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Name: Dangerous Dr!v!ng
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   smok3y
Version: 02-Feb-2008
Released: 01-Feb-2008
TMX id: 637766
LB Rating: 61,402
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Stadium
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0:44.89   Sandder+ 0:00.0061,402
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0:45.23   [CMC]Roa+ 0:00.3458,611
0:45.87   Rom+ 0:00.9853,359
0:46.11   RocC+ 0:01.2251,389
0:46.32   Aero+ 0:01.4349,666
0:46.32   Tomekk_eYY+ 0:01.4349,666
0:46.34   Harmony~Bros+ 0:01.4549,502
0:46.37   roxer+ 0:01.4849,256
0:46.51   CraxX+ 0:01.6248,107
0:46.82   GSN#kevke+ 0:01.9345,562
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Author Comments

Dirty Hills...Tricky Corners...Muddy Offroading...Dangerous Curves...
Does that scare you, it actually should
Cause this is my 1st tech map and This will not be easy
For all who waited for a tech map from me - I hope you like this offering, if not I promise to improve


Hard corners

And loads of agony and pain
Anyone who broke his/her fingers of KB or PAD, don't look at me I did warn you..didn't I

Author Time: - 47:40 - now that's a big joke

Custom Music : - Global Deejays Ft. Techtronic - Get Up

Grab the wallpaper >>HeRe<<

Hope you had fun

Watch these awesome replays that were on the original version of the track : -
Sandder - 41.92
Roa - 42.25

Try this very innovative track - i'm sure you will like it

Polarity by   iQue | tm2

User Comments
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  Harmony~Bros 06-Feb-2008
50 awards I hope some of these 50 become real tech maniacs

Nice job if you convert some smokey
  KiWiNiNjA 07-Feb-2008
lol HB

Yeah, sure hope so......
  Ripper 07-Feb-2008
LoL Bare
  viandox 09-Feb-2008
I found it from TMXmanialink and I was surprised to drive a track like this from you, and actually it is pretty good. not hard, but interesting to drive:)
  Yozora 12-Feb-2008
Smok3y Your the best champion of screenshot !!!

What programe you use for screenys?

  smok3y 26-Feb-2008
viandox thnx a lot for the lovely feedback - glad you liked it
vlf thnx a lot m8 -> I use photoshop
-=- -=- -=-
CraxX aka. Pun! wozaaa glad you liked it so much m8 - Sandder sure finished the WR fight didn't he
Da Killah many thnx for the super
itsjustme wow you feel so that is an honor for me m8
MasterDisaster da cyclone bringer iz here & thnx for the superb m8y
13ORlilo thnx a lot for the great feedback m8 - ill try and be more careful next time onwards
VSK ZR7 thnx a lot m8
[ATP]Speedy super thnx for the lovely
BeeB0b_121 glad you liked it m8
Low_B - dead comp im not a fan of long 's either m8
_The_KILLER thnx a lot buddy
Jake now that makes my day m8 - finally an from a legend like you
Ville wozaaaa booozaaaaa wotta BIG BIG im astinoshed
MOZ thnx for the great words m8
Legend i sure do agree - i was confused while making the map as it was my irst tech as well
Ripper many many thnx for such loving feedback
Vastapaavi wozaaaaaa the tech guy finally gave me an
Aero super words and a super
Arild now that makes my day - getting an from the Master of tech
Hubby super m8y
Ravager many thnx for the wonderful words m8
Larry*C im honored to get an from a great guy like you
tmjonas wow super buddy many thnx
sebik1992 lovely words m8
Iquere « glad you liked it buddy
etidu29 wow those are some very nice words m8
Sognodivolare thnx for the lovely
Thnx for the 's to:-

SFFN Mauri
Enai Siaion
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User Awards
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  Etidu 22-Feb-2008
Awesome tech track !
I love the mud in this track but the jumps are inpressive too !
All is perfect in this track !

Brillant work
  Sogno 25-Feb-2008
Words are not enough to explain how FANTASTIC this track is.
An enormous award for you
  [CMC]Figos 13-Mar-2008
even if i wasn't able to get the's tome to award it, just waited to long ^^

this track got the well known smokeystyle in tehversion, it's brilliant
a nice start and directly after the first great drift with you have to do with precision to get out fast...
than the change on the plattform, and the smooth jump back on the road, i dunno how you get such ideas, it's so perfeckt
then the nice curve combos begin, and they are pure fun to drive
after this a well done finish, with nice transitions

The MT is well done, a graet intro and to relook you on the outro with this cams make you so how dangerous the driving is

amazing idea to put everything on mud, this gives an own scenery, never seen something bevore

and i have no words for the screeny it's to good

all in all a perfeckt map, 10/10

keep building techmaps ^^

  iRoC 26-Mar-2008
At first I thought, this track is too hard, too tricky... but then I realized that's the way a stadium track has to be. Big from me!
  Dr.Fatass 19-Apr-2008
Gr8 tech track

I did however crash pretty good a few times
anyway, good speed
nice (dangerous ) curves

from me
  Kiko31.F® 21-Apr-2008
Amazing & Awesome Tech-Track !
+Impressive Work
+Awesome curves
+Wonderful Scenery
+Super sweet-bloc
+Cool drops
+Funny dirt

-=~> ( ) <~=-

  Zippage 28-Apr-2008
Genius pure Genius
  Tuta 28-Apr-2008
awesome track super ideas and gr8 jumps me like short award though anyway...super work

<--From: >>Tuta<<
  XyRyX 30-Jul-2008
Awesome techtrack my friend

Well, i think there's nothing more to say for me,
everything is said

Great curves, nice offroad, etc... but you know that
Wonderfull MT work, really nice outro.

Superb track for online racing and rechunting.

Grab your's m8
  SkunkY 10-Dec-2008
Nice and tricky!
Cool track, lots of great transitions.
  F1 05-Feb-2009
Excellent track!

Very detailed and complicated, but damn playable and very fun !
  Sffn Mauri 23-Aug-2009
very nice map
  Enai Siaion 23-Aug-2009
Indeed. Played this online, was fun.
  Santino 13-Jan-2011
unbelievable track. You said to me in 2008 that one of my tracks made you think of good mapper to great mapper. You are now in my mind great mapper to inspired mapper, one of the best TMU has ever seen. great result with this map my friend.
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