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Track Name
Name: Day Six
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   ohei2
Version: 19-Mar-2008
Released: 19-Mar-2008
TMX id: 711607
LB Rating: 59,219
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Multi
Length: 1m 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night Vehicle: Coast
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1:22.43   Jake+ 0:00.0059,219
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1:22.78   _cros_+ 0:00.3557,710
1:23.50   ohei2+ 0:01.0754,607
1:23.82   DaKKoN+ 0:01.3953,227
1:24.69   BrummHummel+ 0:02.2649,477
1:26.59   Hawis.ism+ 0:04.1641,287
1:27.08   lilo+ 0:04.6539,175
1:27.28   Nym+ 0:04.8538,313
1:28.02   dagugstdu+ 0:05.5935,123
1:28.56   HonG+ 0:06.1332,796
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Author Comments

Welcome to Day Six,

a coast track for sinners with some non-obvious transitions, jumps and custom music. The track comes at 4999 coppers and is built with the Sin City mod. It has a decent intro and a watchable outro as well.

A big thank you to the test driver crooms. Your input helped a lot.

Please enjoy and upload your times or make comments!

P.S.: One hint perhaps instead of the need to watch a replay: ramps are your friend in this track.

If the music and the few non-standard signs do not load for you, just load the mediapack (without the mod). Please find it here: Day Six mediapack. Put the zip file into .\MyDocuments\Trackmania United\ and unzip it. Signs and music should land in the appropriate directories.

If you want to download the Sin City mod manually, that needs to reside in .\MyDocuments\Trackmania United\Skins\Coast\Mod\. The mod is quite big at 44 Mb, so it might be some time until it loads automatically and you might even need to restart the track.

A bigger screenie (1024*768 px, 58 Kb) is also there.

Replay broken due to orbital predefined view not longer existent in Forever. Update soon.

User Comments
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  ohei2 19-Mar-2008
<-= Thanks / Merci / Danke =->
for your comments, replays or awards.

Thanks for testing my track. It's not my own mod though. The Sin City mod has been around a while, but is not much in use. I always wanted to release a track with a mod and I like the dark scenery of it very much.

Thx for the replay. Your awards comments are a pleasure to read and funny too. I think you might need to watch a replay though. You did indeed drive some detours.
BTW, I did not smoke something, I can ensure you I just drove many, many coast tracks and I like this environment very much.


Ricardo Rix
I did not want to make a GPS since the track contains some cut-like transitions and revealing those up-front would spoil the fun I think.


As I wrote the track has some non-obvious parts. Cool that you did not give up on it.

Always good to have some fun. Thx for posting a replay too.

Cool awards comment.

Thx for posting a replay too. However I am sure if you wanted, you could do better than that. I saw you racing online

Wow, that is quite an enthusiastic awards comment you wrote there.
I am really feeling honored. Thank you.

Nice to hear that you had fun (again). Also thanks again for test-driving this track.

Thx. I hope finding the way did not take you too long.

HUGE ³ thanks for testing my track. Concerning the outro I know it might seem laid back, but I wanted something which shows as much of the background scenery as possible.

Wow! Very nice and detailed feedback.


P.S.: I know the screenie looks not that spectacular in 320x200, but I think it fits the mood of the track plus at least some drivers should have had a closer a look because it's the place where they took a detour.



  smok3y 20-Mar-2008
What a n00b i am
I just saw your replay and now i feel like and idiot for the route i took
  «Speedy»LT 20-Mar-2008
Same by me
  Ignition 23-Mar-2008
After my third try I had enough to play pathfinder and so the whole thing goes it´s way to the trashbin. Normally I like coast tracks but I hate tracks like this and therefore this one gets no award from me.

By the way - tracks with 1:45 are too long.
  ohei2 23-Mar-2008
Ahh, the Ignition rant. Somehow I get used to it.

This track is neither 1:45 nor is there any need to get lost on it.

There are some cut-like non-obvious transitions in it though, but if you read the author comment carefully or watch a replay before-hand you should absolutely be on the safe side.
  Soull 25-Mar-2008
I must be taking the wrong way... I am so confused
After seeing the proper route, ive got 2:18... how do you get faster?
I dont crash that bad, and I drive fairly fast >.<
  ohei2 25-Mar-2008
Hard to tell without watching your replay, Soull.
Unfortunately that time is too bad for a top 10 upload, but if you make it available otherwise, I'll watch it and may be can give you some hints.
  DaKKoN 25-Mar-2008
I'm sorry Ignition: But in this case I have to disagree with you...
OK> The track hasn't got a GPS, but withtout that it should still challenge you, being a coast lover in general (As I thought you are btw... ) This track got me puzzled a few times, but I somehow thought the ramps were to suspiciously played. The "weakness" of this track "might" be ou need a replay for the fastest route, but once you got that (I didn;t need a replay though. To me it was common sense...) it's simply brilliant. And to ME THAT is the biggest challenge. Figureing out the fastest way. But besidedes that atacking the fastest time. Not to bring you any unfavourable comments, but I just thought I needed to put my opinion here caue I think yuo're f*cking with the wrong track hrer ^^
No offense I hope!!! (I mean it;s still just an opinion )
I mean I haven't asked the administrators to put this one up for showcase for no reason...

  tmjonas 04-Apr-2008
Sorry Ignition but I kinda get tired of your pathfinder-storys
You always say the same that's really boring...

Will try this track today
  smok3y 11-Apr-2008
Im 15th in the replay list on the track

Oops i need to get a better time soon
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  OLDA_X 19-Mar-2008
Awesome coast track
Very good idea
cool jumps
likable own mod
nice music
super MT work


.... .... OLDA_X

  smok3y 19-Mar-2008
This is seriously one of the hardest coast maps ive played
This freaking *map* or whatever you wanna call it takes nerves of steel and patience like that of gods to do it well
It had me pulling my hair out of frustration
Seriously - either i drive like sh*t(i know coast can make a n00b out of anyone like me) or i took the wrong way somewhere - took me ages to get a silver medal
I wonder what you had smoked to come up with a map like this - it actually is a compliment
This is some really nice and serious stuff that should really appeal BIG time to coast fanatics :
Loved the PG rating in the intro
  Stoney 19-Mar-2008
great work
  Ricardo Rix 19-Mar-2008
great track, some fantastic ideas, love the 1/4 wall to wall thing.
Missed the water bounce option ;$ and the initial start cut and 2 ending;s whoever knew?
  pitstep 20-Mar-2008
wow great track
very nice ideas
cool intro
  «Speedy»LT 20-Mar-2008
Great track
Some awesome idea's
also there are some transitions to
Cool jumps
However, it took me some time to finish it
At the end, great track
  Bionick 21-Mar-2008
Nice track
Good ideas
Fun to play

  djac 21-Mar-2008

Nice concept/idea in your track !!
Pretty fast in places with smooth turns and jumps - great moment.
The little part of offroad is also great all the transitions are very funny ( GP & Road & Ramp)
Nice scenery aswell,
looks great with the Sin City Mod.
Impressive job on intro and the outro & the design of the track
Excellent creative Job !!
  shotgunjoe 23-Mar-2008
realy nice
multiple choices,
and the cool light effect on the street i like most
so here is your : award.
  DaKKoN 25-Mar-2008

One of the best coast-tracks I've driven. Period.
Ingenious transitions and a high "I'm dumb"-feeling when you figure out what the proper way to drive is^^
Seriously. 1st time I drove it I thought, wtf?? Lol the part @ the water bump: i was like, I thought ohei2 was a good builder and not this sort of crap... Then it got to me you got off with a LOT of speed there, so you must have implemented another way there. I figured: Let's just drive straight on... Muhahaha One of the best water-bumps in coast I;ve seen so far m8!!! I could go ranting about this track all night long, (like the song^^) but I just wanna race this beauty again!!! So addictive and fun!!! btw also wotrh mentioning: the double jump after the long-180-turn up the mountain!!
An very well deserved!!! And imho it should be showcased to show such an incredible track to everyone!!!

  crooms 25-Mar-2008
I had the pleasure of testing this one, and i'll repeat what i said then

This is a great, original track. I love the shortcuts/route choices especially at the start. Some of the jumps are just superb, and all the way through it is a great ride. It isn't very often that i get genuinely excited playing a track anymore, but this really has the Wow! factor

Good stuff Ohei2

  lilo 03-Apr-2008
Amazing track
Absolute fun track with so many transfers when you take the time to understand the fastest layout
The difficulty and also the fun is to succeeed all that in the same run.
  BrummHummel 04-Apr-2008
I´m so sorry that i tested it only yet! ..i just wanted to drive a track for 5 minutes to relax and what happened? 25 minutes of wayfinding and after that trying to get an acceptable time
Uncommon is that i´ll tell you the thing i dislike at first but i just need one sentence - Some landings are a bit unsmooth (lol..that´s it)
Now the positive facts:
- I love the mod! It looks awesome and the tracks seems to be build for this awesome mod!
- I like the mulitroutes! It´s not easy to find the fastest route But at my first attempt i drove correctly til the halfpipe.. It took a while until i recognized that i´ve to jump here
- I like the jumps at the end! wow.. funfactor = 10/10
- I also like the other diagonal jumps and of course the one to the tunnelsection
- I also like the outro.. It´s just a one view (except of the one in the tunnel) but in this track it´s perfect if you want to compare more replays!
- I love the scenery!
- I really like the intro
- The flow is great!!
- The track is just wow IMO
I think it´s one of the best coast-tracks i´ve played so far and i´m sad that it´s so damn underrated.. and that´s also my fault (because i didn´t test it earlier)!
Summary: The hell of a great track that everybody can enjoy who has at least a minimum of skil at coast


In addition: I can´t understand Ignition! This is an uncommon style of mapping and it´s also declared as "multiroute".. So a GPS would destroy the fun to find the correct route! It makes no sense to make a GPS on multiroute-maps!
  tmjonas 04-Apr-2008
This is indeed

But to be honest I had troubles as well with finding the way here. It was quite fun though! But what I not like (in any track) is the night-mood. It's really quite fitting here, but I don't love to search a route at night-mood. Anyways it was as I said quite fun.
First I drove left.
There was a narrow curve, but I though why not integrate it in a track? But then it turned crappy so I thought that can't be the route. Well back at the start... Straight ahead and though I don't like such curves it was quite nice to drive and as I saw this gap though the hole and down to the GP-part I thought THAT'S IT!
Till the next cp is the trickiest part of the map with the narrow GP-curves and the tricky jumps out of and back onto them. And it's nice that you can get there in many ways. At the second cp I thought: Wow that's really creative.
From then on till the finish is a damn great ride with some unbelievable transitions!
The waterbump is soo perfectly calculated... I can just say WOW! That's with the pipe-transfer just before my favourite part of the map! But before that are also nice jumps. Everything smooth, everything nice calculated and fun to drive! I especially like the transfer before the tunnel (I drove there straight ahead in first try ) and the jump to the tunnel!
After the waterbump there are two more great calculated jumps till the finish (which is damn hard to find xD)
To mention the MT it's exactly as BrummHummel said: The outro is simple (to be honest damn simple ) but it works great at this track here. And the letters at the beginning are cool! The intro is very nicely made.
Overall this is really an awesome planned and executed coast-track which is damn fun to drive!
Mooore awards!

  Golo 04-Apr-2008
Ough, forgot to award here

After reading awards and comments I was a little bit sceptic
cause I hate tracks, where I need 30 min. just to find the way,
especially on night mood.
But somehow, I had no problems here...
I think if youve driven many tracks its obvious where you have
to go (what makes sense)
Finished at the first try with 2 respawns,
second try: Gold medal !
Authortime is unreachable for me.

About the track:

One of my favourite coasttracks.
Favourite and also hardest part was the pipetransfer and then this
unbelievable great waterbump
But the rest is also genious,
amaaazing curves and jumpcombos.

Very good intro,
the beginning of the outro looked quite cool, but the outro
should have some more cams imo (looks still nice)

Would deserve more awards...

Ps: Good screen idea, but it doesnt look beautiful, imho
  HonG 09-Apr-2008
wow...this track is hard but so coool

that jump from halfpipe to halfpipe and then to water ...GREAT

BIG Award here

  xxxbot 09-Apr-2008
cool map...
  _cros_ 29-Nov-2014
A track built six years ago, a few bugs here and there, but definitely still a great fun factor. Good MT, particularly Intro. Playing some old tracks to try to improve my time, I found this no award, I do not know why. It 's time to put the cup here. Too bad that the community has lost good mappers like you.

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