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Name: Download The M@SS
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   «Speedy»LT
Version: 29-Mar-2008
TMX id: 714978
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 54,781
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:34.47   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.0054,781
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:34.53   Keirabxtch.+ 0:00.0654,209
0:35.04   Psikopate+ 0:00.5749,346
0:35.31   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:00.8446,771
0:35.41   pgs9+ 0:00.9445,817
0:35.55   ARS B4rt3K+ 0:01.0844,483
0:35.80   Pusher+ 0:01.3342,099
0:35.87   Kerebatem+ 0:01.4041,431
0:36.09   MasterGary+ 0:01.6239,333
0:36.15   Vorobey+ 0:01.6838,761
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Author Comments

Another track in the @ serie

this time i made a more technical one
Some jumps, offroad and roadparts

Music Era - The Mass
Mod HP-GP, made by high_plaines_Bifta

The Mod/Music should download automatic, if the don't download you find them below

Mod Click here
Loc.file Click here
Place it in - C/Program Files/TrackManiaUnited/Game Data/Skins/Coast/Mod

Music Click here
Loc.file Click here
Place it in - My Documents/TrackManiaUnited/ChallengeMusic


1st 2000 coppers
2nd 1500 coppers
3rd 1000 coppers
4th 750 coppers
5th 500 coppers

Race in a fair way, cuts are not allowed to win coppers

End of competition Saturday 29 march 19:00 h GMT time -8 h (Belgium time)

If you like the track,dont hesitate to it
And i appriciate some replay's to

So, enough talking, download the track and have fun

PS: Big thanks to Aero for betatesting and the advise he gave me for optimise this track
Also thanks to Giler for betatesting, thx m8

User Comments
Showing 15 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  «Speedy»LT 21-Mar-2008
If you like the screen, i have the wallpaper right here
It take's sometime to download, the wallpaper is 3mb big
  Aero 23-Mar-2008
award comes soon, m8!
  Sabian 23-Mar-2008
omg, king for a minute, fool for a lifetime, I have throw away my gamepad to bin and will not drive when Aero will be post some of these insane times. great time, well I am not 17 years old :-)
  «Speedy»LT 23-Mar-2008
Thanks list

Markus... * For the great , i'm glad you liked it
OLDA_X * For the nice
Jake * For the nice , yep, finaly one you like
Bionick * For the perfect
koltafeuille * For the super
Mr.Brow * For the nice
TimeBreaker * For the superb
smok3y * For the brilliant
Sivert * For the great
130Rlilo * For the nice
pitstep * For the great
[ATP]Crawdaddy * For the great ,glad you like it
Deng * For the nice
xgt1 * For the wow
SeaDevil * For the great
The_KILLER * For the great
SkunkY * For the great
atp>nitroguy * For the wow
Bara * For the cool
Shok * For the great
Sabian * For the great
Aero * For the great , and thx again for the advice
-=Reaper=- * For the great
TUMULT * For the wow
[ATP]Speeder * For the great
Snakey3000 * For the very nice
BrummHummel * For the great
kadett-c20ne * For the nice
MX-II * For the perfect
mady * For the nice

  Aero 23-Mar-2008
hehe, lol, sabian

your time is really nice, m8, dont destroy your pad

thanks for the nice words

edit: w00ty time, sabian!
  DaKKoN 25-Mar-2008
Okay listen up: Until now: I simplt HATE your track. I'm drunk upon mentioning this, but this is my real feeling until know. I'll try it tomorrow again (when sober...) But until here I like your 1st @-track the best then the 2nd and after that there's a BIG gap.... Until this one. For example ohei2's track is like better then all three, but you just had the disadvantage (atm) of being the worst of the 4... (With this one...)

lol but again I jave to mention: I drank t much atm..............''

  «Speedy»LT 28-Mar-2008
Sorry guy's
I was thinking that the competition could be done in a fair way, but i was wrong
I had to update the track because there are some cheaters here

Final places

1st * Nillstrom - 00:34.56
2nd * Aero - 00:34.77
3rd * Sabian - 00:34.94
4th * Jake - 00:35.04
5th * Deng - 00:35.39


Login needed please
  waratah 29-Mar-2008
You cant change the rules at the last moment. If you cannot design in a way so everyone follows your path then whos fault is that.
Since i go offroad twice just like everyone else how is that cutting. As for being fair, changing rules in the last hours of a competition is not fair.
So i hope you will do the right thing.
  «Speedy»LT 29-Mar-2008
If you can get into the top 5 with the updated track, fine for me
The competition is ment to be played in a fair way, and if its to much to tell somethiong about a cut in the comments, thats cheating for me
In another track of me Bl-marci found a cut, but he tould everione about it, thats fair to me
  waratah 29-Mar-2008
Everyone has to go through 4cp and then finish.( Original rules)
I went through 4 cp and finished like everyone else, I DID NOT CHEAT. Same rules for everyone.

Change the rules at the last moment(last day of competition). The rule change as follows
* Everyone goes through 5 cp and then finish.

Also love know how you are able to change the date of the your comment(the one that says i was cheating on the 28th). I have a screenshot of the where you have changed the rules. It says "My time is not included." right next to it in the awards section there is an award on the 29th.

  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 29-Mar-2008
Funny to hear about .. maybe it's a bit unfair, but what ever!
It's not that important!

I have also found a cut here on this track!
I'm not sure if I would have uplaoded my replay here, but I drove a 33 a few days ago and much more is possible!

Next time it should be clear that you are not allowed to take cuts!

  waratah 29-Mar-2008
Now i know how you made the comment about cheaters with date set at 28th. You deleted original comment which was in response to dakkon comment. Seems to me you are the cheater trying to cover your own ass by implying the rule changed on the 28th.
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 29-Mar-2008
Nice that you have found a cut here, but you should accept that he doesn't want that ...
Sometimes rules are there to be broken!
  waratah 29-Mar-2008
I found this track via the forum. This the rules of the forum.
Quote ...
Here is the thread where you can post a link to your track and offer coppers prizes for the fastest times.

Thread Rules
o Post a link to your track
o Write alittle about it to entice people to play
o Set a deadline for when replays must be posted
o State the coppers prizes on offer (must be at least 500 coppers in prizes)

Optional Details
o Beat the Authortime - offer additional coppers to be split between all who beat the authortime. Or, simply make it a requirement to beat the authortime to be entitled to win any coppers at all.
o Combined Results - offer additional coppers for the best combined time on several (usually max three) tracks. As TMX only shows the top 10 replays, however, making it to the top 10 on all included tracks might have to be a requirement.
o Forbid Shortcuts - if you don't do so from the start, it may be too late to reject any such replays later.

This will be a one stop place for people interested in winning coppers by racing
Last edited 24-Feb-2008 by Jozii
  «Speedy»LT 29-Mar-2008
I will give you the coppers to, so stop complaining about fairness
The other 5 places will get there coppers to
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 37 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Sabian 23-Mar-2008
great work speedy no doubt that you become to the one of the best coast mappers, amazing jumps and transitions.
I have really feel from this map also Aero style, just I do not like this track is just missing.
User Award   Aero 23-Mar-2008
well, as a betatester, the wow effect wasnt that big because i knew the map

but its just amazin:
i love these thight offroads
these stunnin techy street parts
and all the well flowing turns!

one of the best coast shorties ever i think!

the only bad thing is the mod. why? because its a mod (i dont like driving with mods )
maybe the music is bad too, but i didnt hear it because i always stop the tmu ingame music and play my own favourites
User Award   -=Reaper=- 24-Mar-2008
Great Layout
Great Biuld.
Great Track
User Award   TUMULT 24-Mar-2008
What a great technical ride. Always challenging to make a good time.
Very well worked out map.
HPGP is always a good choice.
User Award   Sammon 25-Mar-2008
L vely coast tech map Speedy.

The flow was superb.
The jumps and transitions blew my mind!
The scenery was plain gorgeous!
And the mediatracker was quite nice.

User Award   FT»Snakey 25-Mar-2008
Very nice map with cool turns at every part of the track. Nice jumps trough the damaged roads, and awesome small offroads. The jumps are also nice, but not very smooth - This map is perfect for online-playing and wr-hunting.

User Award   BrummHummel 26-Mar-2008
Superb track!
Nice technical elements and also some nice transfers / transitions
It wasn´t easy to get a clean run!
..but i dislike the last jump.. it´s hard to hit the booster correctly (for me)
The rest is pure fun
I also like your MT-work!
User Award   kadett-c20ne 26-Mar-2008
A very good short techy track
I love tracks like these
Well done
User Award   MX-II 27-Mar-2008
A perfect, short and addictive track you build.. Very nice flow and technic
Scenery looks beautiful
Still a great WR-Rocker
for you

Greets MX-II
User Award   mady 27-Mar-2008
like the terain
nice layout
funny to drive

User Award   Kerebatem 29-Mar-2008
Nice short coast arg... hard tight corners... especially chikane after second offroad was difficult for me... cool intro and good outro... funny tech
User Award   Edge 29-Mar-2008
Great little techy track!
I love the narrow offroadparts!!
Very challenging!!!
Well done!!!!
User Award   Nillstorn 29-Mar-2008
Cool mini map^^
I was -0''40 at 1st CP but i was always losing time after that.
33''s possible but you must be a robot ^^
User Award   tmjonas 09-Apr-2008
Lol never awarded this!?
Well that's not good
Brillant coast-track imo your best one I know! Very nice techparts perfect for improve your time! And I love all those tight offroadsections, they work unbelievable good. And all this is mixed with some nice jumps and a very good overall flow! Though some corners are really tricky I had much fun here but my times were all not very good/good enough to get into the top10
The scenery is very nicely made as always in your tracks I've seen and especially the offroadparts are very well laid out! Lovely MT as well mate, great work!
BiG coast

/tmjonas ... great screeny
User Award   Torpedo 13-May-2009
nice map!!!
normally i hate coast maps
but this i really enjoy

darth maul
User Award   FT»Tobbe 13-May-2009
Nice Mini Tech Track!
Sadly I missed the Competition (by 1 year ).

My Rating: 10/10 =>

Greez Tobbe
User Award   everton 20-Sep-2009
Awesome coast track.

Nice design.

Nice speed and flow.

Great work Speedy.

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