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Track Name
Name: awaYkening
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   enYallione
Version: 07-Jun-2008
Released: 07-Jun-2008
TMX id: 803545
LB Rating: 16,940
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Desert
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:58.18   Atze-Peng+ 0:00.0016,940
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:58.49   Bloody+ 0:00.3116,398
0:58.70   rad+ 0:00.5216,031
0:59.68   Linkinito+ 0:01.5014,319
1:00.36   -Chaos-+ 0:02.1813,131
1:01.04   enYallione+ 0:02.8611,943
1:02.27   DaKKoN+ 0:04.099,794
1:03.21   frizbee+ 0:05.038,152
1:03.58   NinjAstar+ 0:05.407,506
1:04.47   McBain+ 0:06.295,951
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Author Comments

My first track since December, and first Forever track.

A fairly varied track, with some tech elements throughout the whole track. During the final beta which is identical to this, we saw times down to 58 seconds.

This track use thes Yellow Day TMX signpack, and will automatically download as long as TMX is up.

Special thanks to Hor, Wurzel and Maruk for testing the earlier builds on my server, and giving feedback along the way.

User Comments
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  RaGe1 07-Jun-2008
Very nice track. its not to easy its nice

pls look at my tracks
  enYallione 07-Jun-2008
@RaGe1: Thank you. It might be a bit hard, but that is how i like my tracks
kevin916: Thanks for the award.
Iken: Glad the harder corners didn't put you off. I usually try put some boosters at start, so the beginning wont be dull, and to build momentum so the tricky parts gets harder
  Razor. 07-Jun-2008
I want MT! Then you'll get an award!
  NinjAstar 07-Jun-2008
Another enYa desert tech! Gonna try it soon.
I agree with RazoR, you should put some MT work into your tracks.
  enYallione 08-Jun-2008
Yes, I know I'm slacking horribly on MT. But I never got my head wrapped around it fully, on all tracks I play I always skip the intro, they never interest me. So far I've only judged and awarded tracks based on the track only, and not their MT or screens. And outros i prefer to be as they are when you drive them, so it's easier to see how others have driven on their replays. Or is there a way to turn the outtro effects off? Like you can chose "Replay mode" or "follow mode" when you spectate?
More importantly is maybe that I've barely even opened the MT editor, I've used it to put down inside-cams for loops, but that's about it.
When I've tried to do anything more, it seems everything but what I want it to do, actually happens

@-RazoR-:Hopefully you still liked the actual track. I'll atleast assume so given you might've given an award had there been MT
NinjAstar:Thanks for another great award, they're allways a pleasure to read. That hole in the start maybe makes the beginning a bit too tight, but once you find the line it is quite easy. Just watched your replay, in the beginning you should try driving through the right gap, then right side of the hole, makes your line smoother (i think) and easier to turn into the tunnel.
gadget:Thanks for the award gadget. I was very unsure if I should include that grid jump, but testers that drive far better than me said that it didn't feel random or buggy. Hopefully they weren't just being nice
  Razor. 09-Jun-2008
Yes I enjoyed the track

But you really should add MT!^^
  enYallione 10-Jun-2008
Linkinito: Thank you. What exactly at the start is annoying? Didn't pick up on anything with the start during testing phases And nice replay.
frizbee Thank you frizbee. I always try to make some scenery, so it wont become boring. And for some reasons I always end up making compact tracks, not really sure why.
  BlackEel 10-Jun-2008
Definitely tech, but I didn't find it very fun, Sorry
  enYallione 11-Jun-2008
@BlackEel: I'm sorry BlackEel. But thanks very much for still leaving a comment
  Linkinito 11-Jun-2008
The beginning is annoying because of that two blocks on the center of the road and the hole just after. ^^
  Atze-Peng 11-Jun-2008
good track but nothing in it which rises it above other good tracks, sry no award ;-) but keep it up
  enYallione 13-Jun-2008
@Atze-Peng: Thank you for still leaving a comment, I appreciate it. Those words are good enough for me. I don't try to make tracks to strand out or have groundbreaking ideas. Just want them to be somewhat of a challenge to drive and have fun on

*DaKKoN*: Thank you, I hadn't thought of using the replay editor for that Not sure if I will get into making MT, I mostly make my tracks for myself, and to play with people I know. Reception on my tracks is not really something I think of when I make tracks, but it is good to get either way Might look into MT, but don't think it will be anything grand, unless I suddenly figure out how it all works
And I don't think my AT is that good, especially considering Maruk already drove a 0:57.77 on it online.

Finally about the track being easy tricky tech. I never want my tracks to be hard in the sense that inexperienced drivers can't finish it. I really try to avoid jumps or areas you simply cant do without max speed or perfect angle. I try to make it so the challenge is to drive a good time, not to finish
  Atze-Peng 14-Jun-2008
You don't have to hehe, but I'm not giving awards easily, because for me awards are only given for outstanding things.
  enYallione 14-Jun-2008
Yup, I know. It was just my way of saying that to me a comment like that is pretty much the same praise as award, as it don't have too much critique to the parts of track making I care most about
Feedback in itself (either positive or negative) is what I value, not the awards/comments in themselves.

And very good replay

Bloody: Thank you very much, this award is a very nice read. Very nice replay time also. The offline times are getting closer to the online top1.
The Maniac2: Thank you Was afraid my tracks would be too long for PPO.
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User Awards
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  kevin916 07-Jun-2008
nice track
  iken 07-Jun-2008
Really nice techy one mate,with some vicious turns and really nice double-ways(mini cuts)...
I also love the FS part to the first CP.
Nice for online.

And I know that my replay sucks ,but I'm a desert noob.
  NinjAstar 07-Jun-2008
Another nice tech track enYallione!
I really like this mix of speed and tech, which ive never really seen on desert. Anyways, this was fun to drive!

How much time can you win on this track? I dont know, but I know on my second run I won 5 seconds off my first time. Its always fun to see what you can get. But the tracks layout is even better! Very nice tech elements here. Although I dislike that hole at the start >.< The tight corners and flowing jumps are good ideas put into this track. I dont really have much to say about it though.

Just a really great desert tech! For the layout you get a rating of: 9/10

But really, try to add some MT work in your next track, it really helps to make tracks look much better (and it creates longer awards ) Still, great work enYa!

  gadget 08-Jun-2008
Another fine techish style Track.
Some really nice tricky spots.
Grid jump almostg always give me problems.
Concerning MT: i would say, give it a try. It can increase the atmosphere quite well. I´m no MT guru by myself, but once you figured it out, it can also be fun to struggle with the MT Editor.
  Linkinito 10-Jun-2008
Nice track, a bit annoying at the beginning but really enjoying !
  frizbee 10-Jun-2008
Well builded track.
Really fun to thanks to various parts and compact design.
Nice scenery

  DaKKoN 12-Jun-2008
Very nice build there!!
Well idd a "shame" you didn't put any MT in it, cause I think it would really suit nicely!! To me I always judge on track-quality. That determines to me if I it or not. But sometimes I like to mention how much it would "upgrade" a track in entertainment and fun factor it it is actually included. I personally love watching my ghost drive my hard work on some nice angles. I know what you mean with watching ghosts and racelines, but you can actually do that. Just go to the editor, then edit a replay and then simply press edit. Then you can remove all cams and still watch where it gained or lost time

Back to the track: This is about the easiest tricky tech track I've driven. I mean I drove it 3 times and got this time. And I know myself, if I try again and again and again I end up "wasting" 30 minutes for a 0.3s faster time But this is truely an amazing track here!! Should be great fro online use as well!!! Nice AT

  Bloody 18-Jun-2008
Cool tech track here. Easy to reach the finish, but tough to drive a good one, lots of places where one can lose time...

Many nice ideas & turns in this track, lotsa different blocks & pieces well combined. I like this track style (good Desert tech tracks are rare IMHO).

Here, your
  The Maniac2 24-Jul-2009
Played on PPO and loved it.
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