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Name: Download Keep runing...
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Bare
Version: 03-Mar-2008
Released: 03-Mar-2008
TMX id: 688303
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Stadium
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:29.86   spedzo+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:29.90   B1ts+ 0:00.04-
0:29.95   [CMC]roaSone+ 0:00.09-
0:29.97   smok3y+ 0:00.11-
0:29.99   °gOd°Frans+ 0:00.13-
0:30.00   KAKASHI+ 0:00.14-
0:30.04   CraxX+ 0:00.18-
0:30.05   [CMC]Figos+ 0:00.19-
0:30.07   Bare+ 0:00.21-
0:30.07   Lavidaloca | boOst up+ 0:00.21-
  The replay is no longer valid because the track has been updated. This replay can be beaten by any replay on the new track.
  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
LB The replay is contributing to the user's leaderboard standing.
Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
Replay is "locked" to protect solution (for 30 days).
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Author Comments

Can you break the 30:00 wall?

I hope u can cuz that's insane....
I get bored today and decide to made another track for WR...
Hmm i never tought that i would make another track but here it is...
I hope u will enjoy as i enjoy building it...
Here som info:

2022 coppers....
All cp's respawn corectly...
2 loops...
1 wallride...

And remember not matter what u do...just Keep Running... xD

Pls leave repley if u can...


User Comments
Showing 17 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Bare 03-Mar-2008
Have fun...

Tnx m8 for great ...ah i get bored and i needed to make some track
Yea this is good track for WR i think...indeed nice time...dont think 30:00 reachable...
Tnx for and u fantastic time


Yep Kobe it was hard to make screene but i asked me to change it so i change it...
Great that u like this track...anyway tnx for ...and tnx for upload also great repley....


Tnx for your short but cute ....ofcourse tnx for repley too...


Yea i also think it is nice for online and WR hunting...
Tnx for and repley...m8


Bla bla ... this comment is great...lovely words make me happy..
Ye i finaly made good inovative start ... ofcourse i think u can make 29:xx xD
Tnx for and very close repley time...


Hardcore fullspeeder yea, nice to see you in award list lol...
Grea time by you...tnx for ...


Tnx for your short but lovely ...also tnx for repley...


This is hell very orginal award...i like your words expecialy u said what u like and what not...
Tnx for and repley m8...


Yea, this is the best i get for this track...i really enjoyed reading it..mybe people not like this track cuz they think they need to go straight...and dont worry.. i think u can do 30 as well...Really really tnx for this amaizing


Ah tnx for tech friend...shame that u cant upload repley
Track is totaly easy but ok ... Tnx for anyway...


Great that u like the track...tnx for repley and too...


OMG..this is the hell nice many details i love to read again and again...
Tnx for your feedback, I am glad u like the track, yea it's good for online...
Really tnx for and amaizing repley time...


Tnx for WOW, great award again and again...Ah start like start...tnx for


  KiWiNiNjA 03-Mar-2008
Bare back?

Keep Running.... even
  KoBe 03-Mar-2008
Nice time Gus i've fucked up in last curve..

who can drive under 30s is insane or extreme lucky!!
  Bare 03-Mar-2008
Yep less than 30 is very insane...i think that's the AT of track
  smok3y 03-Mar-2008
Well then let's see if i'm Insane enough

-Edit II-
This is crazy hard

-Edit III-
Maybe not a 29.xx but i sure got the WR

Who thinks I can do a 29.xx
  OLDA_X 03-Mar-2008
my time bad
  Bare 03-Mar-2008
Nah olda this is just very good time for u
  smok3y 03-Mar-2008
Think again Bare - 29.xx is damn easy and my middle name is Insane - now it's official i guess
  Bare 03-Mar-2008
Yep just insane time...n1 need more repleys pls...
  Nika 04-Mar-2008
Dislike the track...but i give you a replay mate, even if it's a bad time..
  CraxX 04-Mar-2008
just a lil time to increase lb...award and better time in a few days...
  [CMC]Figos 06-Mar-2008
got a lucky round, even if i could get faster^^
wanna get the 29 too now
  KAKASHI 06-Mar-2008
Damn ! I can't reach a 0:29.9x
Crazy time smok3y i'll be back ^^
  smok3y 06-Mar-2008
Nice time KAKASHI & Figos
  CraxX 12-Mar-2008
sry again ..wanted to give you and smok3y a lil wr-battle but i failed again...kept my 30.04 now 2 weeks i think cuz i drove it one day after track was released...thought i could beat smok3ys time and i had excately 3 runs where i faster then him till the last end curve but then...

will upload the time soon
  °gOd°Frans 12-Apr-2008
grr i had -0.06 on smok3y
Here is the second 29.xx ^^
perfect lap could be 29.8x
  B1ts 16-Jul-2010
rofl... I don't know how I've done that I had a sick start and a noob run then
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User Awards
Showing 20 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   13ORGus 03-Mar-2008
Great challenge m8!
Nice speed & flow, nothing really challenging, but fun to play
Should be great for WR hunt!

User Award   KoBe 03-Mar-2008
great track!!
very fun to play...very nice flow! great speed! cool smooth transitions and jumps! Nice MT!

great screene!

great work m8!
User Award   OLDA_X 03-Mar-2008
super track
.... .... OLDA_X
User Award   MiniZyko 03-Mar-2008
Good shorty
Realy like it
Good 4 WR hunt and 4 online
User Award   smok3y 03-Mar-2008
That's a real blaster of a WR Hunt map m8
Im so damn amazed at the ideas used here
The start is pretty hard to get right
Superb turn combos
The jump to the platform is very nice and innovative - in my first few tries I kept going straight and then that drift is what i was doing
Later i realized I have to jump left to the platform
Lovely loop combos and a super wallride to offroad to loop combo
The final turn is hard to nail perfect as well
Super work indeed
User Award   Zyre 03-Mar-2008
Super track

Really a hardcore fullspeeder

Great start and jump - awesome loops and dangerous wallride

Evil finish

Highly addictive track, very nice!!!
Great Tracking!!!

User Award   Zippage 04-Mar-2008
Addictive Track

User Award   lilo 04-Mar-2008
It's of course a perfect track for hunters of hundredth performances
The track has a very good start and finishand a flowing layout betwen these 2 sections
However I think it lacks a little spark in middle of the race if you see what I mean
But the WoOoW factor is clearly not the goal here
User Award   breach 04-Mar-2008
Yup, a really good one!

This is superb for WR imo. Addictive as hell! Prolly like many others i jumped straight on then a drift but i realised that i couldnt be doing it right since Kiwininjas time was 2 seconds better than mine.
The jumo onto the platform is great, really cool diagonal transition onto the road and then a hard left for the loop. Awsome. But i hate the wallride, i hate all wallrides cos i suck bigtime at driving them. i just skid all the time.
The last curve is tricky to perfect but a fun ending to the track when the speed allows it

Really good job on this one and i hope i´ll see more of tracks like this from you

// breach

note: I have no chance in hell to break the 30sek limit...
User Award   [CMC]Figos 05-Mar-2008
map is quite nice, but i'm to noobish to get into the top 10, rofl never though something is possible..xD
here is your award
i prefer to stay on tech, even if you had some nice ideas
there i know how i loose the time...^^

EDIT\\: i give up, the best i got is a 30.32, played 4 over 40 mins ....on a speed .. ahhhh
User Award   Lavidaloca | boOst up 05-Mar-2008
I likes this TRACK
-Very beautifully Designt
-Great start and jump
-Nice Speed

I upload later my time


User Award   KAKASHI 06-Mar-2008
Very good track

The flow is just awesome !
the wallride and the loops are perfect too : well made and placed
It get the addictive factor i can play it more than 1 hour and never get boring !
there are a lot of section where you can get some milliseconds ... very challenging
another good point : the low copper size this track can be great for online imo
the MT is also good : the intro is great I really like the big text size

So all in all there is no negative point, and I want to say "this is a masterpiece"
your best track for the moment
User Award   KekX 07-Mar-2008
WoW. what a start...

... impressive and very hard in one thing
Nice job and nice fullspeed

User Award   ORA 10-Mar-2008
cool challenging track peace
User Award   xxxbot 10-Mar-2008
nice track
User Award   KiWiNiNjA 18-Mar-2008
Great little track!
Edge of your seat racing with lots of tight lines. Lotsa fun to race.

User Award   CraxX 20-Mar-2008
okeyy finally i can award the track and its just marvelous


your best track ever ...lovely beginning *wow* sooo smooth soo great....sooo perfect costs me many hours to make it as perfect as possible and was even faster then smok3y... track continuing with an amazing trop down to it sooo tight to make time good...then a fantastic loop which letz you drive to the dirtyyyy-house...then awesome curve which is damn hard i crashed here many times -.-...then a great wallride down to offroad ...street again...curve...loop (and till here i was nearly one car in front of smok3y) and then that final end curve ...was great at first but for wr-battle it suckzzz sry


like everytime just amazing ...lovely intro...awesome outro (i think cuz its a long time ago i drove this track )


damn perfect style not too much not to less and the atmosphere is still amazing


now here get your sooo well earned for a stadium-track which perfect fits into my style >> <<

cheers and cee a soon CraxX...

User Award   fastforza 20-Mar-2008
Awesome Map
Really Great Flow
Nice Design
Great MT too.

Great Job
User Award   °gOd°Frans 12-Apr-2008
Nice smooth map!
good speed...
good curves...

everything is good

Here is my

User Award   B1ts 16-Jul-2010
nice track
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