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Track Name
Name: Midnight Madness
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   s8ndm8n
Version: 26-Jul-2014
Released: 28-Feb-2008
TMX id: 683592
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Multi
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night Vehicle: Island
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0:50.51   Freddy Mountain+ 0:00.63-
0:51.69   s8ndm8n+ 0:01.81-
0:52.92   Owen J+ 0:03.04-
0:53.50   rad+ 0:03.62-
0:49.81   Edge.Fwo- 0:00.07-
0:49.71   MrZw1231- 0:00.17-
0:51.71   Kendar+ 0:01.83-
0:52.70   Fran_de_Kler+ 0:02.82-
0:53.11   Wallaby+ 0:03.23-
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Author Comments

Well this months MTC inspired me to finish a very old track
- started it in March of 2006

TRACK UPDATED Sept. 11, 2008
-now it is one lap (different route for second lap online still )
-added many blocks to make the path easier
-shortened the track by about 10sec. (deleted large U-turn)
-redid all signage
-added Steel Island Mod by -Firefly-
-updated MT: intro, replay plus added a guide car

Hope everyone likes the changes

UPDATE - Moved the guide car trigger. Sorry for the times

User Comments
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  s8ndm8n 25-Jul-2014
Haha, that one was way cooler. An update later will happen.

  Edge.Fwo 26-Jul-2014
Don't see any cuts now
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User Awards
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  OLDA_X 28-Feb-2008
Awesome construct
Great calculated
super idea
great track for expert


.... .... OLDA_X

  BrummHummel 28-Feb-2008
This is what i call creativity!!
first of all: AWESOME TRACK

My first part of this award goes to the fantastic construct! Some very tight parts mixed with wide curves and awesomely thrilling corks and loops
The second part of the award goes to every single respawn I had to use all of them at my first attempt LOL ... They fit totally to the track and sometimes it seems to be the real route.. amazing!
The 3 part goes to the wonderful scenery you build Looks great!

The whole track is an adventure!! Simply stunning work!
It´s absolutely not easy but once you know the route it´s not too hard but still very very challenging and you always have to drive carefully at some spots.

What i like is how you are entering the second round!! Great work here
I have´nt to say anything about the smoothness because i didn´t expect nothing else then this what you build (what a sentence LOL) ..superb smoothness!!

Aaaah i said enough.. awesome track!

p.s.: time to follow

  DaKKoN 28-Feb-2008
Unforgiving --> Very
Ingenious --> Very
Frustrating --> For some it means buying a new pad... ^^ (and Very again:()

I really love some ideas!! Like the 1st wallride was sucky @ beginning, but after crashing a few times I got the lines and it worked perfectly The 2nd round start-wallride was less good imho... I always lose mucho speed there... (Or there is a faster way?? I mean I never get that gold this route^^) But the track is to tricky to explore easy... I mean this time costed me almost 2 hours I kept crashing almost everywhere Most of the time nearing the finish on my 2nd round..... I hate that sorta track But this one kept calling to me!!!

The track may be old, but your builidng style hasn't changed

  pitstep 28-Feb-2008
wow great track
perfect but hard to drive(yes is for expert löl)
great jumps-loops-wallriding
great big design
very nice mt
  Hageldave 28-Feb-2008
this track fckn' roxxx
goddamn sh** how inventive how awesome smooth
great flowing and so damn intuitive (at least for me)
dude give me more
  p-devil 28-Feb-2008
Awesome stunts, jumps and drops.
Great construction.
Superb work!
  Kendar 02-Mar-2008
Hey psycho dude. First I have to tell you that 2 minute tracks are too stressful for my aging heart. On the second laps, my heart starts pounding so hard as I chant “don’t f*** up, don’t f*** up…”.

Monstrous Insane Map!

This map actually deserves three awards from me (if I could) because it’s like there are three tracks here. The first track is the one we start with as we learn our way – let’s call that the “slow track” – or maybe the “respawn track”. Then there is the first real lap, and finally the second real lap. Hell, there’s probably a fourth track for super-fast dudes that I can’t even fathom, but no 4 awards from me since I can only drive 3 of them.

You are definitely the master psycho mapper of all time.
  Micster 02-Mar-2008




Awesome Stunts, Transitions, Jumps, Reuses, Secondary Paths, MT, Scenery, Part Usage, etc.

Just wow.

You even accounted for the respawn paths! Now that's caring.

  SkunkY 02-Mar-2008
Whee! Is it hard? Mhh.. is it a s8ndm8n track? So..? Yes, of course its hard.
Does it flow? Mhh.. is it a s8ndm8n track? So..? Yes.. of c..!!
Does.. awesome transitition? Yes!!!!
Man, this track is just freakin' awesome once again!
How many ways to start? I think it was 3. Cool!
I had no idea if I was going the right way until I reached the finish line. Looked at my time.. I think it was around 2:08. Then I knew it must have been the right way, or at least very close to it.
The transitions are very cool, very memorial part is the drop from that bowl downt to the wall and then through a checkpoint. At first I was like: Uh damn, fell down, guess I shoulda take the cork.. then saw the cp and thought.. whee! I guess I'm right!
Your track design makes me go the right way automatically even though I have no clue where to go! lol
That cork/loop hidden behind road and lights is very cool, too. "I'm going to crash! Oh no, I'm on the right way again!"
Well, ok.. still I was crashing a lot.
But it kept me trying again and again until I had a time that wasnt too much behind.
Hard and at the same time it flows awesomly. Just as I expected!
Oh and I was quite impressed when I saw the intro. s8ndm8n - intro? Hm.. did he do it himself? Could hardly believe it, lazy bone!
Outro is very nice at some places, in other places I guess I wasnt choosing the right line since the cam stays at some placed for quite a long time and the car is out of sight. The parts where it captured my car looked very good, pleasant to watch!
Great work!
  Kerebatem 03-Mar-2008
What a great thrilling track from you fantastic Construction with perfect functionable CP Respawns what helps alot staying motivated at first rounds...
nice optional start and speeddepending Ways... This track makes me really hypertensive like Kendar felt it
Thank you for that driving pleasure
  HonG 04-Mar-2008
Unbelievable .....

It was like christmas finishing the first time without respawn

deserved ever
  KEV Fan 04-Mar-2008
Lol s8ndm8n you´re sick mate
What a pile of genious ideas - everything´s placed well to make those insane stunts possible - if you´re skilled enough.
Concerning myself - I had problems to find the burger because it was drowned in a sea of ketchup - when I found it the clock showed 4:04
You created superb respawn solutions - absolutely impressive
Then I tried another 20 minutes to learn it properly - but finally gave up
On the other hand the ideas I´ve seen are that great that I decided to award it - also I like the intro very much - can´t image to have seen such a flowy flythrough MT without any stop.
Great work and
  smok3y 04-Mar-2008
Well this is madness for sure
There is no denying it
And who else to trust but you to come up with such a track
I had my jaw drop below ground level
And then i dropped off my chair
And god knows how many times my Pad dropped in frustration
I freaking wanted to do this track in one piece
But that's gonna be a dream - especially on a s8ndm8n's track
This is such amazingly built track that there really are no words to describe it
Outta da world
Call it anything you jst cant come up with the right word
It really wasn't fun for driving
But it was so much fun to try to drive it
I crashed at every corner - blame my driving skills or your mapping skills
But this is definitely a Hall of Fame track
  Hastings 04-Mar-2008
This is an true Expert Island track. I wouldn't call it Lunatic, but if you yourself call it "Madness", it might really go in that direction. ^^

I need all my skills to finish this piece without a major bump. I've hardly seen such a construct ever before. At a first sight, you would try to guess whether it is a track or a K-project, but when you decide to enter this piece, to drive and explore it, you are going to find pure adrenaline, regardless who you are. The diversity is extremely high: From one moment to another, you are thrust from drops to wallrides over to huge jumps and combinations of broken loops and twists and a large deserted airport, smoothly. Most of the transitions and the elements themselves work, in the end, amazingly well, only the turn at the beginning of the second lap does not really fit in. And swooshing by, so much scenery you can hardly recognize at the constant high speed, or at some point decide whether it is scenery or a part of the track. The MT is well done. The GPS in the intro is well-meant, but does not really help much.

Did I say it's hard? It is. You need each and every respawn and all signs in your first runs and several more, if you want to go down to 2min. The respawns and detours work perfectly though, that's why I would not call the track unforgiving. Still, the brink to frustration is narrow. But those who are willing to dive in will find fun for many, many TM sessions.

  Edge 06-Mar-2008
Please, can someone bring me to the psychiatrist!!!
What a amazing construction!!
Absolutley insane!!!
One of the most creative tracks i've played so far!!!
Tried it that i'm tired........
.......please Sandman......bring me to bed

P.S. Thank you for building this we can breath 2 times in 2 minutes
  Pjotr 07-Mar-2008
What a damn hard track!!
I will put a time...sometime
Multi it is indeed.
Ingenious work s8ndm8n!!
Here is the
  Axon 08-Mar-2008
I read some of the comments and got a laugh from this tracks destructive tendencies...

Anyway = It is a tricky track for a few runs... then it all smooths out...

Waht a construct s8ndm8n .... .... must have taken you a while !!!!!!!

Excellent track but i did run out of patience to get a sub 2.00.... maybe i will try again later...

It's a great track to increase the attention span of drivers beyond the customary minute...

dammnnn fast AT...

later = managed a sub 2.00... but all the weaving required at the no slide corners is a bit too tedious for me to get any faster...

Cheeeeerrrrrrrrssssssss Axon...
  The Dominator 28-May-2008
Very Hard Track
Very Good Author Time
Very Challenging
Very Good

I finally got 2.02mins after about 200 goes. My fingers and brain are worn out.

Have An Award
  Fran_de_Kler 17-Sep-2008
Very good update.
V1 was too hard for me, v2 is hard too, but I can manage it.
Only one lap is a good decision, too. Now, I like the track.
Here is my .
  vstaeyend 05-Nov-2008
great job, nice ride
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