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Name: Download Breezy
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   BrummHummel
Version: 21-Apr-2008
TMX id: 759260
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 75,034
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
0:47.94   LoKo+ 0:00.0075,034
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:47.98   BrummHummel+ 0:00.0474,658
0:48.16   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.2272,968
0:48.20   CloclO+ 0:00.2672,592
0:48.30   Aero+ 0:00.3671,653
0:48.33   SkunkY+ 0:00.3971,371
0:48.56   Tweety+ 0:00.6269,212
0:48.67   Dengel+ 0:00.7368,178
0:48.96   smok3y+ 0:01.0265,455
0:49.00   fredax+ 0:01.0665,079
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
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Author Comments

Hi all!

First of all: DANGER! - Noslide

I´ve tried to build a fast Noslide-Track not only on roads but also on concrete and airports
It wasn´t easy to combine all blocks in a way to make it smooth for most players.. Sure it´s smoothest when you can handle the car without sliding around but you also can finish with KB and reach the Gold-Medal
My AT sucks.. (for nosliders)

Furthermore i used just 1 yellow booster at the start and you can reach more than 800 km/h! But remember - Try to minimize sliding

The track itself is easy but i´ve choosen Expert because it´s really hard to noslide on all these different undergrounds!

Now - enough words!
Just try and HF!

User Comments
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  Markus... 24-Apr-2008
[Joking]sure, its driven with KB [/Joking]
nope, i dont think such a time could be possible with KB

TMUF is like a new all parts^^
so i drive street tracks with Pad and platform tracks still with KB...maybe i`m able to drive such times like the first 3 ppls on top in the next update
  smok3y 24-Apr-2008
[Joking]By the time the next update comes your kids will be playing the game and you will be reading the newspaper[/joking]
And both of us are going to be out of the top 10 soon

By the way what did Loko do this time - got a new airship or wo.Ot
Do i see Dengy rubbing his hands and grinning
  Dengel 24-Apr-2008
lol smokey i said it often , those tracks are loko´s favorit one´s and he is nearly unbeatable on those tracks
  BrummHummel 24-Apr-2008
[joke] @smok3y: ..Markus can read? [/joke]
  smok3y 24-Apr-2008
You are awesome too on No Slide tracks Dengy
Ya you are right Loko is a little too much like UWR(Unidentified W00ta Racer) on these tracks
@Brumm... nah he can't read - he only looks at the pictures on the newspaper
  Dengel 25-Apr-2008

but as i see u also improved your island no slide skills brumm too ( extremely ) ! maphios also ! i will try to beat the loko time one time give me just a month

edit : ok 47.5 should be reachable , but i will upload this "cheap" time , because i had a nice aiming after the second grey part+ a super tunnelturn xD
  smok3y 25-Apr-2008
Thats a lovely time Dengy
Markus won't be happy you just pushed him out of the top 10 - poor Markus
Me runs to save my ass before I get thrown out of the top 10
  LoKo 25-Apr-2008
omg dengy you are too kind ^^
What a better present for my birthday to not start a never ending war on this map ^^ thxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .... i know .. around 47.5 ye ....
And smokey plz don't push him too much !!
  BrummHummel 25-Apr-2008
Today´s your birthday??
Omg LOko - Happy B-Day to you!! Wish you just the best

@dengy: thx that you noticed my grown noslide-skillz
I had 4 factors that helped a lot:
1.: Skunky always was (and still is) better in noslide and he pushed me a lot!
2.: I have a new and better pad
3.: On servers i got always pwned on noslide maps
4.: I got much more interests in nosliding - back to the roots (i´ve already finished a complete roadstyle-noslide-map that i´ll release soon but i also will keep my power-slide building style for upcoming maps )
  Dengel 25-Apr-2008
yep skunky is really insane he was also better as me on no slidemaps in the old tms days ( and i believe he is still , but he don´t drive maps so long as me ) i even asked him in that days to join my team , but he didn´t wanted shame on u skunky ( but i guess it was good for him to join xt ) i am looking forward to your new track then ! i am sure it will be again good ! if u will continue to play tm and island maps u will be soon as good as loko or skunky i am sure u can also beat every time, if u want ! ( its just often frustating to drive a track again and again .... ) i never saw a perfect time on tm yet , so everything is beatable

happy birthday loko , looks like this date is a special date for crazy tm drivers ( aassie has birthday too today )

i will try to build also a demo-style-fun-track on island ( but as so often i won´t get so many awards as u ... anyone can expalin what i am doing wrong ? :x .....
  smok3y 25-Apr-2008
Happy B'day Loko
Dengy you are not doing anything wrong. There is a league of trackers who are awesome racers and then there is a league of trackers who are "so so" racers. The so so racers make easy n00b fiendly maps which are full speed and hence get more awards from n00bs
The awesome racers make awesome maps that are tech and not n00b friendly and as this site has more n00bs than anything else you know what happens
  Dengel 27-Apr-2008
lool smokey. u are soooo right
  FT»Tobbe 27-Apr-2008
Bah I tried so hard....sometimes I got -0.16 to Loko but I crashed always. Gr8 record Loko
(Sorry 4 Translator english )
  LoKo 27-Apr-2008
47.9 ..... but 47.5

thx u anyways
  SkunkY 29-Apr-2008
Originally posted by Dengel ...
shame on u skunky ( but i guess it was good for him to join xt )

Hehe, actually it was bad for me since I had no more time for building tracks after joining XT.
On the other hand I met some great people and I'm still having fun with some of them.

And thanks for the compliment, Mr. Understatement Dengel.
But you and Loko play in another league than I do.
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User Awards
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User Award   Rally 29-May-2008
Sweet track, nice jumps and use of halfpipe.
User Award   fredax 07-Dec-2008
gg bummel
i love it
User Award   SniperZ 07-Dec-2008
Nice smooth track
User Award   Vilex 28-Sep-2009
Just So Cool
Big For U
User Award   eyebo.wp 30-Mar-2010
Really fun track! Simple but fun.
The first part is really inventive and smooth.
Nice work!
User Award   CloclO 07-May-2011
very nice track
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