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Name: Download Crusade
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Sivert
Version: 19-Feb-2008
Released: 19-Feb-2008
TMX id: 668236
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 9,978
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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0:47.32   MasterGary+ 0:00.009,978
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0:48.23   DaKKoN+ 0:00.918,826
0:48.27   Jake+ 0:00.958,776
0:48.68   Kerebatem+ 0:01.368,257
0:48.87   HonG+ 0:01.558,017
0:49.57   pitstep+ 0:02.257,131
0:49.81   Kwn+ 0:02.496,827
0:50.35   Sivert+ 0:03.036,144
0:51.16   breach+ 0:03.845,119
0:51.18   smok3y+ 0:03.865,094
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Author Comments

This is my first Rally track on TMU The reason for taking so long is that this is the enviro that I'm least comfortable with I often have difficulties racing well with my sloppy keyboard and the rally car moves really erratic in my hands Well... finally I did it. This one is imho quite easy to drive even with keyboard It's mostly fullspeed but has one place where you leave the castle that requires some breaking There are some jumps that need to be taken right but I put in driving tips if you do it wrong There is also a noob route if you can't make the big jump

50 seconds (hopefully) fun racing

I made a video for this one, check it out HERE
All kinds of comments are welcome

Thanks for beta testing:
Walkman and Broadsword

User Comments
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  Sivert 19-Feb-2008

Thanks MiniZyko, wow that's a fast award
Thanks pitstep, that's a great award
Thanks [ATP]Speedy, hope you got the regular route down
Thanks MikoZ, hope that means you like the video
Thanks ORA, an award from you is always treasured
Thanks DaKKoN, brilliant award & time

Love that you got the running (not walking) to the other side of the wall
Thanks Mr.Brow, a cool award
Thanks Prdlous, lovely award
OLDA_X, thanks m8, I treasure it
Thanks >>Tuta<<, thats a superaward
Thanks broadsword, wonderful award
Thanks T... that's a nice award
Thanks sebik1992
Thanks breach, love the award
Thanks MasterDisaster, glad you liked it
Thanks tmjonas, that's a precious award
Thanks smok3y, beautiful award
Thanks MasterGary, gr8 to have you back
Thanks kwn, that's my favourite too
Thanks Draco35
  MikoZ 19-Feb-2008
posting my time l8t
  smok3y 03-Mar-2008
The screen shot is awesome
  MasterGary 26-Apr-2008
Wtf, why couldn't I be 0.01 faster?

Beeeeeeeeeeeeers DaKKoN

Anyways, much faster is possible

Oh and Sivert, you lied... I had to brake more than once
  Sivert 20-Jun-2008
Originally posted by MasterGary ...
Oh and Sivert, you lied... I had to brake more than once

That's cus you drive much faster than me
Great time btw such a pity you weren't first
  MasterGary 30-Jul-2013
Just checked some old tracks and found this one.
Decided to better my 48.23 from 2008 and it was quickly done ^^
Probably DaKKoN will never see it tho...

PS: DaKKoN was right back then: the pros will easily drive 46.xx
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 20 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   MiniZyko 19-Feb-2008
Very nice track Sivert
Realy good Rally
Nice Mt work
Will bee good online
User Award   pitstep 19-Feb-2008
great first rallytrack
cool jumps and layout
very nice intro-outro
User Award   «Speedy»LT 19-Feb-2008
Very nice first
Great start (with the noob way)
Lovely turns
Cool MT
User Award   MikoZ 19-Feb-2008
Awesome MT
Cool.. first rally map!

User Award   ORA 19-Feb-2008
Nice to see rally track by you m8
a real pleasur to drive with superb MT as always
really great job take that
User Award   DaKKoN 19-Feb-2008
For a 1st rally: amazing!!!
For a general rally-track: Great drivers track which is NOT to hard/tech
I love the flow on this one. The 1st jump is rather hard, but once that one is done: gogo-record-hunt!!
I think it can be done about 2s faster then this time, but I'm not sure!! (I'm sorta noob @ rally...)
The scenery looks just great!! I love the castle in the far-view!!!
The MT is great and the cam on the castle-wall (when walking to the other-side--> brilliant!!) is hilarious!! But
Great 1st try!!! An very well deserved for you!!!

User Award   Mr.Brow 19-Feb-2008
Nice Speed
Cool Jumps
Nice Offroad
Awesome Track
Big from me

User Award   Prdlous 19-Feb-2008
Quite hard to finish, but still great work Sivert

I like always

User Award   OLDA_X 19-Feb-2008
Very good first rally
nice idea and funny map
good job

.... .... OLDA_X
User Award   Tuta 20-Feb-2008
wow nice track super jumps, awesome flow, gr8 speed, cool MT and nice scenery what more can you wish for cant believe you made a non-story track and how gr8 it turned out to be super work

<--From: >>Tuta<<

oh and awesome video
User Award   broadsword 20-Feb-2008
Aargh! I'm late...

As I told you in my betatesting, I too think Rally is the most uncomfortable environment, yet I love it for its unbeatabledetails in the surroundings, which this track is a gr8 example of.

Easy to find the way
Good driving - even 4 me
Excellent details
Great video (love the camera man)
High-class MT (as expected)

User Award   HonG 22-Feb-2008
Nice rally the diagonal jump that goes "under the bridge" and a cool finish
User Award   sebik1992 22-Feb-2008
very nice one
User Award   breach 25-Feb-2008
I have no tawarded this one yet as it seems, but late as i am i´ll do it right now

I think it´s a nice ride all the way, good speed nice drops and jumps and a few tricky passages that keeps me on the toes Really fun for online

good one Sivert, and i especially like the cameraman in the outro... awsome

// breach
User Award   MasterDisaster 27-Feb-2008
First rally?
Mmmhhh pretty good one man!
The start rocks
Nice flow and some interesting transitions
Easy and fun to play
Well done

User Award   tmjonas 29-Feb-2008
First thing: GREAT screeny!
The track itself is as all Sivert-tracks --> great! Really superb work here, especially because it's your first one in rally! Some lovely transitions. I especially like the start. Superb jump in- and out of the tunnel! Great tricky turns, funny sliding there! And you made some really nice and interesting diagonaltransitions and bumps. I like the technical aspect in this one as well. Some good turns where you can gain/loose speed. And the scenery looks nice though you could have made some more details. But the coppers are low, so it's good for online!
MT is - as always - great! AT is quite nice too.
first rally

User Award   smok3y 03-Mar-2008
Beautiful track Sivert
Loved the nice variety os jumps in the whole race
The very first start jumps is [b]Huge and mind blowing[/b[
The whole race is laid out very well
tech areas for the tech feel and pro racers
And speed zones for noobs like me
I liked the intro a lot - very nice cam angles and Sepia color suits rally the most
And the outro is brilliantly made - smooth cam movements and nice race line view

User Award   MasterGary 26-Apr-2008
I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack m8

And what better to do than to award an awesome map by my kinda favourite author (and m8) Sivert

Track = 9/10

Very nice start + huge jump
Cool brake/slide turn
Nice chicane + huge jump
Nice turn and jump combo
Challenging turn in tunnel and sweet finish

MediaTracker = 9/10

Very nice

Great cams!!! Especially the last 5-6 seconds
Sorry, but I didn't understand that walking on wall

for you, well deserved for this first Rally map from you


User Award   Kwn 15-Mar-2009
Amazing Rally Map
Great Speed Challenge - many nice details
Super MT Work
Especially the camera man running across the wall
>>>> <<<<
User Award   Draco35 20-May-2009
Some really nice jumps, fun to drive!
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