside beach, and escape to the open seas where our fighter jets can escort you. It is time we bring both the renegades and Speedtek corporation to their ends.


!!!!!!!! UPDATED Feb/2014 !!!!!!!!
To play the track you must download the media pack. The old hosting is down so I've uploaded the full mediapack to mediafire.
DOWNLOAD HERE (Mediafire - Updated 26/02/2013)

Unzip to your My Documents/Trackmania folder.
All media files will go to their proper folders.

Thanks to Kristján, who sent all my old mediapack files so that I could update them on TMX

Here's a High-Res video where you can watch the Intro at its full potential:
TTC2 - HD Intro (TM has a bug that makes water freeze on Intros. On this video the water effects work well, just go fullscreen and watch away )
I've also uploaded the outro (ending) video, but you should watch it only after playing the map first

(Track description + easter eggs continue in the first comment, on the first page!)

User Comments
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  fab'm 11-Mar-2015
At the moment I noticed there's no billboards and about one effect on the jetplanes to make them seem they are flying more realistic, I checked the track on a notepad where you can see all the files you used and after seeing more in detail and I compared with the RAR and I think these are the missing files:, and
All of them don't have the TTC2 prefix so may be the reason you didn't place them in the .rar
Aside from those 3 files there's no Any/Advertisement folder so there's no billboards aswell, I've noticed you have locs on the carcommon folder (the boats), and as my experience goes, the game bugs allways when files and locs of the same kind are mixed together in the same place so I wouldn't recomend to put locs in the mediapack because sometimes the game wants to get the file from the loc wich is an inactive site so won't be displayed on the oposite of just the original file wich will flawless
One more thing about inspecting tracks in the notepad to see the files, I'm dead serious by saying that your track nearly crashed my computer just by looking at it via notepad, there's just too much stuff to open... I dont know how my computer survived, this track is really so massive

PS. I still have the mediapacks from your old tmn eswc tracks, I think I still have all of them except for the bobsleigh track, I can send you by pm/email if you are interested to upload them again since they don't work anymore, if you could re upload the files to eye in the sky and golden scarlet it would be awesome I don't have any files from your united tracks

PPS. So awesome to speak directly to you y gracias por tus obras maestras
  Crusard 20-Apr-2015
The mediapack has been updated once more, as have all my other tracks (including some of my best in nations exchange). Many thanks to Kristján!
  petronelectroniks 04-Mar-2017
So, this track was built so long ago and still I`m here today, played it for the first time, and it was just amazing. (And I really don`t tend to praise things to the skies... well, I actually don`t tend to praise things at all, usually an "it`s OK" is enough.)
I also read some comments and I can say, it`s a grat final work. Maybe you will again come back here some day, crusader, and then you can see, that even after years, your track still accumulates awards.^^
Would also be interesting to hear what you do at the moment for a living. I hope you make good use of your programming and video editing skills.
(also I`m no native english speaker, so maybe this long comment has a few grammar mistakes in it)
  Loe 01-May-2019
never gets old
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User Awards
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User Award   thevoicegameplay 24-Jun-2017
This is the first time I'm giving a track an award. And I'm giving it because it deserves it. I love the way you built this, how you managed to manipulate the mechanics of an already great game to make it even better (and with MEDIATRACKER of all things, on top of that), the spy-styled storyline with awesome pre-race and during-race footage and even MORE epic post-race footage. What a shame we lost awesome track builders like you, and I wish I didn't join the TrackMania Comminuty this late. This is, without a doubt, the ABSOLUTE BEST track that I've ever played in all of TMUF
User Award   Owen J 24-Jun-2017
User Award   Zeref 29-Jun-2017
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