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Name: SL6 - Mosca
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Atze-Peng
Version: 18-May-2009
Released: 12-Apr-2008
TMX id: 748316
LB Rating: 55,809
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:00.93   _Hawk_+ 0:00.0055,809
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:01.00   AiR.Aurel.+ 0:00.0755,424
1:01.16   =RPV= TooN+ 0:00.2354,545
1:02.81   Keirabxtch.+ 0:01.8845,477
1:03.23   hyp+ 0:02.3043,169
1:03.38   rad+ 0:02.4542,344
1:03.50   Nova.bazz+ 0:02.5741,685
1:03.55   GranaDy!+ 0:02.6241,410
1:04.38   MasterGary+ 0:03.4536,849
1:04.44   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:03.5136,519
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Author Comments

My newest track is a Coasttechtrack in League Style. This time the difficulty is way more humane than the last two times. It's as always very untypical and got everything in it, tunnels, GP parts, offroad and so on.
Also I forgone to make an 0815 Intro. No one is watching them anyway and it isnt necessary at all.

Screen by Razor (thx alot)

Gogo, download it and have fun ;-)

Original Size Screenshot

User Comments
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  Atze-Peng 12-Apr-2008
Thx Razor
thx Trudelhuhn
thx Rypel
thx Aero
thx Domi
thx Ignition
thx Squirrel
thx Jake
thx Xaorn - may Noodles will try it hrhrhr
thx Bionick
thx Cephid - what a pleasure ;-)
thx BrummHummel
thx Nillstorn
thx Smok3y
thx Madderikk
thx Harmony~Bros
thx Nukedragon - thats what it is supposed to be xD
thx Dengy - which one, that to remove the wallbang or the fin?
thx Tobbe
thx DaKKoN - yeah I hate that stuff. not needed in anyway except for loops ;-) Intro and Outro is just cool at speedtracks I think ;-)
thx MasterDisaster - nice words
thx ManU
thx TMJonas
thx nukular
thx ohei2
thx Wallaby
thx Acid
thx scar.d
thx yannovsky
thx Seychellen
thx =RPV= TooN
thx smz
thx MasterGary
  Aero 12-Apr-2008
10 mins for that time....

was the AT your 2nd or your 3rd try?^^
  MikoZ 13-Apr-2008
i like the car on screenshot^^
  Atze-Peng 13-Apr-2008
Its our (XR) Clanskin made by Maupi
  Aero 13-Apr-2008
hehe, Tobbe too said that this car is awesome
  Nukedragon 14-Apr-2008
morgen setzt ich mich auch dran atze mal sehn

  Harmony~Bros 15-Apr-2008
Yeah nice car, shame i only see the back of it
  FT»Tobbe 16-Apr-2008
Yep this coast car skin is awesome xD
  Dengel 17-Apr-2008
just the finish ... i crashed a 1.01.3 against it ..... .... ......... then i tried it over and over again , but i wasn´t able to reach the time again :/ i will upload my nooby pb just for u
  Atze-Peng 18-May-2009
Sorry Guys, records are invalid now because I added the SL6 version of the track. Well there wasnt any change, but I'd rather see the WRs on TMX
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User Awards
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  MasterDisaster 19-Apr-2008
Great tech track
Lovely turns and desing
Hard to make a good needs a lot of pratice, and that's cool
Great work ^^

  ManU 20-Apr-2008
good tech coast, maybe some parts very hard, but oke - its a little softer atze-style on this map^^
  tmjonas 26-Apr-2008
Finally my award here!
Very nice tech track with amazing curve-combos. Very intuitive to play.
There are thousand corners where you can improve your time, I'm not so good at coast-tech that's why I only got the silver medal!
The little jumps you integrated are awesome. Good work Atze!
BiG coast-tech

/tmjonas ... great screen razor
  nukular 29-May-2008
good tech coast track with nice scenery
  ohei2 30-May-2008
Quite a challenge to beat the gold medal time on this track - usually a characteristic on Jake's tracks. LOL
Author time is not reachable for me.

Some quite hard, but very good parts/transistions in here, which is why I like to award the track although it's a bit tech heavy (for me).
  Wallaby 20-Jun-2008
Great Coast Tech Track
Really Easy...well not easy xD....but easy to finish it
Great Courves
Great Scenery

Very nice Track

~Gold ~
  Acid 29-Jun-2008
Great Track Atze, can't believe i forgot to award this one.
Techy, sure if it's from you, but very nice and fun to drive.

  scar.d 11-Jul-2008
  yannovsky 08-May-2009
I just played this map 20 minutes online and u did a great job Atze
As said Rypel and xaorn (fuumaster^^), 2-3 sections are very hard with kb and i'm agree with Aero, 1st turn on the left'll kill many drivers during match, slidy turn with kb
I got 1.02 mid after 20 minutes, should be ok to reach 1.01 with train, perhaps middle, with kb ofc
imo, best times'll be done with pad or joy with around 1.01 low

It's very pleasant to have a technic map, even quite "hard" on league, u deserve it Atze
  Seychellen 01-Jul-2009
cool Coast map atze
  =RPV= TooN 07-Jul-2009
Good Job atze

  smz 07-Jul-2009
i hate this one, SO i must be a god coast track Way too many places for a coast noob to slide, so i am certain that it is a good league track for the freaks gg Atze.
  MasterGary 28-Aug-2009
I never awarded this one? WTF???

Anyways: one of the best league-maps I played

Slow yes, but still (or maybe because of that fact) very fun to race on
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