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Name: Download ~Racing On Forever~
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   NinjAstar
Version: 20-Apr-2008
Released: 20-Apr-2008
TMX id: 756090
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 7,244
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Rally
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1:05.48   Turkey Sangwich+ 0:00.007,244
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1:05.61   smok3y+ 0:00.137,157
1:05.74   NinjAstar+ 0:00.267,071
1:07.26   rad+ 0:01.786,062
1:07.83   HonG+ 0:02.355,684
1:23.15   Kamistar+ 0:17.670
1:24.52   iRoC+ 0:19.040
1:43.23   dagugstdu+ 0:37.750
0:59.10   Lli!- 0:06.38-
1:00.15   tmjonas- 0:05.33-
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Author Comments

Hello ! Here is my first TrackMania United Forever track!
It's a new and innovative rally track that utilizes the new Forever pieces in a creative way!
Some Info About the Track:
First of all, the course is very difficult, in a way. But theres no crazy platforming parts so it's easy to finish, but hard to finish with a good time. The scenery took a lot of time, as well as the track, so hopefully you think it's good too. The MT was a bit rushed to get this released quickly. Although I think it has my usual high quality and cool MT (hopefully ) The track is mostly very fast, but there is some tech and a mountainous area in there.

Extras Include:
Mod: none
Images: Not this time
GPS: Not this time

Sorry if the screenie looks bad, I made it in a hurry.

Music Info: (Tell me if the locators work, please, i need to know so if it doesn't work I can do something about it )
Song Name: Make It Real
Artist: Scorpions
Album: Animal Magnetism
Style: Hard Rock
Year: 1980

And that's about it, enjoy my new Forever rally. I hope to see some replays, feedback, and maybe awards too!

EDIT: Updated April 20 for cut tmjonas found!

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User Comments
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  tmjonas 20-Apr-2008
great track but huge cut!
  Cool-T 20-Apr-2008
thanks for showcasing my track in ur details

I'll check out your track later
  NinjAstar 20-Apr-2008
Thanks all for your comments, I might update for the cut tmjonas found.
EDIT: Updated for cut.

Thanks for 's:

#1 - tmjonas - Just an awesome and descriptive award here like I've seen when you award other people's tracks. I'm really glad someone like you like my track a lot. I will soon update for the cut you found. Thank you for telling me! Great award.

#2 - Lli! - Seems like both of you want me to update for the cut, so I probably will. But anyways, another great award. Very nice comments here. Thanks a lot for the award!

#3 - Jymos - Your first forever track was awesome to play, and here you have an awesome award! The things you've said in this award is the reason I make tracks, because I want to give back to the community by making tracks that people like. Thanks so much for this wonderful award!

#4 - >>Tuta<< - Sweet but short award here. I know the mountainous tech section didn't fit, but I had to use those new pieces in some way! The things written in this award are really nice, and I'm glad that a rally-liker like yourself likes my track so much! Thanks very much!

#5 - T... - Nice and short award, you really said some nice things here! Thanks very much! (By the way: Very nice time! )

#6 - smok3y - Wow, this is a really amazing and awesome award!! It's probably one of the best awards I've ever recieved!! I;m really glad you like my track so much, and take time to write such a great award. Thanks very much again!

#7 - djac - Nice and detailed feedback here, glad you like the track. Thanks very much!

-Thanks all for the awards and now 100 downloads!
  smok3y 15-May-2008
Howz that for a nice time
  NinjAstar 15-May-2008
Wow very nice time.
But obviously, if i felt like it, i could set a faster time if i wanted to.
Some still know that there is still a cut, which is at the tech part (but theres really nothing for me to do about it)
But anyways, im not sure if u did the cut or not, but none the less, nice time!
  smok3y 16-May-2008
Was that a cut
I thought that was the right way - u mean the flip over the fence - at that speed that seemed the right way - now i know why the landing zone was so lucky
  Turkey Sangwich 13-Jul-2009
The holder for the WR has changed to me but you had an amazing time smok3y!!!
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User Awards
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User Award   tmjonas 20-Apr-2008
Awesome track m8!

Awesome use of the new blocks, some great smooooth jumps and very nice ideas all the way, for example the nice drop onto the grasshill after the PF-start! Scenery looks damn beautiful, has many nice details, I guess you worked hard on it. Also I have to say that the MT-work is very good. Great long intro and a fantastic outro!
The only bad thing is that it's cuttable because of the lack of cps The whole second half of the track has no cp, so was easy to find this cut! Under one minute is definitely possible!
rally forever

/tmjonas ... nice screeny
User Award   Lli! 20-Apr-2008
Excellent rally track
The start is stunning and the flow is great
But as Jonas said, you should add a cp in the end part after the last cp.
Good work btw.
for you
User Award   Jymos 21-Apr-2008
This track is amazing!
It has a great flow, which I am, unfortunately, a bit too gimp-tastic to appreciate to the fullest extent
But, my terrible driving skills aside, this track has to be one of the greatest rally tracks I've raced! The scenery is perfect, I can see the effort you went to to make this look fabulous
Also, great use of the new forever pieces! This is the first forever rally-track I've tried, and it just amazed me
Keep up the great work!
User Award   Tuta 21-Apr-2008

awesome speed track really fast and fun lovely smooth jumps and gr8 flow but the tech section in the middle doesnt really fit oh and the MT is awesome too super work

<--From: >>Tuta<< (short one )
User Award   HonG 22-Apr-2008
woooooooo...whata it

nice work..wonderful use of new blocks

User Award   smok3y 26-Apr-2008

Amazingly fast race
With a little pinch of tech
This is some imagination at work m8
Superb use of the new blocks
And a wonderbar map

The jump combinations were brilliantly made and well calculated
Amazing use of the little dirt hills for jumps
Straight jumps
Diagonal Jumps
Jump transfers
You name it and it has it all

And nice Mt work as well

I Love it
User Award   djac 28-Apr-2008

Cool ideas and super scenery
Very fun offroading areas, Kinda addictive
Also highspeed action and simple !!
Wonderfull jumps on a nice scenery
Im not a good rally driver and i really appreciate easy tracks that still make fun.
MT Work is also very nice,
for you

User Award   Turkey Sangwich 13-Jul-2009
Here's a track very deserving more awards from the TM racers. Its fun transitions that were great for its time are sure to please all types of drivers. And the fact that this is a rally track makes it even better. This track may have a few problems like too many straights and corners that come at you too fast but a great map for all skill levels. I wish to see more tracks like this from ninjastar!

Turkey Sangwich
User Award   Nim 27-Sep-2010
amazing oO
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