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Name: Light Urb@n
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   sebik1992
Version: 16-May-2008
Released: 16-May-2008
TMX id: 771596
LB Rating: 10,118
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:49.56   frizbee+ 0:00.0010,118
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:49.60   Atze-Peng+ 0:00.0410,069
0:49.61   [CMC]Zeo+ 0:00.0510,056
0:50.05   crooms+ 0:00.499,517
0:50.40   rad+ 0:00.849,089
0:50.56   eyebo.wp+ 0:01.008,893
0:50.63   Trzyzet+ 0:01.078,807
0:50.90   MeFFF+ 0:01.348,476
0:50.99   Razor.+ 0:01.438,366
0:51.36   Mr.Brow+ 0:01.807,913
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Author Comments

Hello again. So, I've done my next speedway track, this time on "Bay" enviroment. Now, when TMX is working, I uploaded it here. If you have time please download this track & take yourself on crazy & high-speed ride I want to say I keep trying to make this track easier for lower-advanced players, so forgive me that, this track isn't 100%-smooth one. "Light Urb@n" contains:
50 seconds fullspeed way,
Media Tracker (Intro, In-game, Outro)
3 loops,
some of smooth & sweet jumps (and two bigger)
about 5000 coppers & day mood,
all respawnable checkpoints.
Also I want to say "THX" for betatesting for: Crixu, Kamyl & Rad.
Enjoy the ride & don't forget to award it

User Comments
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  eyebo.wp 01-Jun-2008
Difficulty = Beginner? Is that a joke or do I really suck that bad?
  sebik1992 10-Jun-2008
Difficulty is Easy-Medium for me
  BlackEel 10-Jun-2008
Sorry, not all check points are re-spawnable on a quite difficult track so no award this time.
  MeFFF 11-Jun-2008
Difficulty for you ?! Well start thinking if you want to frustrate beginners that are trying your "BIG EASY MAP".
Well everybody should think, to set the difficulty on other players ability to drive good at any Enviroment.
And this track is more "expert" difficulty than "beginner" difficulty.
Why did you publish a Map on TMX and then give it to players, that aren´t able to finish it?!
  sebik1992 11-Jun-2008
So, if you thinking like that I changed skill on "Intermediate"
BTW. I never look on difficulty in track description, so maybe I have "invalid skill scale"?
  MeFFF 11-Jun-2008
No just set the difficulty to the players you wanted to drive this map.
And the difficulty is very important for most noobs so they can see, what they are able to drive and know what skill they did have at the moment
  eyebo.wp 29-Jun-2008
I always use the Nadeo tracks that the game comes with as a rule of thumb for how to rate difficulty on a track. By that scale this track would be an -E(extreme) or Black track. I know it's hard to rate difficulty when racing it comes easy to you. I can race some very very difficult island tracks and for me they're easy as pie... but that doesn't mean that they're not insane tracks to someone new to the environment. Anyways, that's my two cents.

It's an awesome track though, no matter how you rate the difficulty. Posting my award now...

Edit April 30, 2009: hahaha. funny to read old comments I've written. For me personally it's an "easy" track. I guess I'm just a better driver than I used to be. But it still requires a lot of skill. You can't just drive all over the place. You have to know the right lines to take... and that requires some experience. So it's good you set it to intermediate.

It's still a really fun track! I'm glad I ran across it again. I'm going to add it to my speed server and see how many noobs fail to complete it!
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User Awards
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  Mr.Brow 16-May-2008
Awesome Speed
Awesome Jumps
Awesome Drops
Awesome Tunnels
Awesome Platforms
Awesome Loops
Awesome Track
Big from me

  DeaD.oas 17-May-2008
Awesome Track!

Great Jumps
Nice Ideas
Superb Scenery

Some jumps are maybe a bit hard

  [CMC]Zeo 17-May-2008
Good i could see this track before uploading here. You know my opinion about it, so i won't say too much about it, maybe except good jumps and loops, also nice platforms and really, really good MediaTracker. And btw a stunning screenshot! Silver award for ya

  Golo 21-May-2008
Quite unusual, but I like it.
Really cool jumps and ideas.
Well, that jump to the look is quite unsmooth and lucky, but its still cool somehow.

Go on like this!
  frizbee 05-Jun-2008
Good track !
Really fun with these big jumps !
Challenging track, should be nice online.
+cool screenie

  Razor. 11-Jun-2008
Award it on TMX.
mh kay
The track is nice, great speed, great transitions
  MeFFF 11-Jun-2008
Tricky and very challenging Full Speed Bay Map
Not Good for Beginners, but worth an
  crooms 11-Jun-2008
I nearly didnt award this as the last loop killed many world records for me. Apart from that loop, it is a really nice track so here is your award.
  eyebo.wp 29-Jun-2008
Looks like I wasn't as bad at Bay as I thought. Although I may have improved by playing BayD3 & BayD4 the other day for several hours in order to get green medals on them.

I just needed a lot of practice to learn this track inside out. I was happy to have my first clean run today and get Gold! (posted the replay of that)

Now I think it's one of my favorite Bay tracks ever!!! I love all the transitions and the careful calculated jumps. There's such tight tolerances on everything that there's not any room for slowing down... which makes it hard to learn... but rewarding to master. Excellent work, excellent!

Oh, great job on all the MT work too!
  andrus 16-Nov-2014
i gib u award for a sebik track cant into less than 10 awards.
and its a noobs killer (ex-noob here)
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