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Name: Download Take Control (United Version)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   NinjAstar
Version: 24-May-2008
Released: 24-May-2008
TMX id: 784689
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 6,230
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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0:43.34   lolomax+ 0:00.006,230
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0:43.98   NinjAstar+ 0:00.645,678
0:44.21   drcarter+ 0:00.875,479
0:44.76   toche2+ 0:01.425,005
0:44.81   cooee345 aka UKFC»Cooee+ 0:01.474,962
0:44.85   FoF ED+ 0:01.514,927
0:45.36   kiki07+ 0:02.024,487
0:45.43   tarsus+ 0:02.094,427
0:45.69   enYallione+ 0:02.354,203
0:46.03   vinej89+ 0:02.693,909
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Author Comments

NOTICE: If you plan on putting this track on a server, Click Here for the Online Version of this track, with less coppers and only one ghost in the GPS for small file size.
Hello ! Here is my very first Stadium tech, and my first technical track ever!

I made the majority of this track when was down, and took a very long time on the intro to make it look amazing!

Some Info About The Track:
Style: Classic Nations Tech (Some may call it Speed-Tech, and it does have a United only section in it)
Length: 45 Seconds
Coppers: 3369
Difficulty: Green (Or Easy-Intermediate)
Challenging Drift Corners
Three Off-Road Sections
No New Forever Pieces (I had no ideas for the new pieces on a tech track)

Extras Include:
My first track with Ghosts in it
GPS with a ghost and some simple cams
Full MT
TMX Billboards, along with the track screenie
Music (There are different songs for the Nations and United Versions)
Mod: Alternative Stadium (On Manialink arnoz)

Music Info:
Name: Let's Get Rocked
Artist: Def Leppard
Album: Adrenalize
Genre: Hard Rock
Year: 1992

If you try the Nations Version of this track, you can notice differences in the billboards and music. The Nations song name is Take Control by Weezer (more info on track page)

That about wraps it up, try the track, set a replay, and if you like it, give an award! If you dont like it, put some feedback on why you dont.


User Comments
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  NinjAstar 24-May-2008
Thanks To All You er's

#1 - MikoZ - Seems you like this a lot! I tried to make a good WR-Hunter this time, as well as something good online! I guess a laugh at the MT work means it's good?

#2 - tarsus - Nice little award, I'm glad to see everything is nice in your eyes.

#3 - lolomax - Thanks for this nice award, glad you like this track a lot!

#4 - BogR - Thanks for this award, I'm surprised that even though I have no photoshop skillz at all, I managed to get this screen to look well.

#5 - Kyuubi no Youko - A great award from you as well! Thanks a lot!

#6 - Cool-T - Thanks for this really cool award! Another person likes the MT, which is good, because I spent a lot of time on it!

#7 - ShoK - a 9.6?! Thanks a lot mate! I'm actually liking Stadium a lot more than I used to, so I will make a FS stadium soon!

#8 - enYallione - Wow, what an awesome award! A 45 actually isnt that bad, but I'm not a fast stadium driver either. Its really great to see that you love the track. Like I said before, im not a fast stadium driver, so I tried to make an easier type of stadium tech. And for music, thats what I think too. Good rock music that energizes you to keep going is perfect to put in tracks. (What I call "Racing" Music)

#9 - Ignition - Nice and simple award, I was sure it would be easy to most people, but i guess this can be challenging for some people.

#10 - Golo - An award from a track maker like you is brilliant to see! Im glad you like this easier kind of tech, as im not a very fast racer in stadium, so I wanted to try something easier, and it seems many people like this! Thanks a lot for your award!

#11 - FoF ED - Thanks for this nice award! This was my first try at stadium scenery (since my prototypes and deleted ones had none) and people told me it was difficult to make good scenery on Stadium. Fortunately, it turned out looking good!

#12 - breach - Thanks for trying and awarding. Instead of using a billboard to point where to jump, I used that CP ring as guidance on where to land, and surprisingly, I think it works better than having a sign point to where to land.

#13 - cooee345 - Thanks for this very nice award! The outro was actually my simplist outro ever done, but thats because its tech track, and I wanted to make it simple so you could see the action real well.

#14 - Rally - Thanks for this very nice and short award!

#15 - [ATP]Edge - Thanks for this very nice award Edge! Its really great to see an award from a good friend of mine, but also one of the best, if not the best, island mappers I know! Thanks very much!
  Golo 24-May-2008
I´ll have a look at it
  NinjAstar 26-May-2008
Yes! My first BOTW (Seems easy to a lot of you, but I'm not well known )
Thanks to all the awarders!

Already this is my most downloaded track, with 212 downloads at the moment.
  enYallione 26-May-2008
I tried putting this track out on my dedicated to play it with a couple of friends, but the latest version of the dedicated kept complaining the file was too large.

I'm assuming this is due to the music and the mod? At least the file was ~500kB and other tracks usually are ~40kB.
Hoping the limit maybe is 500k, so it's maybe enough to try remove the mod? I know you're not keen to remove any, but would've been nice to be able to put it on online
  NinjAstar 26-May-2008
It is because of all the ghosts in the intro and outro. This wont be present in my next track.

For now, look at the list of my tracks, and get the online version.

EDIT: I think dedicated servers allow 100kb, and my online has removed ghosts, no music, less billboards. This makes it then 62 kb i think.
  enYallione 26-May-2008
Ah, I hadn't thought to check your track list for another version.
Thank you.
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User Awards
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User Award   MikoZ 24-May-2008
Great Map Ninja!

Superb Tech
Nice Flow
Good Screeny
Nice for WR Battles
Good Atmosphere

User Award   tarsus 24-May-2008
one more for the list...

good work ninja. imo everthing is nice
i like this easier kind of tech.

User Award   lolomax 24-May-2008
Nice layout, nice MTs, beautiful mod, good music. This is an awesome track.
User Award   BogR 24-May-2008
Nice intro
Cool screeny
Very good work!
<= Take it
User Award   Kyuubi no Youko 24-May-2008
Great flow, speed, tech, off-road, on-road, setup, MT, ideas...
User Award   Cool-T 24-May-2008
this is a really cool tech track
even if i suck at tech
nice slides and good flow
the stunts are great too
superb MT work
so this is 4 u:

*~- -~*
User Award   Shok 24-May-2008
That is one hell of a map
Omg continue on with these type of maps
User Award   enYallione 25-May-2008

I just spend a long time driving this one. First off, I love the music. Good choice, it doesn't distract the driving, rather it pushes you to keep driving better.

The track itself is great. It does what it tries to do extremely well, and it never tries to include too much diversity just for the sake of it. I never been very good at non-TMO environments, so it took me some 10 tries just to get through that hoop towards the end. The first part of the track however was so good I refused to give up. It is just the type of track I love, challenging and for every run through I improve something and shave off a few 1/100s.

I never managed the last turn before the finish very well (if I got a good beginning, I crashed at end. And if I had a mediocre start, i survived the last turn ). Needed a little break after some 40 minutes hard focus on it, but I'm coming back to this track to try improve later for sure.
User Award   Ignition 26-May-2008
Nice and challenging track.
User Award   Golo 26-May-2008
Its not an hardcore tectrack. And I like it

Theres pretty much, that you can drive fullspeed (for a techtrack)
and the techcorners arent to hard.
So its more fun imo

Great track of course, sry for short award^^

User Award   FoF ED 26-May-2008
Great Flow on this one with vry nice speed, gota luv tech also the music and the scenery rock, Great Job bro!!
User Award   breach 27-May-2008
Great track!

I tried this online with you Ninjastar and i must say i liked it alot on the first lap. Easy to finnish but hard to do it in a descent time

Cool track all the way i must say, at first the jump through the CP ring is a bit scary bcos you dont see where the car is going to land, but the ring is well placed so there really is no reason to not thrust the jump Just push it and be happy

// breach
User Award   cooee345 aka UKFC»Cooee 28-May-2008
Wow fun map .

The outro's very well done. I like how you set each of the cars at each of the medal times, nice idea. Now onto the track. Oh I do like the layout. Easy to finish, hard to finish quickly. And quite technical, yet straightforward. Also, I do like the scenery, not too intrusive, but it does add that little extra to the track. Nice intro and choice of music too.

Well done.

User Award   Rally 29-May-2008
cool track, nice flow and speed. Keep up the good work.
User Award   Edge 01-Jun-2008
Great track here!!!
Not too techy,some great fast parts,nice jumps and great little offroadparts!
The jump through that donut cp is great!!
MT,Intro and outro is just amazing!
The whole presentation of the track looks so damn nice!!!
Scenery is nice too!!
Well done,m8!!!
User Award   wardav 28-Jul-2010
Nice old track
Good choice of music *
Smooth tech ride
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