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Track Name
Name: 1000Cc Round 02
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   lilo
Version: 18-Feb-2008
Released: 18-Feb-2008
TMX id: 666752
LB Rating: 56,923
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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0:36.69   [CMC]Roa+ 0:00.0056,923
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:36.97   13ORGus+ 0:00.2854,317
0:36.98   Bare+ 0:00.2954,223
0:37.32   13ORynos+ 0:00.6351,058
0:37.49   walkman+ 0:00.8049,476
0:37.52   smok3y+ 0:00.8349,196
0:37.64   eMpathy.dec+ 0:00.9548,080
0:37.71   Zyre+ 0:01.0247,428
0:37.77   Foolie+ 0:01.0846,869
0:37.82   Qbert+ 0:01.1346,404
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Author Comments

Hi all,
Mine in the serie

Rules of the serie:
Coppers cost: 1000
Env. : Stadium
Difficulty: must be great for round mode (so easy difficulty)

Others tracks in the serie
"1000Cc Round 01 by   13ORGus"
"1000Cc Round 03 by   KAKASHI"
"1000Cc Round 04 by   13ORSakawine"
"1000Cc Round 05 by   13ORGus"

About the track
A little shorty with some technial elements


1. thx Foolie...the fastest i recieved ever and yep I use the Playplal feature to discover some stuff too

2. Appreciated this short comment and the reward

3. Thx Public². I tried to do something with fun...Sincerely happy you like this one

4. WoOoW Ricou Haven't see you since ages

5. Hey dec Thx a lot m8 Welcome back in the game

6. Hey Zyre. Thx a lot The 1000Cc is very funny complication to build with

7. Always nice to read you Rob cu m8

8. Well.. Nice Great Awesome award comment walkman -> 10/10

9. Thank you so much Sivert Again a great comment from you

10. Thx T-Bird Yep yesterday night it seems TMX had a little problem ^^

11. Awesome award comment KAKASHI Building with constraints is my taste at the moment

12. Thx a lot Hubby That's a great comment you wrote here

13. Thx Bare Yep the second half is a bit more difficult than the first one ^^

14. Thx Smok3y. Recently, I built only with constraints and the 1000Cc was the funniest

15. Thx you Very much Roa and nice kickass to Gus

16. Thx FastForza Happy you like this one

User Comments
Showing 14 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  walkman 18-Feb-2008
I will for sure try this later, if I got some time over.
  lilo 18-Feb-2008
The fastest comment ever
  T-hunderbird 18-Feb-2008
will test it soon
  walkman 19-Feb-2008
Nice Rynos...I will try to beat that later
  13ORynos 19-Feb-2008
Thx walkman , i think 36 is possible
  lilo 19-Feb-2008
Are you the greek god of love Mamy ? O_o
because Rynos Eros sounds great

btw 36.xx already done by....

  walkman 19-Feb-2008
  13ORynos 19-Feb-2008
of course

@ Lilo : I have just understood your joke ^^, I am a bit made tired
(j ai fais un copier coller d un site qui traduit j espere que c est bon ^^ )
  walkman 19-Feb-2008
I hate him
  lilo 19-Feb-2008
Yep. he is annoying -_-

@ mamy : utilise des phrases très simples avec les traducteurs : T'as voulu dire "En fait, je suis un peu fatigué" ? Le traducteur a traduit 'fait' par le verbe faire. il serai plus juste de dire "In fact, I'm a bit tired" Mais c'est super cool de faire l'effort d'écrire en anglais continue
  13ORGus 19-Feb-2008
Héhé, that's the first thing I did when Lilo showed me his track
Btw, I agree with all, amazing track for only 1000Cc
You cleverly built your track Lilo, by using the scenery as road, great track, with various drift parts, some hard breaking (the U-turn before the roofs ), and some faster parts
  13ORynos 20-Feb-2008
Tin Gus it is not funny you always takes the 1st place

GG my friend
  KAKASHI 21-Feb-2008
Quote ...
Sorry, your replay is not good enough to enter the top 10 for this track.

lol ... i'm a crap driver no replay from me sorry
  lilo 22-Feb-2008
Yes Kakashi.. indeed !
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User Awards
Showing 16 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Foolie 18-Feb-2008
Great map

I think I'am one of the rare person to use this to discover new maps, but this one really rocks
Great turns, nice variation of sections.
Just great stuff, perfect for online with the low coppers

really nice, I made that rec 2nd go though...

I think 36 is easyly possible xD
  Geo 18-Feb-2008
fantastic track
  publicPUBLIC 18-Feb-2008
Great track!
Cool drifts
Nice re-use part
Tricky U corner
Great one, lots of fun to play and addictive

  ricou 18-Feb-2008
nice track

good job lilo

  eMpathy.dec 18-Feb-2008
A very nice map Lilo
  Zyre 18-Feb-2008
Great track

Really cool minitech with nice reuse and cool jumps

Speed is super

Nice work!!!
  p-devil 19-Feb-2008
Great track again!
Really nice ideas, fun jumps.
Sorry, I don't have much time these days...
Great work lilo!
  walkman 19-Feb-2008
well, heres my verdict: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Great: scenery
Awesome: track
Nice: layout
Well: calculated jumps ´n turns
9/10 <----

  Sivert 19-Feb-2008
Really cool track with sweet flow and great jumps

  T-hunderbird 19-Feb-2008
ok tested it , not sure why but I´t was yesterday night not possible to award for me ?!?

great Track

super flow
nice speed
good slides
cool jumps

greetz T-hunderbird
  KAKASHI 21-Feb-2008
oh con !

Great track m8
the first thing i thinked (?) when i saw the track was : "there is more than 1000Cc here"
but no there is only 1000Cc ! looks more ! : so it means the track is really well built
Excellent re-use of the road and the scenery
there is a very good flow too, and we drive on road, blue ground, grass, scenery ...
good variations the track can't be boring

It's also very challenging and perfect for rounds
This is my favourite lilo's track

Big GG m8
  Hubby 25-Feb-2008
Awesome tech track

Great transitions
Nice offroad part
Cool block racing
Nice scenery
One very hard tech turn (before the block racing) , you win or loose the track there
Addictive and fun
Good for online as well

More like this please :cool :
  Bare 25-Feb-2008
Great track man...
Lovely drift and tricky turns...expecialy in the end

  smok3y 14-Mar-2008
Highly addictive
Highly challenging
Lovely work you did in 1000cc m8
  [CMC]Roa 14-Mar-2008
Great lilo, it's just pure genious racing style !
  fastforza 23-Mar-2008
Sweet Map lilo
Good Job
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