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Name: Download Jumbo Jumble
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DaKKoN
Version: 03-Feb-2008
TMX id: 640747
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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Author Comments

Take a moment to get used to this track cause all the testers told me the track got better the more they drove it
I worked hard and for a long time on this one so I hope it pays off...
If you like High speed with crazy jumps and great fun to drive!!, go and RACE IT
The track might seem hard @ first, but it's not

The track contains an intro, outro and also some ingame MT (loop-cams and all)
The track is also respawnable and all CP's are "fly-through"
I also think some tight battles can be fought here (wr) so feel free to enter

Well all I can say is: Have fun and enjoy the ride!!!

I also wanna say THANK YOU to all beta-testers:
KEV Fan,

Without you guys the track wouldn't have been "as good as it is now" You guys made it smooth and came up with some impressive ideas to smoothen things out!! I you guys!!

Racing tip: *There's this 1st transfer and then you land it and make a jump towards CP no.1--> the more you drive up the ramp to the right, the smoother the jump will go, but there is no real difference in speed

2 heavilly underrated tracks:
"*Free Hugs* by   tyzz" -incredible bay
"Joy To The World by   tyzz" -ingenious Island

User Comments
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  Hageldave 07-Feb-2008
god... I need my pc
  DaKKoN 07-Feb-2008
Haha idd m8!!
You're really missing out on this one
Just keep it in mind the 1st time you can play TMU again, then it will rock the most I guess (of it's the 1st one you play in a month or so?? )

What actually happend?? You got damaged, or your PC got damaged?? Or both?!?!
  Hageldave 07-Feb-2008
fortunately its just the pc.. no its just the mainboard
this was sent to msi at the beginning of january and
I was told to wait 6-8 weeks then it'd be back and I
can rock tha concrete again ^^

man that screen addicts allready...
  DaKKoN 07-Feb-2008
Haha ^^

(When my MSI-motherboard crashed I simply "refurnished" my entire PC And then it rocked the concrete again within the week with a performance boost to the boot (But then again it did costed me some € )
  Hageldave 07-Feb-2008
if I'd earn money I'd simply buy a new one i guess but
still school is calling me every morning xD
and the equipment I got is not bad ^^
  DaKKoN 07-Feb-2008
Hehe well the better you finish your school, the better PC's you get to buy after it ^^
So gg for letting school call for you

But I earn more then enough money atm to buy meself a NICE system every month But I do have to work 6 days a week
  Hageldave 07-Feb-2008
aww poor you
xD the comments count is gettin' higher and higher
  DaKKoN 09-Feb-2008
lol, you gotta be right:P
I'm drunk atm, but this is really noy needed... ;)I'm currently drunk as F**K ;l)|

See you tomorriw --. Saturday

EDIT --> Haha After reading this this morning I'm like: wyf?? to whom was I talking?? And to what was I reacting...

I also seem to have called a few friends of mine (in the middle of the night) and I was to drunk (I guess) to even recall that...


Beers is what I say
  iQue | tm2 09-Feb-2008
I noticed
  Rava 10-Feb-2008
this one really disapointed me.
No award from me but I was happy if you read this and thought about it
No award because this track is just mhm ... start for me was kinda luck based, nothing a racer has control on, and the track continues with some awesome aspects and jumps, but this is not a real race track
Let's name it a platform track, ok, still it's way too hard for every "normal" driver and still there's this nice MT work, but no award from me.
Again I hope you come back to your old style, lovey tracksetting, those beatiful desert tracks you did, and for me it's better to have a worse MT and a better track.
Over and Out
  DaKKoN 17-Feb-2009
Turned Classic 15/02/09 Whoohoo!!
  FT»Osaka 19-Feb-2009
DKKN got classic... Must try again to award it!
  Wallaby 19-Feb-2009
Dakkon the date is wrong , the classics were made 2 days before you noticed it xD
Btw never saw this map lol oO
  DaKKoN 19-Feb-2009
lol well it is actually the date I noticed it...
But thx, I'll change it (To me it is just a memory-point though... )
You'd better try it, for it is awesome Hehe
Well I think it is one of my best island-tracks so far
  Wallaby 19-Feb-2009
I think I will do so^^
But not today
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User Awards
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User Award   poOTinio 16-Feb-2008
wow im really impressed! And thats a sentence ive never used in a award before.

just awesome layout/ideas/realization...For me this is now one of the best island tracks ive ever played! And that sentence is also a novum in a award from me.I hope this sounds not vain, but i could`nt had it inventet better.

This is just the weird track style ive prefer to build too, seems we on the same wave

if u want we can make one island challenge togheter.Maybe for use it in my new video.

impressive work. my respect.

User Award   Hageldave 16-Feb-2008
wow that start roxx tha world
(know it kinda xD)
super cool concept with cpflying
great flow here I'm mind blown man
keep that sh** up
User Award   Dengel 20-Feb-2008
was a honor to be a betatester for that one

great work here and very innovative !
User Award   NitroGuy!»UD 21-Feb-2008
wow i'm too speechless to explain how amazing this track is

the best island track i've ever driven
User Award   Kendar 02-Mar-2008

Killer track!!!! The start is freakin awesome. Yes, there is some randomness to it, but that is cool for me. And nicely setup with the rocket so you know what to do on the first, er, ah second try.
Flying CPs - weeeee hoooooo! gotta love 'em.
Crazy launches, and wild landing zones - oooh, so creative.
Damn dude, you really put together a most amazing and unique map.
Sorry it took me so long to play it.

User Award   NinjAstar 16-May-2008
What I can say about this is WOW!!

Man I just love this track! Almost everything here is awesome and creative!

That transition at the start is really sweet, just genious.
After starting out slow, things get quite chaotic. And thats a good thing! The jump through the CP to the loop is great and then keeps on going with crazy transitions, loops, jumps and drops that are really thrilling!

The intro MT here is just wonderful. Very nice cams with color and motion blur effect. The outro is just amazing!! The cams, with all the effects imaginable, are just the right mix of what makes a real show for an outro.

Very cool looking screenie, you gotta make some for me sometime!

Overall, this is a really remarkable island track, that may disappoint some at first, but once you know the route, its quite easy, and very fun and addicting! It all goes along with some really awesome MT!

Rating: 9.5/10

What a track, DaKKoN!

User Award   INSAnE_NL 11-Sep-2008
nice smooth speed!!!!
User Award   Trek 23-Dec-2008

very nice Track
User Award   FT»Osaka 19-Feb-2009
Ok, now comes the award after 2 months:
Dude, the track is HUGE! This track is bigger than 360* degrees! And, transfers are like awesome. The starting one, when you drop to the quarterpipe, is just awesome. Then, you jump through a CP and a hole to get to a SUPERSMOOTH loop. Then, car goes faster and jumps through a hangar CP into a bowlride, and you get to the airport. Another HUGE jump and you're ready to face THE NASTIEST JUMP OF THIS TRACK , where you jump from a tilt curve to a wide platform. Then a cross-CP jump (I got an idea for bay from this, as bay tilts are more banked (ok, you can say i stole it )) and on a platform, where you pull the full monty on a hyper-slidy de-banked (didn't know how to say it ) turn to jump again from a tilted turn to a hangar, where you jump over a CP again and get in a loop. When done right, you go rocketed after that loop and destroy the grass while heading t the finish line, and you get: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!!!!! Track deserves the 10/10, so i'll give you the award on hand:

This award is a bit bigger, just to accord the quality of the track. CONGRATZ! You got my biggest award ever! Let's rocket this one to 50 (only one left, so classic hunters, award it!)

P.S.:Big award is hard to nail...
User Award   Wallaby 21-Feb-2009
woah , didn't know you have such "idealline"-tracks^^
But it was awesome^^

User Award   c4rr0t 22-Aug-2009
I don't know what i can say.

This would have to be the best track I have ever played in my entire LIFE!!!!

Excellent flow, start is so awesome!

I'm only suprised this track hasnt got many awards

This means you win a
User Award   juju28230 07-Jul-2010
User Award   Drannn»UD 10-Jan-2011
very nice, i enjoyed the whole track, no bad parts
start is epic
great job
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