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Name: MiXT Wickt²
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Cephid
Version: 14-Mar-2008
Released: 14-Mar-2008
TMX id: 704219
LB Rating: 74,543
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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0:47.34   »Kratze«+ 0:00.0074,543
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:47.37   BrummHummel+ 0:00.0374,259
0:47.40   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.0673,976
0:47.46   SkunkY+ 0:00.1273,409
0:47.47   -tchocolat-+ 0:00.1373,315
0:47.51   Cephid+ 0:00.1772,937
0:47.70   renarda77+ 0:00.3671,142
0:47.71   The Doctor+ 0:00.3771,047
0:47.75   Fallout Boy+ 0:00.4170,669
0:47.83   Axon+ 0:00.4969,913
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Author Comments

Heyho out there

After a long break, first a TMU bug or virus with which i had to reinstall TMU again and then a total crash were I lost more than 3000 tracks (I made a backup of mine some weeks ago), I decided me to track a lil bit again and this is what came...

So this track is the sequel of MiXT Wickt not with that new and fresh ideas but complete smoOth, fast and easier than MiXT Wickt.

Track: Yes^^
Intro: Yes
Ingame: only loop cam
Outro yes

So thx to Skunky for betatesting and to all others, who tested it i only can remember Skunky sry for that.^^

Here for a bigger screenie

Here for my last track

Below Zero by   Cephid

And now have fun and good luck

Greetz Ceph

User Comments
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  Cephid 14-Mar-2008
So thx to u all. Nice that u tested my track and that u're like it

Thx to:
RKO 90
[ATP] The Doctor

A pleasure to see that u all liked it
  tmjonas 14-Mar-2008
woot ceph is back
  Hageldave 15-Mar-2008
mooore awards please
  Cool-T 15-Mar-2008
c'mon, more awards please!!!
  SkunkY 16-Mar-2008
cmon, more comments please!
  Cephid 17-Mar-2008
lol skunky u alos haven't comment it yet^^
but i hope so but i don't think that there will come much more^^
  tmjonas 17-Mar-2008
yeah nice to see some more awards here
but 12 is not enough^^
  SkunkY 17-Mar-2008
I see 13 here.
  MI 17-Mar-2008
14 ^_^
  Cephid 17-Mar-2008
n1 time skunky
  smok3y 18-Mar-2008
16 's

11 user comments

And me
  Cephid 18-Mar-2008
lol our doncing banana
@BrummHummel lol oO
  BrummHummel 18-Mar-2008
@skunky: 47.2x is definitively possible!
  SkunkY 18-Mar-2008
Hehe, I told you.
Hm.. now what I do.. try to beat your record or Tobbe's..
  BrummHummel 18-Mar-2008

It´s also my best time for now.. you know how long i´ve tried yesterday and this morning (while drinking my first cup with coffee it happened.. the 3x
  Cephid 18-Mar-2008
lol i hope u had fun
  BrummHummel 18-Mar-2008
otherwise i had not driven it that often
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User Awards
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  FT»Snakey 21-Mar-2008
Incredible map, Cephid!
Just awesome jump-parts, great speed and superb flow. I love the transition at the start and the smooth drop down to the airport. Nice loop and cool wallride at the middle of the track, well... all platform-parts except the last ones are great - the last ones are fantastic! I love jump-combinations like these ones. The jumps at the airport also are very very nice! I think you could make some more scenery; at some parts the track looks not so nice. But I think that's no problem, because the track is so fun to drive... The MT-Work is well made.

Ok, here is the .
  Pjotr 22-Mar-2008
What a FLOWWW!!!!
Awesome jumps.
Wow man couldn't be better!!
  DaKKoN 23-Mar-2008
Awesome track!!!
Great flow and smooth as butter!!
I only didn't really like the start. It's a little slow and although the path towards the loop is extremely smooth, it's still just straight forward... So basicly the track is superB from the loop to finish, and before that it's just great^^
Awesomely smooth, a little light on scenery though...
The track is really addictive. (and with other start, would have even been more addictive^^)
Great for online and great in general!!
Very nice outro-cams!! (Alhtough I missed some fx )
A very well deserevd for you m8!!

  Dag@bert 28-Mar-2008
WOW, amazing and awesome track, great work !
For the moment I can't do better than 48:45, but I put your map on the FUN Mania Server.
Thanks for this genious map !

Voila, 48:22 online ... I try to do better ... I really love your small map ^^
  HonG 06-Apr-2008
Super track...great speed...

...awesome smooth jumps...a masterpiece how i like it

  maphios 06-Apr-2008
Nice islander here. Very well timed jumps in the start section, the car just flys so smooth over the roads ! Overall there is a good flow here. Furthermore good stunts, big jumps and decent MT work. Good job !

  Axon 01-Nov-2008
yeah cool track = had fun..

Cheeeerrrrrrrrrssssssss Axon..
  »Kratze« 30-Jan-2011
Nice. OK, very, very, very nice.

Keep on mapping like this!
  franz-josef666 04-Feb-2011
Amazing track!
  Xmastree 05-Feb-2011
Played this on ppo a few times and its very fun. Flows so nice great job here
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