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Track Name
Name: Colin McRae tribute-hp-gt
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Wraith
Version: 16-Feb-2008
Released: 16-Feb-2008
TMX id: 661114
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m 30s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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1:27.62   Sabian+ 0:03.24-
1:30.34   MADze+ 0:05.96-
1:30.73   Deng+ 0:06.35-
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Author Comments

--==##%% Tribute to Colin McRae. mbe %%##==--

This track is dedicated to the great man who was taken from us last year. It is given in memory of not only a great rally driver but a great person and father who was taken from us too early by a cruel fate. Both I and HP Bifta hope that this track will help you remember him in a good way and as the hero to driving and to the countries of Scotland and Great Britain which he was.

At the start of the race you will be given the option of going left or right, go left to race and right to have a look at the large collection of photos gathered for this tribute.

Thanks go to High Plains Bifta for his assistance in making this track possible. It is due to him that the large amount of custom data contained within this track works and is available to see as you play.

Track Design + construction + MT + art by Xgt1
Mod + File Management + technical tweaking and assistance by High Plains Bifta
Music by Queen

There is an exceedingly large amount of custom data in this track.
The best way to get it all is to download this self extracting exe

Colin Mcrae tribute custom data locator set.

Just download that zip and place it in your my documents directory and then run it and the locators will be put in place.
All you have to do then is start racing and it will all download as you play. Usually updating either when you reset to the start of the track or on finishing the race and starting the replay. Please do not be surprised if it takes up to 15 minutes for it all to download while you race.

Once again Thank You. and our thoughts go out to this great man and his family.

updated 31/3/2011
*DUE to the age of the track 2008 ! some of the data is not working here...i belive this is due to the host site may have deleted it...i am so sorry but this..

try version 2

Colin McRAE Rally Tribute v.2 by   Team SWJ

User Comments
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  Wraith 16-Feb-2008
CAN YOU PLEASE download the custom DATA LINK above has this is all the main work for this track THANKYOU
thx for the awards yes there was alot of work put into this from both of us

PLEASE award Colins Tribute like leaving something for him if feel like it add something in the comment box for COLIN about him which i be sadly missed by loads of fans young and old
something NEW alot of drivers will not get into top TEN why not add your time in the AWARD box and i will send
some small coppers to you INSTEAD !!!!!!!

130Rlilo since track been seating on my pc since last xmas yep one of the biggest i have had good job hp bifta helped me or this would have never got off my pc

shotgunjoe thx glad you liked it makes me happy people like the tribute track
[ATP]Edge thx yer think mt very nice i often still watch it even after looking at it a million times

nukular thx for the award glad you liked thankyou for downloading,playing.and awarding it

[ATP]Crawdaddy thanks glad you liked the gallery yes he sure will be missed the signs yer had to add them its your pace notes tried to base it like a road rally feel, so you not sure what around the next corner!!!,helicopter sound yes its the heli cam !!! try this out you see the crash pic yet?leave the road in places a crash pic comes up,1st tight right top of hill go straight ahead lol instead

KEV Fan i would have loved to add voices but not this time sorry to much running now.sadly after growing up with colin has my hero he will missed alot,and after just finding out he was in talks with richard to drive back in the wrc for the near future makes it even harder now for me

DaKKoN thx mate i had to make something for a colin tribute,the gallery photos are nice,track was set at night but last min change day much better so you guys can see pics better(also music track Queen-ride the wild wind came from the album INNUENDO which came out in 1991)

Nibor yer thx me and hp bifta now chilling with beers over this map big thx again hp bifta

p-devil thx for the big award i will split with hp bifta

The KILLER thx for the awards glad you liked it

Tuta Glad you feel that way about colin.....
Giler mmm you like me miss him very much our hero gone but never forgot "new project in the making something TOTALLY NEW" if i can pull it off,This track has made me think of something extra!!!!
Sivert thankyou for the awards glad you liked it
Deng Glad you liked tribute to colin thx for the awards me and HP Bifta are very PLEASED with it
lowfly glad a friend from the coastdriver server in the tmu thankyou for downloading and awarding this which makes 2 both HAPPY more awards makes us happy
breach thankyou for the award.and yes i came up with the idea about the coppers but players must add a time there and there in game name to get some coppers off me
sabian thanks for the award glad you liked it
TEP=hanni= very gald to see some people out there still playing this track we had fun making,and very glad you liked it and thx for the award
Dr.Kaputnik thx but better late than NEVER
  abmangoog 30-Aug-2008
this looks great, ill try it soon
  River_Rat24 30-Mar-2011
I can't get this to work at all. No instructions for where to go and no photos. The only thing I have is the music.
  Wraith 21-Mar-2012
all the above data for the photo's etc, as been removed i am sorry, its was due to a team leaving the game and we have lost the data
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 20 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  lilo 16-Feb-2008
Huge work
  shotgunjoe 16-Feb-2008
nice track
  Edge 16-Feb-2008
Nice coasttrack!
Great ingame MT
Well done!
  nukular 16-Feb-2008
very nice track
  [ATP]Crawdaddy 16-Feb-2008
Good track. I like the gallery... a very nice tribute to one of the best.

It is unfortunate that the pop-up signs are almost necessary to know where to go on that one intersection (a sharp right where it looks like you're supposed to go striaght)... Thankfully, once loaded all the pop-ups were very clear and precise... and informative.

I thought the outtro was funny with the helicopter noise.

  KEV Fan 16-Feb-2008
Awesome track with Colin Mc Rae spirit
Great Rally style announcement of corners - lol I missed a voice saying "Sharp right".
Also very nice choice of music - Queen rocks
A great experience driving this CMcR map - gallery is nice too
GG and
  DaKKoN 16-Feb-2008
Wonderfull tribute there m8!!!
I loved the gallery!!
The track itself has become a wonderfull and challenging Coast drive!!!
The "wayfound" is great and really usefull
Not all are correctly placed. but like 93% is^^
Outro is great!! And fun with the sounds!!
You even made me listen to a Queen song I didn't know/recognize
Awesome drivers-track with good scenery I might add.
So an well deserved for this tribute m8!!

  Nibor 16-Feb-2008

Well done, Guys. Great Track XGT1, great help HighPlainsBifta

Amazing Trackdesign, a lot of drifting, wonderful Gallery from
one of the most popular Rallye Driivers ever - Colin McRae and
music from another famous Man: Freddie Mercury

May these guys have fun up in Heaven.

Thx a lot for that famous work

It´s a brilliant JOB.


1:39.31 - not so fast - a slow race for an old man

Thank you very much for the coppers, xgt1
It was a great pleasure for me to drive that Track
  p-devil 16-Feb-2008
Very nice tribute!
Great track!
Big award for you!
  The_Killer 16-Feb-2008
great track
Great tribute
Great job
  Tuta 18-Feb-2008
awesome tribute to a awesome driver the gallery is really nice and i also like the race very much super tribute

<--From: >>Tuta<<
  Giler 19-Feb-2008
McRae was a huge hero of mine and i had watched him a few time in the rallys around where i live, i will miss him deaply. R.I.P Colin.
This track has done a great man justice in a great TM style and im sure he would have loved it if he would have played it.

Great work xgt 1 you have done him proud

  Sivert 20-Feb-2008
Great scenery, lovely flow and nice gallery
Beautiful scenery, nice jumps and cool techparts
Superb mt guides you around the track
Great work

  Deng 21-Feb-2008
Nice track
Good tribute
Great work
  lowfly 22-Feb-2008

Awesome tribute Indeed
Very nice map>>Fun ride for sure,
& very cool gallery for colin + xlnt music

Oh and interesting nice work!

  breach 22-Feb-2008
Well done guys! A great tribute!

It is so nice to play and i liked the gallery. I had a really hard time getting in to the top ten on this one

Very generous of you to offer coppers to those who award but not get top ten! :award for that one to

// Breach
  Sabian 22-Feb-2008
very nice tribute , R.I.P
  |GuM| Hanni 23-Jun-2008
great GP
  Dr. Kaputnik 08-Jul-2008
great track, challenging but still nice flow

(I just realized that I forgot to award this brilliant map, shame on me )

  abmangoog 30-Aug-2008
wow, great tribute, as soon as i started, it was great, but why wasnt it in rally?
cool track
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