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Track Name
Name: Braindead
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Dillze
Version: 16-May-2008
Released: 16-May-2008
TMX id: 770928
LB Rating: 44,277
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:59.40   Atze-Peng+ 0:00.0044,277
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:00.05   Aero+ 0:00.6541,370
1:02.55   Sandder+ 0:03.1530,188
1:03.15   Zeref+ 0:03.7527,505
1:03.54   smz+ 0:04.1425,761
1:03.60   *Garfovsky+ 0:04.2025,492
1:03.74   Zooz+ 0:04.3424,866
1:04.05   Forgot10+ 0:04.6523,480
1:05.11   MasterGary+ 0:05.7118,739
1:07.50   warwp+ 0:08.108,050
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Author Comments

"People are people" Depeche Mode said in one of their songs. For this track three absolutely lunatic people came together and did a crazy Bay Hardcore Track.

Dengel, Atze-Peng & Nillstorn proudly present Braindead

Everyone built two 10 second parts with their own tracking style and I think you can tell the differences.

Decoration: Made by Dengel
Media Tracker: Intro, Outro & GPS was made by Atze-Peng
Screeny: Made by Atze-Peng, except for the font which was made by Nillstorn

Original Size Screenshot

User Comments
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  Dillze 16-May-2008
thx Mad
thx Zooz
thx warwp
thx Aero
thx Zeo
  Squirrel 16-May-2008
gonna check it out
  Aero 17-May-2008
holy crap, cant you make the map 0.06 shorter?

or cant i just drive the finish as usual? xD
  Atze-Peng 17-May-2008

Well authortime was kinda noobish ^^
59 mid for sure possible dunno about 58.

@ Zeo

well dengy was to noobish, its his part in the beginning with the cp jump, where its crashable. but he didn't want to change and said, its planned like this hrhr but for me (atze) its nice and challenging of a different way
btw the extremely narrow parts are mine ;-)
  [CMC]Zeo 17-May-2008
Omg... i just checked author comments and noticed what is Dillze XD Didn't knew it's a trio-track, nice work guys
  Atze-Peng 17-May-2008
lol Zeo XD
  Aero 18-May-2008
ich hätt mich ja "Atze-Dengill" genannt wenn ich ihr wär^^
  Dengel 18-May-2008
i can´t imagine how u all crash that cp...

looks like my way isn´t the correct one

anyway thx for commands/awards
  Aero 19-May-2008
its easy.... go very very left at the minidrop, and when you "enter" the white thingie then fuuuulllll steer powaaaaa without sliding
  Dengel 19-May-2008
ahh okay ,but my way is faster as that :x u have to go on the edge of the white !

edit : but its even possible then ... sry for that building fault then but its very hard to hit it ...
edit²: i played the track now 15 mins... the start is a bit random i believe... sometimes i can go fullspeed and i even not come close to the cp and sometimes i hit it 7.35 is my best start time btw and 58 is reachable mr peng but the last part is crashmania....

edit³: 7.24
  Aero 23-May-2008
xD youre such a freak, dengy^^
  Atze-Peng 24-May-2008
Lost 2x 0,5 at my uploaded time, so I think around 57 is possible.
  Aero 25-May-2008
what the hell, 57? Oo insane freak
  Atze-Peng 25-May-2008
I would be a freak, if I really would drive it ^^
  Aero 26-May-2008
of course... but you ARE a freak because of thinking its possible^^
  Atze-Peng 27-May-2008
I'm not thinking it is possible. I'm sure it is^^

Especially witht he Minicut which isnt fixable =S But its freaking hard. Would get very mad trying to drive that one in TA
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User Awards
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  Madderikk 16-May-2008
Nice Track.
You can read my detailed feeback in our clanmagazine X-cReATED (in german)
  Zooz 16-May-2008
Yup, that's challenging allright. I'm not even going to try for the WR here. Great lowspeed track, only negative point is that it could use a few more signs, I kept getting lost at first. But other than that, great job.
  warwp 17-May-2008
Great track

Well done
  Nukedragon 17-May-2008
very very complex map
When i would train this, i would probably rock here
very nice turns and great slow driving.

Just signs are missing at the start!

  [CMC]Zeo 17-May-2008
Oh, god... thx for wasting about a hour of my life..... But i'm sure trying to make this track perfectly was worth it! I wonder what kind of riot would it make if it was placed in SL5 or something like that... XD Really a madness, intro was OK, but it shows that "dark site" of this game in a moment. Beginning - pretty nice using of those concrete ramps here, also the pillar doesn't make a big problem here. The next jump is not good at all, sometimes i'm too fast in it so i have to crash at CP. The drop from platforms onto the tarmac turn was really a good idea here, another great usage of concrete ramps in the next part here. One of the turn sequences is pretty hard - driving between pillars is not a problem yet, but to make well next turns is...... oh god.... that makes me tired, i'm thinking that the finish of the turn befo(r)e the funnel is closer..... I think i was wayyyy to focused when training to SL5. Next sequence of turns is really a beauty of technical tracks. Ah, that was one of not too many moments here, where i was feeling like in a real paradise, not in the hell with dirty obstacles. And it longs..... and finishes in this horrible narrow road. And the finish was a challenge, but i just realized it's not good to drive beside the pillar from the left. Outro is nice, it doesn't contain complex cameras, but i enjoyed watching it. Track can have a silver award from me, not gold, because it doesn't give me pleasure from driving, i just like that it's challenging. This cup's yours ->

  Aero 18-May-2008
fuckin awesome map!

i really love, no fuckin love all these narrow techish parts, theyre as evil as the could be hrhr

and theyre soo many new ideas, really awesome!

i think this is the best bay techmap ive ever seen!

the only thing i really dislike is that dengyjump
but the more often you drive it the more challenging is it, so its ok
  smz 05-Jan-2009
well, this cost me some sleep ^^

great track guys, but the difficulty is insane i managed my 1:03 time after maybe 20 minutes of trying, but i am a wreck now.

The start is strange, i too hit the CP sometimes. I would realy like to see how dengy wants us to drive this. Upload a replay, slacker

The finish is hell. And most bits in between.
  Forgot10 11-Dec-2010
Great hard map, I like such challenging ones.
I hope my 20min try isn't that bad for this track.
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