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Name: Can't Stop
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Varsity
Version: 25-Jan-2008
Released: 25-Jan-2008
TMX id: 629579
LB Rating: 46,641
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:42.08   TMshock+ 0:00.0046,641
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:42.38   Acid+ 0:00.3044,646
0:42.59   Oxyde+ 0:00.5143,249
0:42.73   KaboOm+ 0:00.6542,318
0:42.80   X-ray+ 0:00.7241,852
0:42.94   Marius 89+ 0:00.8640,921
0:43.02   [CMC]Roa+ 0:00.9440,389
0:43.25   CubicReg+ 0:01.1738,860
0:43.25   Varsity+ 0:01.1738,860
0:43.35   arkone+ 0:01.2738,195
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Author Comments

#Trackname~Can't Stop! <-~-> Zatox And Activator - Can't Stop
#Tech Track
#especially build for WR-hunt (10000 coppers competition, scroll down!!!!) and online!

#DaKKon THX! for BETA-testing!

#~Some information/descriptions about the track!~#
Flow: To feel a flow you first have to ride it about 3-5 times, ( I think... it depends on your skill/aim whatever... ) but after some rides the track fells better and some parts can be driven really fast, if you can take control, for example the 2nd tunnel-part and the last curve to the right! (this curve can be a real bastard if you're on a fast lap )
Speed: In my opinion, the speed it's self mostly fits the trackdesign/flow, not to fast and not to slow
Stunts: Nothing special, some jumps, a drop, but nothing very spectacular, where you can say: "WHOA! Nice stunt!", or whatever!
Scenery: Only 1259C, but you won't be dissapointed! tunnels, desert-junk, well placed signs, rocks and so on for a great feeling! (hope so... )
Media Tracker: Easy and simple but good looking intro with nice FX:effects and a overall movement around the track! And also a great outro with cool FX:effects and nice cams in the near of your car! (Love to play with those effects! ) But for a good looking outro you should know how to ride the track
Difficulty: Simple Tech action, can be done from every CP! Easy to ride but hard to master! That's the reason why I chose the Difficulty "beginner" but for a good time you should be a expert, lunatic or a "MANIAC"

In My Veins by   Varsity

Hope my english is not to bad!


User Comments
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  Oxyde 10-Feb-2008
Oxyde is my login
With a great start i can have -0.18 on my time and after 0.30 with a very nice run, in think perfect time is 42.0x
  [CMC]Roa 10-Feb-2008
Incredible runs guys

Maybe I should stop TM, anyway login : jea
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 10-Feb-2008
If you are interested how a perfect run could look like then watch the following replay mix: Download

All Top 10 replays are in this mixed replay and Marius's best run!
It's just crazy how many time could be gained on the first metres and the offroadpart!

It's funny to see why Marius has lost the whole time after the tunnel with hitting something special!

I have to say, just awesome times!
  CubicReg 10-Feb-2008
My login : cubicreg
Arkone's : arkone
  ¤SFO¤Lookid 12-Feb-2008
thx for the compet, nice map

Login : chabannes
  Marius 89 12-Feb-2008
Did anyone see the replay one can download in Marci's comment?
  X-ray 24-Feb-2008
Login: x-ray
  Acid 12-Nov-2009
KB Powah
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User Awards
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  DaKKoN 28-Jan-2008
Well I have to say upon testing: Brilliant.
And my opinion hasn't changed...
Absolute beaut of a track!!
Massive scenery and great build all over!!
This track has synergy!!
One of the key-features of a succes track!! (imho)
Take the fact that it is also very addictive!!
(and time-consuming for that matter)
And you got yourself a little masterpiece
I really liked the intro, not to long but good looking!!
And the outro was also great! (Not that versataille though )
You'll gain my time @ a later moment (for I haven't been able to set a descent one yet... )
Here yet another very well deserved !!

  Qbert 28-Jan-2008
Nice track VarsitY, great design and feel!
  smok3y 29-Jan-2008
This is one insane awesome map
I always knew you were a great driver in stadium
But also a great mapper is a surprise
And a pleasant one at that
Awesome design and layout in this beauty
This one inspires me to want to make a tech map for desert myself - n i think i bloody well will make one soon
Awesome transitions - this track has immense flow and action in it
Definitely one amazing track for online game play as well
MT work is nice and simple
The screenie is good too
But the track is just awesome
  KekX 29-Jan-2008
To be honest...
This one is really cool!
A nice and well-done desert track. All what a track needs to have.

And you can be proud to be first in BOTW

  XTL Textiles 30-Jan-2008
Very nice track with cool tech style!
Great job m8!

~XTL Textiles
  Andree 30-Jan-2008
Nice screenie
Nice MT work
Superb track
Brilliant constructions
So technical, amazing fun to play
Tracks gets better and better for each try

  CRO|Low_B 31-Jan-2008
GREAT desert track!!


  Arild 31-Jan-2008
This is the kind of track that makes other environments other than stadium interesting for me

The scenery looks pretty good all the way, some very cool transitions also. The speed is just right, with some semi-challenging elements along the way. Well calculated, nice jumps, also a nice little reuse at the end. I'm not sure how to continue, so I'll put a stop to it right here:
Great work, and here's your well earned
  Chromex 01-Feb-2008
I usually don't like desert tracks, but this one was really good. Cool re-use, and good flow.
  Kerebatem 02-Feb-2008
Very Good Desert tech track... really thrilling to get a good time but with only 45:63 i'm to bad ... but i "Can't Stop!"

  KaboOm 08-Feb-2008
What nice map you build
And very tech
Good job
  Oxyde 08-Feb-2008
Very nice fullspeed track
  KiWiNiNjA 17-Feb-2008
Very nice techy desert!

Lotsa fun. Great design/layout. Nice bit of reuse at the end, and nice jumps.

  SkunkY 17-Feb-2008
Hard stuff for a desert noob like me.
But I had fun on it anyway.
Very nice transition jumps and cool little re-use.
Good work.
  ohei2 24-Jul-2008
Fun! Fun! Fun! plus really good layout.

  xis101 21-Dec-2008
A lot of fun to drive
  Acid 12-Nov-2009
So fuckin hardcore to hunt


  smz 29-Dec-2009
Two years later and the track still rocks !
  TMshock 03-Aug-2020
Since I don't undersand this env to the full extent, some parts might annoy me for no reason. Like the jump at the beginning or the little offroad part before the jump into the tunnel. But I feel like I am gonna figure that out and then the map will be more fun even. It's very fast and tests your ability to stay calm, even on a sick pace. So, GG!
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