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Name: unleash the beast
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Kellerkind
Version: 31-Jan-2008
Released: 31-Jan-2008
TMX id: 636503
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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Author Comments


After a long time, in which i have not played TMu, I returned. This is my new map. I have spent a long time to build this and I think the result can be prodly presented. Sorry for all, who had to wait a long time after they saw the trailer, but I had not had so much time, which i could have spent on my map.
But now I finished the map. It is desert and has a great amount of speed. For sure there are many jumps, which are smooth., as jumps should be. As you maybe know from my other maps, this map also features some new innovations. You can reach the finish under 40 seconds, but has some difficult parts. So it is suiteble for online-racing. For the MT, which is heavy for sure. I worked with some new ideas.


- complete MT (Intro, Outro, Ingame)
- TMX-link in the map-comment
- two offraod parts
- smooth jumps
- decoration

I hope you have fun driving this map!


For all, who want to see the trailer:

User Comments
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  Kellerkind 31-Jan-2008
- Thx Cab for your award! Nice to receive one from a mapper like you are.
- Thx Jas0n. Hope it is positive that the map surprised you.
- Thx tmjonas for your great comment! Made me happy reading it.
- Thx >>Tuta<< for all these compliments. Nice to hear you like it so much.
- Thx DaKKoN. Wonderful review. Would be nice to see my map as classic.
  Alcator 31-Jan-2008
Kellerkind, you definitely need your own custom signs set and use that. Don't rely on original signs, they are messed up.
  Kellerkind 31-Jan-2008
Oh no! Do the nadeo-signs guid the wrong way? Why they have to be bugt? Damn. I fell sorry for this fact. I tried to create custom signs some time ago, but it never worked (although I did as described in the tutorials).
  Ville 31-Jan-2008
Have been waiting this since I saw the trailer will test
  MasterGary 31-Jan-2008
Thx for the pm I asked for after seeing the video

I'll test it... but in Belgium it's Carnaval now (Karneval auf Deutsch ^^)

So I'm not sure when I'll test it... it may be in 7 days only

Here is a nice signpack made by HP with locs and everything normally

Click me ^^

He made "new" original nadeo signs, so they don't bug anymore
  tmjonas 01-Feb-2008
damn table 0.01
  X-MASTER 03-Feb-2008
Kellerkind This video makes me gonna try your track
I think its gonna give me a "Qlimax" !!!!!!!
Really a awsome video !!!
  MI 03-Feb-2008
arg I just drove a 39.50 on mistrals server, but can't upload it and I didn't get points for it becaue it was my first map -_-
edit: hehe now I reached 39.50 offline, too
edit²: improved , don't wanna be kicked out of the top 10 :/
very addictive track^^
  Nexy 07-Feb-2008
EDIT: nvm haha
  Acid 15-Sep-2009
38.5X for a good run definitely
  Crixu' 18-Jan-2010
Finally got 38!
  rad 21-Mar-2015
And there's a 38.5x
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 59 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  MasterDisaster 09-Feb-2008
Late awards
Amazing desert track
100% fun to play
Great speed and ideas
Cool jumps and transitions
Great MT and scenery
The last jump-combo is awesome

  tyzz 11-Feb-2008
Superb track

Amazing highspeed
Awesome transition
Superb flow
Cool screenie (lol)
Wonderful scenery
Crazy curves
Great video too

  Ls Nova 12-Feb-2008
what a smooth challenge !!!

the start is nice

the second jump is cool

the offroad is a MASTERPIECE !!!!

and the end is so nice and so hard for young driver (as me ?) ...... .... what a nice and smoothy jump

so you deserve this award

  The_Killer 17-Feb-2008
Great map one of the best deserts ever
Amazing speed
Amazing Smooothness
  rdg 25-Feb-2008
there`s nothing left to say
  Hubby 25-Feb-2008
Super Desert Track !! (I)

Amazing flow
Great speed and NO BOOSTER in sight !
Awesome jump combo at end part
Transitional jump to offroad is amazing !
Awesome intro - outro
Great fun to play this one .. really one of the best desert tracks i've ever played

Awesome job Kellerkind.. more like this please !!
  Kerebatem 23-Mar-2008
What a dance on razors edge i tried about µ times to get a satisfactory time but this track is pure Motivation and forces to continue ... beautiful Intro and Outro... tricky raceline... great Desert FS action
  Pukous|iSM 23-Mar-2008
just impressive
here is my
  jezza0505 26-Apr-2008
Great track
  MasterGary 03-Jun-2008
Here come number 50
It's gonna be a short one

The screenie s*cks

MediaTracker = 9.5/10

Perfect... these texts, cams, effects, perfectly done
In the beginning, the "white rectangle" around "finish" is moved a bit to the right (because of Forever I think... because if I remember right, it was perfect when I first played the map a few months ago)


Very nice one
Except for 2 cams that bug (because of Forever too?)

Track = 9/10

Awesome start, nice drop and beautiful turn
And then... little offroad and woooooooooooooooota jump ... so close
Very fast and challenging (trying not to slide ^^) platform turns
Awesome jumps and superb transitions, well placed offroad
And then a wonderful diagonal drop from platform to platform and yeeeeeeeeeeeha nice jump/drop combo into finish

Truely a great map !!!
The video presented an excellent map, and it kept his word


  Cayman»LT 29-Jun-2008
  Razor. 26-Jul-2008
Oh yeah, this is one hell of a desert track! I forgot to award it mate, sry
  Acid 31-Jul-2008
I forgot to award this masterpiece ... awesome Track just so freakin addictive. Great Work

> <

  abmangoog 01-Aug-2008
oops! look like i forgot to award this
its very smooth, uses alot of cool techniques, and is maybe, 1% simple
veryyy fun
  Wallaby 03-Apr-2009
the end is quiet shitty (sry^^)
But omg , what a track

To make it short^^

M a s t e r p i e c E

>> <<
  eyebo.wp 21-Aug-2009
That's really fast!
Nice work!

Amazing design here, and totally fun to drive.
  Cicero 08-Jan-2010
  Crixu' 18-Jan-2010
OMG I love it, the best desert track I've ever seen.


  SimplyNick 28-Oct-2012
So great ! one of the best desert maps ive played <3!
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