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Name: Download 450 Sheep
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   HonG
Version: 08-Jun-2010
TMX id: 643186
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 63,372
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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0:56.31   Zemano !+ 0:00.1062,695
0:56.39   MEFjihr+ 0:00.1862,154
0:56.61   Dag@bert+ 0:00.4060,666
0:56.62   MaB+ 0:00.4160,598
0:56.75   osna+ 0:00.5459,719
0:57.43   HonG+ 0:01.2255,119
0:57.43   Fran_de_Kler+ 0:01.2255,119
0:57.88   OLDA_X+ 0:01.6752,075
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Author Comments


here's my new Track!!

More slide than the last 2 ones but still nice i hope muhahaha!!!

Intro: Yes
Ingame MT: Yes
Outro: Too Lazy
Ingame Music: THE BOUNCING SOULS should download from automatically

hope you enjoy


User Comments
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  HonG 05-Feb-2008
Thx for the awards

jarny I DON'T LIKE that style of music....sorry

Luchs i think there are enough Waypoints maybe because i am the author of the track...lool. Now its too late






wow...thx for your nice words BH...and yes flow is the most important thing for me when i build tracks, glad you enjoy

thx SkunkY and hey stop driving records (BH + SkunkY) make me feel like a Noob on my own track ..hehe just kidding..glad you like it
  DaKKoN 12-Feb-2008
btw sick author

and WHY is there no outro??? The intro looked really great so when I finished it I was expecting a beautifull outro, but there wasn't
Such an awesome track SCREAMS for an outro!!!! (next time if you build a track as crazy as this, pm me then I create an outro for you!!!)

  HonG 13-Feb-2008
Thx Dakkon. Yeah i really was too lazy to make an Outro..sry for that, maybe i remember your words next time and you create an outro for me
  Nexy 23-Feb-2008
gahhh motion blur
im gonna have to have another go soon as my eyes adjust again, haha
  BrummHummel 09-Apr-2008
Skunky.. what shall i say?
  SkunkY 09-Apr-2008
Was that me?
  BrummHummel 09-Apr-2008
@T..: i have the same problem on my own tracks
  KEV Fan 30-Sep-2010
Played it again - that speed
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   jarny 05-Feb-2008
NICE track if you want some music go to:
click on the hard stream for jump and on harder stream for HARD JUMP
User Award   Luchs 05-Feb-2008
A nice track but PLS INSERT WAYPOINTS ELS IT SUX!!!!! Here is your :-)
User Award   MiniZyko 05-Feb-2008
Very cool track
Very fast one
Good Music

User Award   DaKKoN 12-Feb-2008
Oh yes this track is amazing!!!!
Flowing from start to finish!!
Almost brilliant there m8!!!
Except for the fact the whole track has blur whil driving
Maybe some jumps are ok Most of the time I actually enjoy some! But not an entire track
The loops are amazing as are the jumps and drops/landings!
Very fast and spetacular from start to finish!!
Also very intuitive!!!
Man you deserve more 's!!!
Here's a well deserved one!!

User Award   KEV Fan 23-Feb-2008
Superb layout - except of the tricky and great start it is very easy to finish this map - very forgiving layout with well calculated jumps.
Speed feeling is superb all the time
Very good map for online gaming
User Award   ErManito 24-Feb-2008
Awesome challenging and adrenaline pushing speedrush!
Great corkscrews!
Awesome flow all the time!
Really fun!
Big award!
User Award   nukular 24-Feb-2008
very nice and fast track
the loops are great
User Award   GrandMaster-D 24-Feb-2008
Nice track... but pls add one more checkpoint between airport and finish..
the tunnel before finish for example would be a nice spot...
great start, nice speed, good flow...
good track so here's your
User Award   BrummHummel 08-Apr-2008
If someone wants to know what flow is than he / she simply should try your tracks!

This one here is a masterpiece in the category "extreme speed with nice noslides and a wonderful scenery"
wow.. what a category
serious - it´s just a masterpiece!
I loved it to race and to hunt your AT!
I loved the combinations of jumps, turns and screws!
Simply a perfect designed track m8!
User Award   SkunkY 09-Apr-2008
Great flowing high-speed track!
Perfect corkscrews, great wide turns, smooth jumps and drops.
Everything a great challenge needs!
I'm not a fan of blur though and I missed an outro.
However, the track is superb
User Award   Fran_de_Kler 11-Jun-2010
Good track.
High speed at it's best.

For you: .
User Award   FT»eyebo 24-Jun-2010
Another nice one HonG!
User Award   smartyyy 24-Jun-2010
Awesome track! Love the openess and flow here!
User Award   tmjonas 29-Sep-2010
Kool track.
Highspeed, but challenging and fun
User Award   OLDA_X 29-Sep-2010
good map

.... .... OLDA_X
User Award   Chaldan 30-Sep-2010
Fast, fun and not too hard.
Really sweet ride.

User Award   FT»Shock! 30-Sep-2010
fun one!
User Award   osna 10-Oct-2010
nice track!
User Award   Dag@bert 18-Oct-2010
though it's not your best scenery. it's still a wonderful highspeed track

(and mostly I'm totally happy for no Outros, so I don't have to waste my time with deleting if I want to watch a driver's replay ^^)
User Award   NoTimeToDrive 24-Nov-2018
Wonderfull track
Love it
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