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Track Name
Name: Royale
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   pitstep
Version: 24-Feb-2008
Released: 24-Feb-2008
TMX id: 677699
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Multi
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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1:02.97   Zemano !+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:03.03   spedzo+ 0:00.06-
1:03.14   LoKo+ 0:00.17-
1:03.41   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.44-
1:03.64   pitstep+ 0:00.67-
1:03.75   MaB+ 0:00.78-
1:03.97   s8ndm8n+ 0:01.00-
1:04.20   maphios+ 0:01.23-
1:04.34   BrummHummel+ 0:01.37-
1:04.65   Vincent+ 0:01.68-
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Author Comments

hi all here my new islandtrack

mt is complet:intro-ingame-gps-outro
is not allways a highspeedtrack...i hope is not to hard

have fun

User Comments
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  pitstep 24-Feb-2008
hey thanks BH cool fast award...thanks for the replay
thanks _The_KILLER
  BrummHummel 24-Feb-2008
hey.. this track should be a very nice wr-battle due to some very challenging parts.. not hard but challenging
  pitstep 24-Feb-2008
hey nice time BH

thanks [ATP]Edge thanks for the replay
  GrandMaster-D 24-Feb-2008
pls pls pls fix that color-fx problem
due to the intro the everything is dark as hell in the first round what nearly makes it impossible to drive the track...
but if you've finished one round in the second round you have normal colors...
if you could fix this (by placing a fx-color with normal settings on the start or something like this) I think I'd realy could love (or atleast like) this track.
(if I'm the only one with this problem forget about it -.-)
  pitstep 24-Feb-2008
sorry i have no "color-fx problem" and thanks for the replay GrandMaster-D

hey thanks ORA
  BrummHummel 25-Feb-2008
i alsi have not that problem but i´ve heard about that bug in some other tracks.. strange thing! maybe it´s a bug of graphics cards?
  pitstep 25-Feb-2008
thanks again smok3y cool comment and thanks for the replay
hey thanks vincent very nice comment and very nice time...1.03.xx is hard
  maphios 25-Feb-2008
I always i have this FX color bug , too . It´s annoying..
The colors will always stay the same, until they are changed. So if a intro is black and white and there is no resetting Block at the start of the race you are going to drive the whole track in black and white colors.....
  pitstep 25-Feb-2008
hmm sorry but i have fx-color in the intro and outro...i don`t understand why is it in the race...(argh bad english from me)

thanks frizbee thanks for the replay

thanks Mr.Brow awesome award...thanks for the replay

thanks Sivert thanks for the replay
  Vincent 25-Feb-2008
I don´t have any problem with the colours. Maybe some nvidia/ATI matters? I have Nvidia...

Yes pitstep, 1:03:xx will be hard, but I think it´s possible. I needed just a few minutes to get 1:04:xx, and there are lots of places to do better. I´m still far from a good run, though I have better replays than the one posted.
  pitstep 25-Feb-2008
i have nvidia and works good

thanks ohei2 thanks for the replay
thanks stoney allways nice to see you on my tracks
  MaB 25-Feb-2008
Indeed, 1:03.xx is possible.
  pitstep 26-Feb-2008
thanks MaB great time
thanks p-devil
thanks Kendar
thanks OLDA_X thanks for the replay
hey thanks Dag@bert cool award(grüße aus Kärnten)
  DaKKoN 27-Feb-2008
Hmm I seem to be the only one who doesn't really like this track...
(Hehe my first time on a track of yours m8 )
There are to many flaws on this track for me to really and like it :*(
I mean I simply never have the room I need for a nice clean run
Not enough room on a few jumps... And some signs (boosts) I keep hitting...
Overall not fun and addictive for me. Soz m8!
I did lend you a time though (I mean boosting lb is never a bad thing^^)

  pitstep 27-Feb-2008 problem DaKKoN my friend
thanks for the comment and replay

thanks T... thanks for the replay
thanks Hageldave
thanks again Markus...
thanks tmjonas very nice
thanks maphios thanks for the replay
thanks s8ndm8n thanks for the replay
thanks Axon thanks for replay
hey thanks skunky
thanks TaBle
thanks Tobbe great time
thanks MáSler'iSM
thanks LoKo great time
  Noodleracer 02-Jun-2008
Very goof track i enjoyed every minute of it. I would award it but i cant as my community code wont work
  pitstep 06-Feb-2009
thanks again Richard
  Zemano ! 26-May-2017
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  tmjonas 28-Feb-2008
Lol forgot to award this one...
This is such a great track Pit!
Smooth from the very start to the very end.
Wonderful flow.
Amazing and smooth jumps to loops and loops itself!
Some nice turns.
Brillant airportparts.
Driving good through those cps is tricky but awesome!
The best point are some jump combos! Just totally awesome is the jumpcombo after the first airport. And the one you used this small-road-block. Loved the bump before the finish as well.
MT is great as usually, AT is veeeery good!

  maphios 28-Feb-2008
Super track here pitstep . I had some problems with the loops, as they can be quite buggy sometimes . But the track was so fun, that i simply tried again . Great jumps and stunts in this one and excellent airport no slide parts. MT work is nice moreover, so good work here!

  s8ndm8n 29-Feb-2008
Another amazing track pitstep

Killer stunts
Awesome scenery
Damn fun to drive
  Axon 29-Feb-2008
cool track pitstep... nice combos...

Cheeeeeerrrrrrssssssss Axon...
  SkunkY 02-Mar-2008
Nice easy track!
Only tricky spot is in the beginning @ transition from platform to road and that y piece.
Rest is very easy to drive.
  TaBle 02-Mar-2008
as always.....
nice jumps
great transitions
great work
  FT»Tobbe 15-Mar-2008
Very cool Slide and Noslide parts. I like it 4 u
  MáSler|iSM 22-Mar-2008
  LoKo 01-Sep-2008
+ 1
  Richard W. 06-Feb-2009
A very nice and very good Track Pit
  Zemano ! 26-May-2017
Good one !

Great Screen !

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