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Name: Download Upstream
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   SkunkY
Version: 19-Apr-2008
TMX id: 755226
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 46,839
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
1:01.12   Dengel+ 0:00.0046,839
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
1:01.25   Atze-Peng+ 0:00.1346,241
1:01.26   Yrp360+ 0:00.1446,195
1:01.38   SkunkY+ 0:00.2645,643
1:01.43   BrummHummel+ 0:00.3145,413
1:02.10   Tweety+ 0:00.9842,333
1:02.19   HawkGer+ 0:01.0741,919
1:02.28   smok3y+ 0:01.1641,505
1:02.56   ruerei+ 0:01.4440,217
1:02.58   maphios+ 0:01.4640,126
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Author Comments

Hi there,
my new track was finished in tmu-f though its quite an old track.
Not a fs track if you wanna go for the fastest time though it can be driven full speed without problems.. then its a slide track, for record hunting some noslide will be rewarded.
So I say its easy to finish and hard to master.
Its probably not a mainstream track since its not a wild concrete ride with lots of corks and loops but a nice racing track (of course with some jumps) that rewards practice.
But dont worry, it should be quite fun from the beginning. At least I hope so.
Gimme some feedback!
Special thanks to NastiSavage and Brummhummel for beta-testing.
Little update: Added an MT Trigger at the last concrete CP to make clear where to go if you have to start from that CP.

Bigger Screenshot

Thanks for awards and comments!
BrummHummel, Hageldave, Stoney, HawkGer, dagugstdu, MasterDisaster, Crawdaddy, Speeder, SuCCeR, Mr.Brow, Micster, Lonnie, NinjAstar, Atze-Peng, Dengel, KEV Fan, fastforza, smok3y, Markus, maphios, Buchi, movo, kroco, pitstep, Wallaby, Tweety, Hubby, T..., DaKKoN, Iquere, tmjonas, Bye Tom, ~KiWiNiNjA~, Ersatz, LoKo, Alucard, Ravager, Yrp360, PapyChampy, Nibor, Rally, Charli, ohei2, Dennis23 !!!

User Comments
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  'Buchi' 20-Apr-2008
Originally posted by smok3y ...
Buchi is alive too - and he turned gay sending love and Kisses to skunky

lool smok3y
I was kinda... well... how to say best... beamed into another World yesterday, I even wonder why I posted something here at all xD

but as I wrote in my Award, awesome Track, though my Time isnt good at all and I could improve it with an ease for about a second or so I guess... but I am working in the editor at the moment, more important for me
  SkunkY 21-Apr-2008
Ah I'll grab the 22nd!
Looking forward to your track, Buchi.
Hope you're here to stay.
  smok3y 21-Apr-2008
It's so nice to see you Buchi - we haven't forgotten you m8 - hope you are - like Skunky said - here to stay longer
Originally posted by Dengel ...
i think Combined Fury

Woozaaaa i've gotta try it then
Edit - it's not on United - Skunky can you update it for TMU-Forever and upload it here
  SkunkY 21-Apr-2008
The track has a pf-start which was messed up since TMU.
It's a duo track from me and nasti.
dengi I guess nowadays you wouldnt find it so great anymore.
nasti and me considered remake it for tmu but he's gone. maybe he'll show up again one day and we'll get it on. ^^
  smok3y 22-Apr-2008
Ah ok thnx
  Yrp360 22-Apr-2008
I'm hurry to test this one m8 I'm just waiting for TMUF...
  smok3y 22-Apr-2008
Yrpie why are you waiting for TMU-F
It has been released - i guess you are probably waiting to download it or something - you possibly couldn't be waiting for it to be released as it already is. I guess i'm talking too much these days
  Yrp360 23-Apr-2008
Lol and I'm not talking enought
I still can't download TMUF...and I just don't know why. Every time I download it, the file is corrupted :/

So I'm waiting for the CD version ^^
  SkunkY 23-Apr-2008
Did you try from different servers?
Steam also has TMUF available.
  smok3y 23-Apr-2008
Try it from the torrent link - torrents are never corrupted as it checks the data at every 10 MB intervals to see if something is corrupted or not
  Sammon 24-Apr-2008
Torrents never work for me.

The files never download!
  Yrp360 25-Apr-2008
So I've downloaded TMUF with the torrent link and it works fine
so I'm ready to test this lil' bomb tonight
  smok3y 25-Apr-2008
Super news Yrpie go go go - try it out its an awesome map and you will love the new updates to all the environments - especially rally
  BrummHummel 25-Apr-2008
Omg.. i´ve to improve my time or i´ll be 5th soon
Damn - i´m away over the weekend!
  smok3y 26-Apr-2008
By the way where is Loko's time
  Yrp360 26-Apr-2008
*Still waiting Loko's 1:00"* 8.)
  SkunkY 27-Apr-2008
Yeah me 2!
  smok3y 15-May-2008
I was waiting to upload my new time for over 2 weeks now - finally i got a better time - but it was a fight for 2 weeks to get this time
Crazy driving by the top guys
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User Awards
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User Award   Rally 29-May-2008
Very nice track which should be easy enough or onine use... oh and oh the jumps! Nice jumps man.
User Award   Charli 16-Jun-2008
great Island track!
too hard for me to get gold since i'm not an island expert
but was still great fun driving, amazing speed and great curves!

-> 4 you!

greetz, charli
User Award   ohei2 05-Aug-2008
Well designed plus also drivable at lower than top speed equals a good track.
Also fun to drive.
User Award   Dennis23 10-Oct-2008
nice islnad mpa with a great scenerie.
User Award   Trek 06-Feb-2009
nice track SkunkY.
very fun
but I'm a bad noslider
User Award   Vincent 17-Jun-2009
Great track - and easy going for online. Didn´t know it yet - pretty good work!
User Award   eyebo.wp 02-Sep-2009
User Award   darkhunter 02-Sep-2009
great map, without gps the way is easy to find, great map
great map
my english don't know other words to discribe this great map
User Award   davwader 12-Oct-2009
Very cool track here
User Award   »Blacer 02-May-2010
Nice one

Excellent Track



Awesome Screenie!!
User Award   Thrawn 26-Apr-2012
And one from me Well constructed map

User Award   FT»chalwhen 26-Apr-2012
User Award   Lapos 26-Apr-2012
Very nice track layout Smart job
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