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Track Name
Name: Seaboard
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   maphios
Version: 05-Apr-2008
Released: 04-Apr-2008
TMX id: 736771
LB Rating: 73,434
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:50.37   maphios+ 0:00.0073,434
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:50.58   BrummHummel+ 0:00.2171,597
0:50.61   SkunkY+ 0:00.2471,335
0:51.43   MaB+ 0:01.0664,162
0:51.72   maze+ 0:01.3561,625
0:51.84   smok3y+ 0:01.4760,575
0:52.40   CraxX+ 0:02.0355,676
0:52.63   HonG+ 0:02.2653,665
0:53.33   MN+ 0:02.9647,541
0:53.35   Patriot »CT«+ 0:02.9847,367
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Author Comments

Hey all, it´s time to have some action at the Seaboard !

Some time has gone by since i got myself to the editor again. But finally i can present you my latest track. Island this time, as i raced this environment a lot at the last weeks. I tried to make a track that won´t be boring to drive but als paid attention, that it´s not getting too hard. Furthermore i tried to get a nice mix between slide and no-slide parts .


Coppers: ~3200 (i think i did a good job with the deco but also kept the coppers low)
AT: 50.92s (faster should be possible )
Intro: hope it´s not too fast for you
Ingame MT: some trails + finish cam
Outro: some fast cuts and lots of different cams

I hope you have fun out there. I recognized that my building skills were a bit rusty at first, but i reworked the whole track after a while and i´m quite satisfied with the status quo now .

I updated the scenery at the jump to the offroad part. Now you won´t crash there anymore.

So let´s go racing !

User Comments
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  maphios 04-Apr-2008
Thanks to:

freezer thanks for your award and this super record time, highly appreciated !

Thanks DeaD.oas for your award,i´m glad you liked the start idea !

Also Cool-T thx for your nice award .

Hey [ATP]Crawdaddy thank you very much for your feedback. That´s the kind of award, that really brought me to the point to make a new island map. Always nice to hear such warm words . I know the hangar jump could be a bit smoother, but i was too lazy to change it, as i reworked the whole track.

smok3y thanks for your award and your record. You know we are at TMU-X since the beginning and through the times there are some weeks, were you don´t have the motivation to make a new map or to drive a new WR. But we both hung in there, cause we love this game and the other players and tracks around here. So for me it´s a pleasure to race with guys like you, and i´m happy that you are now a damn fast island driver. *Tips hat for smok3y .

Thank your warwp for your award i appreciate it .

Hey BrummHummel . Thx for this great feedback and your award. First of all, thank you for pointing out this mapping mistake i made, by building the scenery too low . I was too lazy to test much, because i built this track in one flow and reworked nearly 80%, as i recognized that the track was terrible. And it took me sometime to find the right pieces to make this map as it is now . But now it´s done and i´m really glad that a super author and racer like you had some fun here!

dagugstdu i´m sorry that the track is a bit harder to drive with KB, but i did pay attention that it´s also doable with sliding. So i must thank you for hanging in there, that you still had the courage to drive it again !

Thanks for this nice award [ATP]Edge ! I like the start section, too . I had the idea to use this hangar as a piece of the road and this is what turned out of it. I hope it´s not too buggy sometimes.

KEV Fan i know you love the power of the red boosters . So i have to thank you even more that you tested this one and gave me this nice award. I hope you won´t give up and release a new action track every now and then .

Great award and super WR time SkunkY! You are definetely one of the top guys around here when it comes to driving and mapping in the island environment . According the last drop, i also feared that you could go too fast there to touch the booster, but up to now it works fine, so let´s hope it will stay so . The fx-colors at the start are a strange thing. For some people (like me) those colors never change, during the whole race, until you reach a new FX-colors trigger. So for me the colors are lasting from the start to the end. And i thought it was all fine. But to many other players the colors simply change back after the start block, which seems to look a bit odd. Sry for that, i´ll think about that next time.

ShoK thx a lot for your kind words, good to hear you had fun at this little island track .

Also T..., i´m glad you enjoyed the race here. Thanks for your award and the nice replay !

Thanks for the little feedback ~KiWiNiNjA~. I tried to built a good flow here, but also wanted to add some light technical elements .

It´s good to hear such words from an author like you PapyChampy . Your track are always full of a few fresh ideas . At the start section i was a bit creative . Thanks for testing and awarding my track!
  Jake 04-Apr-2008
nice start....but the parts after the airport arent that good.....sry
  maphios 04-Apr-2008
I tried to create a mix between no slide and slide parts. The section after tha airport until the 4th CP is more about sliding, whereas the last part and all before the 3rd CP can be driven without skidding. Thanks for your comment Jake, i take it as a feedback, but for me even the sliding parts are working well .
  Jake 04-Apr-2008
well they're working well but i dont like em
  dagugstdu 05-Apr-2008
maybe a good track but
the no slide start sucks for keyboarddriver like me - i can't reach 1st cp
  Jake 05-Apr-2008
@dagigstdu.....the track is easy.....even with can slide all parts and still get to the next cp....
i checked it twice
  maphios 05-Apr-2008
As Jake said, the track should also work with slide but it may be a bit harder .

The fact that you can hit the scenery at the jump to the offroad part bugs me a bit . And due to the fact that there are not so much replays yet, i´ll update this as fast as i can!

Updated the track ! I´m sorry for all broken replays . Would be cool to see some of them reappear.
  dagugstdu 05-Apr-2008
well, i will give it another try
  maphios 06-Apr-2008
Thanks to:

Awesome feedback DEnGel ! Thanks a lot for the super tips. Yes, when i overthink it, the offroad part could´ve been built with yellow boosters instead of red ones. Maybe i was blind after a few hours of building . About the boosters after the offroad section i´m not quite sure. I think if you have a few problems at the edge of the offroad jump you may be using the red ones to make the jump. I know the turns in the map may be a bit easy for exper racers, but i wanted to let this track work onine, so it shouldn´t be too hard.I´m glad you liked the other parts of the track and the MT stuff here. I´m adding a finish cam at many of my tracks, i think it´s a nice ending for a map.

Hey DaKKon thx for your award and replay and burning a bit rubber ! I know it´s harder to drive with KB, but i wanted to add some no-slide curves this time . The fx-color start is a bit "buggy", i explained it to Skunky in my thanks list.

Thank you for this big award OLDA_X ! Good feedback and a lovely comment .

Also iRoC thanks a lot for testing and awarding my track, i´m glad you had some fun here .

Lapos thx for your nice words and your award, i appreciate it!

Hey pitstep thank you very much for your award ! It´s always great to get an award from you, as you´re one of the persons that are here right from the start and still keep playing this great game!

Thanks for the nice award and your feedback MaB . Yes, the last sliding part has a huge influence on your time and your final speed, but i thought i still needed some deciding part and there was not enough place to built something else . I´ll think about it the next time.

Cool award Sivert ! You´re track are full of little details and wonderful ideas, so it´s great to get an award from you, thank you!

Wow, tmjonas now that was one of the best awards i ever got ! Thank you very much for this one and the great feedback you put in there. I´m also quite happy with the first half of the track, the 2nd works also quite good, but is maybe overboostered . Anyway i´m glad you had fun here also with the MT, it was created in one rush and i had not so much time, so i think it turned out quite good. Let´s see when i´ll find to make another map....

Nice award, thanks a lot for this one dgp . I overused the red boosters a bit, but will do it better next time .

Hey, CraxX thx a lot for this cool award and the replay:D! Really good to hear that you had fun out there.

eyebo thx a lot man, you´re welcome .
  smok3y 07-Apr-2008
Comeon fellas someone give Skunky a run for his money

I'll try again - but i know i cant reach that time for sure
  maphios 08-Apr-2008
Finally got some time to make a WR here . Maybe a 49.xx is possible , with a perfect run.
Come on smok3y i know you can get at low 51. Just drive against Skunky´s replay, i tell you that´s the right way to make a fast time .
  smok3y 08-Apr-2008
Wozaaaa nice time maphios

I'll try that tip - i normally always drive against my own ghost times - but driving aginst someone else's replay is a good idea
  SkunkY 14-Apr-2008
Haha, glad I could help.
I might try again when I have some time.
Unfortunetly it wont be too soon though.
That time will be hard to beat anyway. N1 maphios!
  Dengel 27-Jun-2008
its time for your next track
  maphios 27-Jun-2008
Right, it´s really some time since i got to the editor .
I´ll see what i can do in the next week .
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User Awards
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  pitstep 07-Apr-2008
great track
great jumps-ideas-design-mt-speed
i like allways
  MaB 08-Apr-2008
Great and challenging map! Hardest part for me: after offroad, curve to the left. Easy to f... u. there. A bit of a problem cause you could easily spoil a good run near the end. I prefer an easy finish section. Nevertheless: great map. Mostly very smooth, I like that.
  Sivert 08-Apr-2008
Cool new transitions, super offroad and great finish
Nice and colourful outro

  tmjonas 15-Apr-2008
Amazing track maphios!
Some ideas you put into this track are very nice. I especially like the whole startsection till the first cp. Nice little drop and then such a marvelous use of that hangar. Never seen such an idea and to me it works really good. I had some troubles at first till I saw the ingame-MT message. Then it was no problem anymore. Very nice and well calculated drop into the tunnel and after a tricky curve (which was easy to make with sliding) a nice jumpcombo. Really love that startpart!
But the rest is great as well. Superb part with the looong offroad and transfer back to platform again. Very nice built are also the techy streetparts and I like the first jump to the airport where you can improve your time very well. Cool finish with a nice cam, I saw many finishes with such a little offroadpart the last month, really nice! The mix between different blocks in this track is great!
Some words to the MT, too. Amazing!! Very nice intro with so many great effects with the texts. Nice little story for fast readers! Even nicer is the outro where you used excellent fx-colors and damn sweet camangels! It's really one of the best outros I've seen in the past few months.
Overall an excellent work here, hope we will see some new tracks from you in TMUF.
BiG island

/tmjonas ... nice screeny!
  dgp 22-Apr-2008
great one.
the flow rules, nice ideas, perfectly done.

  CraxX 25-Oct-2009
omg crazy track

really lovely transitions especially the one at the start with the "hall" - never seen that before

also the rest is just pure island action

get your well deserved

  eyebo.wp 28-Mar-2010
Creative, fun, addictive
  NoTimeToDrive 12-May-2019
Fantastic build!!
Love the track
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