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Name: Brawling Bay
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DaKKoN+PapyChampy
Version: 31-Mar-2008
Released: 31-Mar-2008
TMX id: 732592
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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Author Comments

Hi there folks:
We (DaKKoN and PapyChampy) decided to create a track together. And we did!
Here's the result.
It appeared to be a fairly easy bay-track with some nice action and speed in it. It contains full MT (intro, GPS/loop, outro) and should be great to play and for close WR-hunts I think. The track is fullspeed to the boot. We hope you guys will enjoy it all!!

Here you can fetch a bigger version of the Screenie

Now go hf and race some!!

User Comments
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  DaKKoN+PapyChampy 31-Mar-2008

(wrong button, I deleted the track --> reuploaded)
  PapyChampy 01-Apr-2008
Thanks for the awards, highly appreciated
  DaKKoN 02-Apr-2008
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  TimeBreaker 31-Mar-2008
brawling, hehe
nice easy baytrack with cool transitions and cool brawl pics (looks like mewtwo has a successor in brawl )
also superb mt work, haha
the loop is a bit buggy
  CMC|Taylor 01-Apr-2008
Very nice duo map guys
The first part was not exactely my taste... the platform-to-platform jump don't work well for me
But after that buggy loop, the track is really... different... funnier to drive and gets harder
The ending is quite a killer btw xD

>> & <<
  smok3y 01-Apr-2008
Great duo track guys
Loved the beautifully smooth start section
Awesome design and layout
This is one amazing bay race
Gets harder the faster you go and the finish is a killer
That loop jump from platform - i dont know if it is me or w00t it kinda keeps flipping me all the time
Bugs or w00t
But back to the race awesome transitions and a beautiful work put together by 2 most innovative mappers here
The MT work is just brilliant
  insane 01-Apr-2008
Loopbugs! Loopbugs! Anyone wants some Loopsbugs?
Sweet track, but that loop... well... the idea behind it is nice and you can avoid the flipping desaster resulting in taking it badly by taking it in a good angle, but if you're going fast, there is no way except braking (had -0.3 on my replay, but it's just impossible to finish such a run without being a lucky bastard)
The jumps onto the platforms were the highlights of the track and jumps into the red loops caused a cool deja-vu feeling. Scenery and MT were Top notch, and the jumps were perfectly calculated, even if going fast. I missed some more challenging offroad sections, but that's just my personal taste.
Rocking Duo-track even with the buggy loop.
  ODS 01-Apr-2008
Great Bay Track
Big 4 You 2
  Golo 02-Apr-2008
I read much about loopbugs in the otherawards, so I expected
the worst...
and it really kills the fun a bit, cause without it, this track would have been very addictive and cool for
recordhunting, but with it, you allways have to have luck.
Anyway, the jump into the loop is pure awesomeness, so I forgive you^^
The rest is just "Wow" and I cant explain you, why this track just got 5 awards...
Very many jumps and transitions, just how I like it, which are innovative and most of them smooth.
My fav. section is the waterbump and the jump after it... I love waterbumps in Bay, they should be used much more
The highspeed ending is also cool.
And the mt-work is once again wonderful

Ps: -screen
  Hageldave 02-Apr-2008
nice bay track though there are some flaws in here
like for example that jump into the big loop at fs
or the transition from the last loop to land (3 possibilities to crash)
but apart from these an excellent track wich works very smooth
is a lot of fun and got rly nice scenery
  iken 03-Apr-2008
Great track guys!Amazing work you did here!
The intro is really nice and the outro great,
The scenery is really good and has got a nice use(the transition under the bridge,the water rebound....)
The track construct is great: great (and really smooth)transitions,a great loop and some amazing jumps,I love it's sometimes ultra smooth and fun to play!
And awesome screenie(and great tmu-screen with something like a pokemon ,it's fun and nice (and totally PC styled ).
Mates,please award this one,or simply drive on it,because it's really fun!!!
  --LooK-- 03-Apr-2008
Yeeeeeeh wonderful duo-track once again !
Impressive construction !
Awesome crazy jumps all the way !
The flow is always really nice and some curves are very challenging !
Is there something to say about Mt-work ? Nooo ! It's just unbelievable ! Fantastic cams positions and fx'effects !
Scenery is just amazing !
Excellent AT !
Great job DaKKoN and PapyChampy !

-- --
  maphios 04-Apr-2008
Very well built bay track, with some tight jumps a beautiful but crashy scenery and lots of duo power .
Good design, i like the wide open jumps to the street loops! The loop before the water-bounce can be buggy sometimes, but you get used to that .
Anyway, i had fun here

  tyzz 04-Apr-2008
zOMG Underrated track oO

Superb smooth start
Amazing flow
Superb scenery all the way
Amazing small bumpy jump ^^
Super cool drop and all time very smooth when you have the right speed
Incredible transition like the loop or the finish
Superb screeny as well
Cool Mt-work(just marvelous outro but intro is cool too )
Just one thing I dislike but it's not your fault, it's the loopbugs

  tmjonas 09-Apr-2008
Looping bugs - yes
Great track - YES!
Though I expected a bit more from you two to be honest. I have high expectations I know
But the track is really nice. Lovely variation all the way, many different kind of nice transitions and a great finishpart! Also the waterbump after the buggy loop is veery well placed and calculated.
And the speed and flow are really great here, what a ride at the finish!
Rocking scenery and MT as well guys.
Great work.
BiG bay

/tmjonas ... aaaawesome screeny
  NinjAstar 27-Apr-2008
Really great and challenging track here you 2!
The track is just awesome. Other than that one loop being a bit bugged, the flow, speed and ideas were awesome! Most of the track was very smooth, and very fun! The waterbounce in the track, and the fast jumps into loops were really thrilling! Really challenging transitions in this track, it took me a long time just to get a good time!

The MT here was just incredible!!! The intro had some real nice cams, and nice color effects. The outro had some really awesome looking cams, and cool color and blur effects. When people have said my MT is awesome, I think that it's nowhere as cool looking as the outro in this!

Very cool screen here, nice effects and cool cars.

Overall, this is one bay track that is always addictive, challenging, original, and super fun!

Rating: 9/10

Awesome work DaKKoN and PapyChampy!

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