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Name: Everybody have fun
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   KEV Fan
Version: 18-Jan-2008
Released: 18-Jan-2008
TMX id: 619170
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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0:54.46   MEFjihr+ 0:00.42-
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Author Comments

Mapped this one just for fun - without a special aim - just for fun
Only thing I wanted to do is to create a map which can be easily finished by everybody and which is (hopefully) fun to drive.

Map data:
Coppers: 5989
Intro: YES
Music: YES - everybody have fun
Mod: not this time

Thanks for betatesting to s8ndm8n, TopTrog and MasterDisaster - cheeers mates

Everybody have fun

User Comments
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  KEV Fan 18-Jan-2008

jarny thx - glad you like my map(s)

Nice comments maeTimmae you exactly describe what I wanted to map - highly appreciate your comments

Glad I could give you addiction - cheeers Brummhummel

Danke schoen pitstep - always glad when you like my maps

3 x awesome - 2 x nice - 2 x golden = 7 reasons to say thx Mr.Brow

Thank you very much Killer

Danke Vince - nice comments - interesting to read - how does that landing bug happen? - 1)do you fly too far ? 2) when going upwards because of unusual block arrangement for the upgoing part ?

Thx Micster - hehe thx - not so breathtaking - that´s my fate if I want to create Beginner maps - but I´m working on another action map right now

Ohhhhhh yeeeaaaaah - I missed those lovely awardcomments so much - Holy smok3s - thx a lot smok3y - super award - If you want to control all sides of your car during a flight you should try "Funky Night 3 by   KEV Fan" - here you get a full service at final flight sequence

Thx a lot s8ndm8n for betatesting and nice comments

Cheeeerrrs axon - thx a lot for your comments - ask you the same question as I did a few lines above Vincent - tell me - maybe I can fix it

Danke for perfect cups Unbreakable

Thx T-hunderbird for your award

Glad you enjoyed the MT - thanks MexUnited

"Simple, efficient, fun" - thanks PapyChampy - appreciate that very much

Thx Pjotr for the cups

Cheers MaB and great time

Danke SHL my friend - come on mate make some island

Thx p-devil - glad you like the jumps and transitions

Awesome time for keyboard Markus - I would have broken my fingers if I tried it:P

Grazie MasterDisaster great comments - and yes I am the lonely ISLAND in the STADIUM - more island maps here please

Super comments TYZZ - thanks a lot

Thx maphios - in two weeks probably I´ll upload something more challenging

Thank you OLDA - always appreciate your awards

Thx too XTL Textiles

np KIWININJA - that´s why I try to use different music styles in my maps because I do not want always the same people to mute the music - Cheeers for your your award.

Thanks for cool award Sivert

Thx also Q-Bert - nice you tried Top 10 - someday it will happen - I´m sure

Danke SkunkY - but we both like shaking houses don´t we ? -

Thx fastforza - yeehaaaw I have found another one besides me who enjoys the music - thx for your nice award

Thanks a lot Kendar - nice comments... and nice to see you in Top Ten

Danke Nibor - glad you like it
  BrummHummel 18-Jan-2008
lol time pit
  smok3y 19-Jan-2008
Same pinch Vincent
  Vincent 19-Jan-2008
Ok, KEV Fan, I´ll try:
There´s an upward tile leading to the down part of the loop, and that connection includes a tiny jump. As long as you come in straight, things work fine. But - as s8ndm8n said - the last curve is the crucial part, and many times after that curve you are still struggling for control and proper direction while approaching the loop at a dangerous speed.
It would be ok, if these little balance corrections would just cost you some time - but in some cases the touchdown of the car in the loop gives a sudden change to direction that is not predictable and that makes it impossible to hit the finish, though your approach wasn´t that bad at all.
  BrummHummel 19-Jan-2008
jupp vincent! good description!
i had the same problem a few times as i would beat the current leaders.. but only in 1 of 5 attempts.. so i think it´s ok for me
  KEV Fan 20-Jan-2008
Vince and Brummhummel - I had a look for the prob you two got in the top connection of the two upper loop parts.
Drove about 30 times (not straight) into it without having that problem. Probably I´m doing something wrong.
Anyway - if the top element causes the problem the only solution would be to place the whole loop and finish about 3 blocks more away from the landing zone so everybody got the chance to get more straight into the loop - but that´ll take away a bit of the thrill I think - so I think it is better to keep it the way it is - or do you guys have got other suggestions ?
  Vincent 20-Jan-2008
I agree - it´s not that bad. Usually everything works fine. I drove the track some more times, and with more practise it´s less likely to happen. There´s no need for an update, I guess.
  KEV Fan 20-Jan-2008
Cheeers again for your feedback Vince
  BrummHummel 20-Jan-2008
Nooo no update needed! As i said before it´s not a hard problem
  smok3y 06-Mar-2008
Woozaaaa i'm in the top 10
  Zemano ! 24-Nov-2016
Woozaaa i'm in the top... wait !
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User Awards
Showing 34 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  MasterDisaster 20-Jan-2008
Lovely and funny track
Great simple path-->addictive for everyone
Cool scenery and nice transitions
Perfect flow
Should be damn fun online
Nice MT (i also liked the ingame )
Cool track, and GG for being the only non-stadium track in BotW

  tyzz 20-Jan-2008
Nice one

Not really fantastic but very cool to drive online
Cool flow
Super smooth
Amazing speed
Kev-style scenery
Super laid out
Nice jumps

  maphios 20-Jan-2008
Nice and easy going track this time. But there could be some more "deciding" parts. It´s pretty much straight forward and there aren´t so much spots to gain really some time here. The last airport is the place to make much time, by driving no slide, but that´s the only spot for me, that really decides the run. So some curve-combos or tricky jumps would be cool next time, what doesn´t mean that this one was too easy to get a good time, no, the difficulty feels good, but there should be more parts, that make a difference .
Anyway i had fun here !

  OLDA_X 20-Jan-2008
super island track
no hard and really funny
good job

.... .... OLDA_X
  XTL Textiles 21-Jan-2008
Very speedy island map, nice jumps and music too!
Great job m8!

~XTL Textiles
  KiWiNiNjA 22-Jan-2008
I like everything about this track except the music....


Ahhhhh, much better.
Your typical KEV Fan track. Full of loops jumps and speed.

A bit too tricky for me to nail the perfect fun and get into the top 10 though

Good job

  Sivert 23-Jan-2008
Had fun with this one
Cool jumps all the way

  Qbert 25-Jan-2008
Nice one Kev Fan As usual I cant get into the top 10... but was fun driving it. Not to hard, just that I'm not that used to the enviroment.
  SkunkY 14-Feb-2008
Somehow our racing styles are not really compatible.
But this track is coming closer to what I enjoy.
Some interesting lines and good mix of pieces.
And a nice outro!
  fastforza 17-Feb-2008
Lovely Track
Great Flow
Nice Design
Great Music :awrd:

Good Job
  Kendar 24-Feb-2008
Whew - really tough for me to get on the top 10.
Great challenge. I really enjoy tracks like this.
Easy to learn, and fun to drive.

Big Cheers mate!!
  Nibor 28-Aug-2008
Very good Speed Map
Well done, Kev_Fan. Nice Track
  Cayman»LT 31-Jul-2009
I had fun !
  Zemano ! 24-Nov-2016
Fabulous !

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