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Name: Download You Gotta...
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Sivert
Version: 29-Feb-2008
TMX id: 685592
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 16,016
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Platform Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Snow
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World Rec.PenByDiff.Score  LB
1:09.06 + 0s  Mr. Bones+ 0:00.0016,016
Top 10PenByDiff.Score  LB
1:16.79 + 0s  DaKKoN+ 0:07.735,259
1:18.69 + 0s  spookster+ 0:09.632,616
1:21.23 + 0s  maphios+ 0:12.170
1:24.25 + 0s  Kerebatem+ 0:15.190
1:26.45 + 0s  Sivert+ 0:17.390
1:32.33 + 10s  OLDA_X+ 0:23.270
1:38.30 + 0s  pjw+ 0:29.240
2:07.38 + 20s  FT»eyebo+ 0:58.320
4:15.51 + 80s  pitstep+ 3:06.450
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Author Comments

This is my first attemp at making a platform track Since it's a platform track it's kinda difficult and sometimes impossible (if you don't know how to do it) For this reason I put in some driving tips... to make it a bit harder I hid the tips so if you need them, You Gotta... find them

6 sections to clear (at least 3 quite difficult)
Ingame tips (You Gotta... find them)
Intro & Outro

The at is 1.27.24 which should be quite easy to beat as I'm not that good at driving Good luck and feel free to comment on this track Have I rated the difficulty correctly?

Competition on this track until 14:th of March.

User Comments
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  Sivert 29-Feb-2008

Thanks Maphios, great time, good luck in the contest
Thanks pitstep, you really did it the hard way
Thanks NitroGuY, I miss your replay tho
Thanks MiniZyko, I'll be waiting for it
Thanks DaKKoN, awesome reward, great time
Thanks broadsword, it's supposed to be hard
Thanks lahmix, great award
Thanks pjw... a hate award... I just love it
Thanks Snfu, great award and time
Thanks breach, U:r right, I only drive kbd
Thanks Skyfighter, glad you liked it
Thanks spookster, love it
Thanx OLDA_X, I agree on the points issue
  smok3y 29-Feb-2008
Wait for X-Ray, Mr. Bones, Maphios to give a good fight here. Rax is asleep these days, maybe pjw could try a good time and then I'm always there, if none of 'em show up then i'll definitely win this
  Sivert 29-Feb-2008
Sorry Smok3y, Maphios showed up You still got a fighting chance tho, just go for it

pjw, I see you managed to squeze past the mt-trigger before cp 3, well done
  Mr. Bones 05-Mar-2008
Sorry Sivert, but I dislike this style. The first tube is good and the jump to the 3rd CP is very hard, but the rest is a race track for me. Especially the way from the 4th to the last CP; long and too easy for platform.
Very good MT-work, nice idea with the tips.

I like platform tracks with short ways and hard transitions; and no tracks where you must drive 20sec for one little jump. (I don’t mean your track with this; it’s only an example)
  DaKKoN 05-Mar-2008
Hehe until now no challenging time has presented itself... Off course I'll wait a bit with uploading my best, but I can assure you it's quite a lot faster then my current time...

pjw Sure there is way to take the 3rd CP without "hesitation"^^ You'll just have to wait until the deadline

ps after reading Broadsword's it amused me and he's right about everything

edit During the creation of this message a certain Mr. Bones presented himself...
  Sivert 05-Mar-2008
Wow, great time Mr.Bones Regarding your dislike of the track, that's fine too... this was my first attempt at making a platform track and maybe I'll get better at it Nice to see you give it a try anyway

Waiting eagerly for your best time DaKKoN
  broadsword 06-Mar-2008
@ DaKKoN: What part? Me being crappy?
  DaKKoN 06-Mar-2008
--> Broadsword: That too yes...^^
  Mr. Bones 14-Mar-2008
It´s 21.00; I'm here but where are the others?
  Sivert 14-Mar-2008
Yeah, the competition is over...
3000 coppers to Mr. Bones
2000 coppers to spookster
1000 coppers to maphios

I'm posting the winners to get their login
  DaKKoN 14-Mar-2008
I thought it was tomorrow
lol fuck me My time was descent enough for silver
Why did I have to wait this long

lol I suck

Well here's your time. 0.02s faster then Mr.Bones his time was...
I'm sorry you weren't able to donate coppers to me m8 (lol I really think this sucks. I was already spending them coppers on e compo of me own )
Haha I suck ( did I mention that before?? )

ps sick time there boney-mother-fragger^^
  Sivert 15-Mar-2008
Sorry DaKKoN, that's what you risk by holding on to your replay You really had a great run there

Had a look at your superb replay and what do I see.... You drive a whole section BACKWARDS!!!! Taking the 3:rd section the fast way was great but this had my jawbone drop below my knees You are truly worthy of the first position That's the darnest thing I ever saw
  lmx 16-Mar-2008
Sivert said everything....AWESOME replay Mr.Bones I watched it 3times now and its still unbelievable
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   maphios 29-Feb-2008
Super platfrom track, i had fun here
At first it seemed quite hard and i searched for the tips for the first three CP´s. And they helped me to get used to the map and to take the jumps better and with more speed . I learned the track slow but now it works quite well. The 1.CP and the 2nd one are well done, not too easy but good driveable when you get it. Well the 3rd CP was a bit frustrating for me as the car bounced off the street so many times and fell dead in the´s simply too buggy here with that snow car . But a few times i got it good and could drive ahead. The following CP´s were a bit easier and the flow came back. The finish is a cool ida, i like it very much. Your hands are wet, when you drive to the last jump and you know you have to be in the middle of this jumps. great feeling here . So i think the difficulty expert is a good choice, especially with the 3rd CP in mind. Good platform track Sivert, would be cool to see some more:P.

User Award   pitstep 29-Feb-2008
wow great work Sivert
cool ideas
is not to hard(i have 30 min racetime for my replay lol)
very nice mt
User Award   NitroGuy!»UD 02-Mar-2008
I somehow really, really, really like this map!
Great work!

PS:Make a harder one next time
User Award   MiniZyko 02-Mar-2008
Realy nice and HARD Platform
But i like it
And hate it
Will made a time soon
for this Hard but GREAT Platform

User Award   DaKKoN 03-Mar-2008
Hmmm this one is near brilliant for a platform!!!
Really hard @ some times, but when you master it: Awesome!!!
Took me a while to figure out the best lines, but in the end I did it!! And it feels SO good to finish ths baby in a good time without respawning^^
Very nice outro you did there
The 2nd tube is insanely well build!! I really like that one. I've played this track for WAY to long... (more then 90minutes...) But in the end I really got a nice kick out of it!! I hate snow, but I kinda love this platform!! There are also way to few platform tracks out there. I suddenly figured I just might build one meself^^ Thx for the inspiration and Great track!! Nice compo to btw

User Award   broadsword 04-Mar-2008
Haven't completed it yet
But it sure looks good as far as I've come!

After several hours I've given up trying to do a smooth race to the finish and made a n00b time instead.
Now to the track:

It's terrible It's frustrating, annoying, irritating, devastating and it's name will always fill me with respectful terror...

...and that is EXACTLY what a Platform track should be!!!!
Great details and great challenge in a wonderful mix topped with Sivert's characteristic MT makes it the perfect slushie


Oh, and btw, you aint crappy. I am
User Award   lmx 04-Mar-2008
nice one! one for the track, and two s for that awesome screenshot
User Award   pjw 05-Mar-2008
Quote ...
maybe pjw could try a good time
Did I hear my name?
Fun track! ...except for the jump to 3rd CP. I really, really hate the jump to 3rd CP. I had the same trouble as maphios--sliding off over and over. I got it a few times, but it seemed really MUCH harder than the rest of the track, unless I'm missing some technique, which is possible.

Anyway, I decided I hated the jump to 3rd CP and it hated me, so I decided to just not do that jump.
I don't "gotta" do nothin'. So there. Nyah.
See my replay for my alternative.

Also, here's my first run, for your amusement:

As you can tell, I had a bit of trouble figuring out where to go at the 3rd CP...

Good job!
User Award   Kerebatem 08-Mar-2008
Yeahh thanks Sivert i love PLATFORM but i have to confess that this is the only not nadeo track i've ever tried
You give us a first-class Platform Debut in my mind
I tried it one week ago and like maphios said i learnt slowly too... your secret hint points were very useful... Nevertheless it took some time understanding second tube ... the biggest problem -> the hatred jump to third CP !! I don't like it too but thats Platform... and its actually the only hard and sometimes unlucky point in your track but because of the easier start sections there is no lack of Motivation... very nice Outro and fitting Screenie too... YOU GOTTA
User Award   breach 12-Mar-2008
Really cool one!

What a cool snowplattform this is. Really tricky the first times around it. And really tricky after that ... I cant believe that you validated this is KB (you did right?) i had a hard time driving this with a pad.

This one is real good for online ... No im not kidding! @ SweMania - Hard!

// breach
User Award   Skyfighter 29-Mar-2008
Hey. I tried this track and it was really fun. Good track. Build more Platformtracks like this Award for you
User Award   spookster 09-Nov-2008
better late than never.
one of the best platform tracks, i have seen so far.
User Award   OLDA_X 01-Sep-2018
Very nice skiller's track. Nice ideas and great MT work. Like your style.
it's a shame that the worse score remains without points as if it were a normal track, the same problem with a trial tracks and rpg.
A difficult tracks should tolerate a greater time distance for zero points
Nice work
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