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Track Name
Name: Parabolus
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   iRoC
Version: 03-Apr-2008
Released: 03-Apr-2008
TMX id: 735571
LB Rating: 40,512
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night Vehicle: Stadium
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:50.96   raxou+ 0:00.0040,512
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:51.46   Harmony~Bros+ 0:00.5038,127
0:52.48   Just_I+ 0:01.5233,261
0:52.87   Hawis.ism+ 0:01.9131,401
0:52.88   xxxbot+ 0:01.9231,354
0:53.19   iRoC+ 0:02.2329,875
0:53.20   smok3y+ 0:02.2429,827
0:53.36   Jonkster+ 0:02.4029,064
0:54.13   KiWiNiNjA+ 0:03.1725,391
0:57.05   Ignition+ 0:06.0911,463
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Author Comments

Hey there,

it's time for tech! I proudly present: Parabolus!
This track is respawnable, this means you can finish the track from every checkpoint. And now the details:

What's in this track?
Tricky curves
Smooth jumps and landings
Intro with Pong-animation (just for fun)
Ingame MT: Some hints, no real GPS (the tech-maniacs don't need hints, but there are hopefully some other guys playing this track)
Big letters on a hill like the Hollywood-sign
Nice scenery

What's not in this track?
Anything else that sucks

Author time: 52.45 (I think a real pro can drive a 50.xx)

If you like it, please leave me a comment or even award it. Have fun

User Comments
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  iRoC 03-Apr-2008
thx Iken
Big thx to smok3y
thx ~KiWiNiNjA~ (also for the PlayPal-Idea )
thx OLDA_X
thx Ignition
thx Soull
thx xxxbot2
thx Just_I
thx [ATP]Jonkster_NZ for your very nice comment
thx The Idler
thx Harmony~Bros
thx BCS[Santino]
thx raxou
  iken 03-Apr-2008
Your track has got only one's very few!
Come on,at less 10 awards for it!
  smok3y 07-Apr-2008
Lets hope some more people play and give feedback - this track is really deserving of a lot many awards than what are here currently
  KiWiNiNjA 08-Apr-2008
Upload it onto PLAYPAL!!!
  iRoC 08-Apr-2008
I've never had a look at that PlayPal-thing, but I'll try to do it... now I must play all those other tracks
  dagugstdu 08-Apr-2008
2 much jumps, close edges for me - no fun 4 me too
  Just_I 09-Apr-2008
Bummer, got just a few hundreths of a second short for the author record, but there is still room for improvement
  Harmony~Bros 11-Apr-2008
50.xx definatly possible on a super lap
  smok3y 12-Apr-2008
Crazy time HB
  raxou 18-Sep-2008
Héhéé !! I have my 50.xx Finally !!
I didn't really understand the beginning with the dirt part .. It always Brakes me ..
With a very good lap we can perform a 50.5x But i'm not that good for it ..
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  iken 03-Apr-2008
AWESOME track!
Amazing full mt(I particularly enjoy the intro with the pong style ,and the outro :waaaoooo(great small colors effects and cameras ! )
Great scenery(especially the word parabolus)
Amazing track construct,lovely curves with some nice jumps,great smooth ,awesome mix between tech parts and full speed parts(you really take some risks with this,but it's just great,congratulations for this),great new transitions(between the pillars),great reuse of the start section for the final little jump!
  smok3y 07-Apr-2008
Wow w00t was this
Surprise surprise
Damn this is one amazing Dirt/Tech map i have played
I would rate is as one of the top 10 maps on TMX in the tech area as far as I am concerned
Amazing transfers
Amazing Ideas
Amazing flow
And difficult as well
Brilliant compact design with amazing use of dirt sections
And marvelous jumps in this tech race
You have made one heck of a beauty here m8
Even though I dont see any awards here - but trust me you should be really proud of this map
This is really brilliance
This proves what an author can actually do given the right ideas
Amazing map my friend - just amazing
Big from me
  KiWiNiNjA 07-Apr-2008
Wonderful track!
Full of great ideas. Lovely re-use. So compact in places. Great off-roads. Some really cool jumps.

All round awesome tech racing. A little bit hard. Not sure about the big jump in the middle though.

Great MT! Lol'ed at the intro

Awesome map!!

  OLDA_X 07-Apr-2008
awesome track
great idea
I like it

.... .... OLDA_X
  Ignition 08-Apr-2008
A really great track, but a little bit to hard for me.

  Soull 08-Apr-2008

Very nice tech track.. funny intro, and loving the hollywood style title

useful hints, and generally good track. Good Job!
  xxxbot 08-Apr-2008
sweeeeeeeeeeet track
  Just_I 09-Apr-2008
Man this track is tight, I love it.

The MT work is awesome, the scenery is so awesome, the track is awesome.

Why say more, just here take then
  Jonkster 10-Apr-2008
Superb track

Wow, thats a fantastic rush!

Sweet track here, lovely and smooth, great banked sections and transfers.

Loved the start section, so tight trying to keep the speed enough for a smooth hop up to the platform. Then the jump through the pillars which really took accuracy and concentration.

Cool mixture of speed and tech, kept the blood-a-pumping!

And eye-poppingly gorgeous MT work, its been ages since ive seen MT this good. I love it when people go the extra meter to finish off their tracks properly.

Very good work.
  The Idler 10-Apr-2008
Simply put: Oh wow!
  Harmony~Bros 11-Apr-2008
Nice job!

Cool re-use part, some really nice jumps too.

Good work with the slides and a nice layout. Very nice scenery too.

Only problem i found was you can jump over the finish.

Good track
  X-MASTER 21-May-2008

  Santino 12-Aug-2008
  raxou 18-Sep-2008
Omg !! What a map !!

I've Played it a long time ago on a server, and i really loved it !!

Now i'm more skilled than last time !! And It seems that i like it anyway ..

Here a BIG For U !!

Rax0u .
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