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Track Name
Name: Rawksteady
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Hageldave
Version: 05-Jun-2008
Released: 02-Jun-2008
TMX id: 798082
LB Rating: 47,076
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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0:43.17   »Kratze«+ 0:00.0047,076
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0:43.18   spedzo+ 0:00.0147,011
0:43.33   MEFjihr+ 0:00.1646,029
0:43.42   meinzelmann+ 0:00.2545,440
0:44.68   Co2+ 0:01.5137,196
0:44.74   Yrp360+ 0:01.5736,804
0:44.76   maze+ 0:01.5936,673
0:44.89   Shap[NR]+ 0:01.7235,822
0:44.97   HonG+ 0:01.8035,298
0:45.02   NinjAstar+ 0:01.8534,971
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Author Comments

- woooot - completed
after so long time I finally finished it
so far i'm really proud of it and it's
the first time I used custom content
in the MT ^^ - Intro music!!!!

after my tech you get a absolutely high speed track
hagels usual style xD
thx to testers: nitroguy tmjonas mr.Impossible

Intro Song(complete mp3 dl): Rocksteady - Houdini Roadshow (cc license)

Screenshot: here

User Comments
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  tmjonas 02-Jun-2008

that's fast now

screen is rocking!!
well this has to be the best island-track, hasn't it?
  Hageldave 02-Jun-2008
xD - if you say so jonas ^^ thxxxxx

I want to thank all awarders, you make me feel so good xD

thx jonas - errr... ftw!! this got to be the best award someone could ever get . xD no I guess its not a tm music at least I hope I'm right at this point^^ but there might been some similar song since rock'n'roll fits dessert ^^
table - gosh when you say so I feel fckn honored
mrBrow - thx man
Ninja star - yeah I guess the start's counting quite much here ^^ and impressive time man thx
nitro - xD x infinity - thx man
mic - yeah you need to learn the start a bit then reflexes will hit the right keys at the right times xD (at least for me^^)
axon - thx dude and thx for your time
Rally - a rly nice award I tell ya, very nice
movo - thxxx man
danda - xD but you're already in again
oppi - ty
dagobert - yeah indeed too hard for online^^
shap - thx
freddy - yeah the start's my favorite too
smokey - xD I try to make one that blows you away^^
pitstep - ^^ yeah I like it pretty much as well
pjotr - as long as the hard part's not showing up in the end ^^
Loko - yehaaa loko likes my track ^^ thx dude
zeo - I love your award dude, was much fun reading and damn what a freaking time. and "CUT FOR THE LOVE OF TEA AND NUTS"
kiwininja - thx dude, nice you enjoyed the hard to aim tunnel ^^
Yrp360 - ^^ yeah yeah the start ... xD I'm so fckn proud of it now^^
T... - yay thats the way it should be
ville - xD if it wasnt a joke I'd say you were mad ^^
hummel - I hope that jump didnt exhaust you too much, lol
toyotires - wooot got to fix that... - lovely award man thx
dakkon - lucky me you that you still awarded it ^^ - and dont compare me with homie xD
snakey - whoohooo very nice award man - I'm super happy
vitro - xD
bye tom - xD I will try my very best next time ^^
ripper - dont worry I apreciate late awards as well
tuta - sssiiiicckk award man, fckn freak xD
black dalek
skunky - xD I'm late with my thx as well so dont worry
co2 - =)
  NinjAstar 02-Jun-2008
My award may not look as long, but it doesnt have as many spaces as tmjonas's does.

When I was writing my award, suddenly 2 more awards popped up.
  NitroGuy!»UD 02-Jun-2008
Hageldave, I was one of th beta-testers
  Hageldave 03-Jun-2008
oh - i forgot about the testers ^^
  tmjonas 03-Jun-2008
lol NinjAstar

I was quite surprised as I saw I got the first one!
seems I was fast enough

btw hagel I think the AT sucks xD
  Hageldave 03-Jun-2008
xD and I was already content with my time since it was 0.20 faster than every run else I made ^^
actually I dont care too much about AT's xD
  Wallaby 03-Jun-2008
Yeah , that track rocks
(long^^)Award comes tomorrow
  DanDaMan 04-Jun-2008
  Hageldave 05-Jun-2008
lol - sorry guys but I had to fix that music thingie in the intro
  Yrp360 07-Jun-2008
Same time as BH
44.6x is driveable...
  Amit»LT 11-Jul-2008
I m not able to award cause i m having some problem with TMU registration
So,Here is my
  Hageldave 13-Jul-2008
^^ np amit as long as I know you had fun with it
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  lasse_ 05-Jul-2008
Its a very god Track,
  jamie_macdonald 12-Jul-2008
One of my favorites of all time ... Masterfull Creation ... Gratz and Thx .. Most enjoyable to defeat
  Dante-66 13-Jul-2008
  hoheb 15-Jul-2008
OMFG !!!!

  SkunkY 16-Jul-2008
Oh wow, missed this one!
Hot start, great straight forward highspeed path.
Really nice transitions and w00t a speed!
Great work!
  FT»Boinkerz 18-Oct-2008
-_- i couldnt do this so i left i redownloaded recently and SkABOOM Gold first time then i realized jus how wonderful this track really is.
  Co2 19-Oct-2008
a bit late Co2
  m-v-b 29-Apr-2009
I love this track so much
First i was like FUCK THIS, then i was like WTF How nice

realy nice work but first jump to the street is realy hard to get perfect !!

hope you make one mor of this
  davwader 03-Sep-2009
Fking Nice. Much Decoration . Great track ^^
  spedzo 08-Jul-2011
Cool aesthetics x)
  »Kratze« 30-Mar-2013
... Haven't awarded this one yet?
Something has been wrong my whole life.
Anyway here's your well deserved award for another masterpiece.

Keep on mapping like this!
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