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Name: B-Demo
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Markus...
Version: 25-Feb-2008
Released: 25-Feb-2008
TMX id: 679860
LB Rating: 70,537
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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0:43.88   Roxer.+ 0:00.0669,957
0:43.92   Mighty-Mike+ 0:00.1069,571
0:44.78   SkunkY+ 0:00.9661,265
0:44.93   renarda77+ 0:01.1159,816
0:44.99   MaB+ 0:01.1759,236
0:45.14   pitstep+ 0:01.3257,788
0:45.14   joooooooooey+ 0:01.3257,788
0:45.18   Lethal+ 0:01.3657,402
0:45.19   phenomania+ 0:01.3757,305
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Author Comments

you may wonder why i upload my next track or why i`ve a next track in only 8 days
i`m ill atm. and so i`ve tooooo much time to hit the clock in the corners of my rooms
and i think as long as i can build i should do, and i`d long no new i think it`s ok to upload another one hehe

its absolute different to all my other tracks in this envir.
the name: B-Demo, because i think its a Beginner Demo style Track
i always drive with KB so i`m learning how to handle the island cars on such tracks, but i would never get a perfect time on a DStyle track with KB, but i think with this track everyone can learn a bit to drive this style

copper: 2383
mood: day
envir: blablabla
AT: hmpf....not that good i think, i`m just learning^^

a big thx again to my m8`s wich testet this track and helped me a lot to make some things a bit better


you`re wonderfull guy`s

so enough written down now, time to get on it
oh...btw. if you had fun, please leave your times and give me a bit feedback
THX in advance

have fun Trackmaniacs ...

User Comments
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  Markus... 25-Feb-2008
Thx a lot for your comment, time and

jepp TB i cant build always fingerbrakers^^

yeah SkunkY i know this point is a bit....maybe i should change that part, but i think everyone should see where to go after he was visiting th Airport

i really thought the way were clear, fault, sorry for that

i was thinking about MT for the last jump, i`m happy you like it even without it

your time is really sweet, i cant mess with it with KB but you`re right a real demomaniac would make a high 44 i think

omg ...ok its near the time i thought what is possible there^^ yeah the road there is a bit hidden, sorry for that

always a plessure to read your nice awards, thx for your compliments

at least i realy hope it will fit to some servers yeah

wow Pit that time is really sweet

yeah i know its a bit much stright was my first Demo creation at all and i was sometimes a bit out of ideas, because i`m a KB driver and i dont wanted to make it too difficult

trust me m8 i cant race on DTracks neither^^ because i`m born with KB and still cant handle this cars with Pad

muhaha KEV^^ i can remind your runnings while the beta test without crashing...forgotten times heh?! lol

  BrummHummel 26-Feb-2008
oh.. definitively!
I also could work out round about 1 second but lost everything as i jumped next to the finish
  Markus... 26-Feb-2008
maybe i`ll find some time tomorrow to get a better replay there
we`ll see
i hate unfightend tops hehe
  SkunkY 04-Mar-2008
Rofl smok3y!
Have you ever tried to take the finger from your gas-button? I guess no, otherwise you'd noticed no-slide is not possible with full throttle all the time.
Is that the way you have to drive in stadium?
Well, this is not stadium. Island cars have no super gum paste on their wheels. They slide if you're an old leadfoot.
  smok3y 05-Mar-2008
Aha now that is one tip I had been waiting for for ages Skunky
That should really help me improve - stadium full speed maps actually are full speed all the way - you press gas once and then put a brick on it, you dont have to leave it at any point - that car doesnt slide till you want it to i.e. press gas+brake+left/right key combination.
I thought island full speed demo maps were the same - find the right turn radius and go like in stadium
Now i know why i used to slide everywhere
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  TimeBreaker 25-Feb-2008
what can I say about this track..
so simple
so cool

just love such tracks^^

  SkunkY 25-Feb-2008
D-Style á la Markus? oO
Of course I had to try it.
Well, let's say it this way. For your first its great.
Nothing groundbreaking but a solid road-only track with nice lines and good flow.
Nice diagonal jump from road to road. Just missing a clear sign at that place.
Solid track.
  Avendail 25-Feb-2008
Same as Skunky - i needed your replay just for finding the jump. (Ok - maybe i'm just blind or too bad at island).

Although, this track is smooth, fast and a lot of fun
  OLDA_X 26-Feb-2008
Super smooth track
very good road skipping
awesome final jump
funny to play

.... .... OLDA_X
  BrummHummel 26-Feb-2008
Very cool and solid track
..and now it looks great with the scenery around
Great track for beginners and also very very cool for servers!!!
I like it a lot

p.s.: nice AT for KB!! ..i want to know what the real demo-freaks can drive here!?
  Edge 27-Feb-2008
Great Track Markus,
Solid Noslideaction,great scenery!!!
Hehe, you got me....first 2 runs i tried to find the right way on the little airport !!!

Well done!!!
  tmjonas 27-Feb-2008
Chilling track!
And I really like it! Or better said I love it!
Because it was so damn addictive for me. I normally hate d-style tracks because I'm not very good at island and I'm often too slow for such tracks! But in this one I immediately saw that's possible for me. And it was great fun, though my time could be better I think! Besides the start - f**king lamps - this track is very easy to handle and pure fun!
Some really lovely jumps and slideturns. I like the easiness and the simpleness of this track. There's nothing special and that's good (at least for me as a bad island-driver^^) Lovely transition from road to road in the second half. Cool finishjump!
And I also liked the MT-work, especially the outro.
Good work m8!
d-style island

  MasterDisaster 27-Feb-2008
Hahahahahah my time compared to the ones uploaded here is poo...
Nice track Markus
So simple, so fun and so addictive
A perfect choise for a server
Great and fun to play

  pitstep 28-Feb-2008
wow super funtrack
great jumps and corner
very nice design
  maphios 28-Feb-2008
Had some fun here
It could be a bit more spectecular as there are too much straight forward parts.
But the jumps are good timed, except the first one, which i don´t really like, as you can hit the light so often....
but anyway good track here

  smok3y 28-Feb-2008
You know i love Demo maps
So im a sucker for any demo map any day
This is highly entertaining too
Now how the F*** do i learn to drive Demo maps is the question
I have started using PAD these days
But still im sliding everywhere
Is it like you have to leave the gas/slow down at a few places to avoid sliding
Or is it a full speed race all the way with High High skills to avoid sliding
Good question right??
I have no clue
The map is aweosme indeed
Nice jumps - well calculated for noobs as well
I got lost at the airport section
I actually had to spend 10 minutes with 9 respwans and then i realised i was blind or woot
It was a jump to the next track section
And the finish jump is marvelous
Superb work m8y
  KEV Fan 19-Mar-2008
You know what I told you about this map: If I ever..... and I did it tonight
Never seen that scenery can be so challenging
Great d-style map - like the sideway jumps right handed across the street boundaries although they imply some crash potential.
The final bridge is fine for placing some radar controls to flash speeders - at least I would have wrecked some of those damn radar stuff
Grrrreat stuff mate and
  Sffn Mauri 16-Oct-2008
coole island map nice to play ang big fun
  osna 16-Oct-2008
great map

i like this one very much:D
this is a very nice noslide track with some tricky parts
the track is really smooth and has a fitting layout

very good work M

23/ O$NA
  Roxer. 09-Feb-2009
Very nice demo-style map, great curves!
  Mighty-Mike 06-Mar-2009
I seem to forget to award great tracks like this
these are the maps i like

Greets , Mike
  Lethal 24-Jun-2009
Hey Markus!

Well, I started Trackmania with the Sunrise demo, so I am partial to demo tracks.
Some nice and interesting transitions.
I found this track both challenging and fun!!
  hawkster 12-Jul-2009
Just drove it recently & it stinks ... but take this awaard chump
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