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Name: Download CrucifiX
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   scala
Version: 17-Jan-2008
Released: 17-Jan-2008
TMX id: 617826
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 59,140
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Symmetric
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Stadium
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0:30.78   13ORGus+ 0:00.0059,140
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:30.83   smok3y+ 0:00.0558,563
0:31.03   Gman`w4+ 0:00.2556,258
0:31.05   Papa_11+ 0:00.2756,027
0:31.09   scala+ 0:00.3155,566
0:31.10   Harmony~Bros+ 0:00.3255,451
0:31.16   Zippage+ 0:00.3854,759
0:31.45   -HQ-CeLoX-+ 0:00.6751,416
0:31.47   ICEMD+ 0:00.6951,185
0:31.57   Mr.Brow+ 0:00.7950,033
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Author Comments

CrucifiX was created for the January MTC.

Intro: Yes
In Game MT: Yes
Outro: Yes
Movie: No
Author Time: 31.27

comments welcome.

User Comments
Showing 15 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  scala 17-Jan-2008
thx pitstep
thx CRO|Low_B
thx [GSF]Corto
thx 13ORlilo
thx broadsword
thx Zippage.....i think
thx p-devil
thx MExUnited
thx hubby
thx Harmony~Bros
thx Mr.Brow
thx Ricardo Rix
thx buzz
thx Solberg'w4
thx PapyChampy
thx [p|o|b][KekX]
thx Zyre
thx for the essay smok3y
thx 13ORGus
thx Sivert
lol thx ~KiWiNiNjA~ (i promise to make a real BASTARD of a track next just for you )
thx XTL Textiles
thx 13ORSakawine
thx crooms
thx Gman
thx TYZZ
thx -HQ-CeLoX-
thx Master H
thx Black Dalek
thx [ATP]KoBe
thx UKR_Jazzy
thx AcIdCrEePeR
  smok3y 20-Jan-2008
Big man i'm gonna get ur record soon
-Edit II-
There you go - something for you to loose some weight
  13ORGus 20-Jan-2008
First under 31.00
Welcome back smok3y ^^
  smok3y 20-Jan-2008
Aww shoOt.... Gus
Let's see what scala has up his sleeve
  13ORGus 20-Jan-2008
How are you smok3y?
  smok3y 20-Jan-2008
I suddenly feel sick
That's a super time Gus
  scala 21-Jan-2008
holy shit!
i've never had this many awards!
  KiWiNiNjA 21-Jan-2008
Shows what happens when you sell-out!!
  smok3y 21-Jan-2008
Gus I just started feeling a lil better
-Edit II-
And that one is after the pills from the doctor

I wonder what devlish plans scala and Gus are upto
  13ORGus 21-Jan-2008
Some other pills smok3y?
  smok3y 21-Jan-2008
Nah this is beyond me

Awesome time Gus

--Edit II--
Thnx to your crazy time Gus, scala just dissappeared
  13ORGus 22-Jan-2008
Thx smok3y, you made really great time too
I don't know why, but I think something will append on this track...
  smok3y 23-Jan-2008
I can see scala running around mad in his house tearing his hair or whatever is remaining of it
Beer belly wiggling like a Koala doing the salsa
And cursing in that heavy brit accent - Oiii Modaafu**aa woota crazy time I 'aveta Poot op 'ere to get these blokes ronning for their arse
And then his neighbours wake up and he goes under da bed(that is if he can fit there)
And Gus you idiot stop laughing - you lost atleast .10 seconds drifting at the last turn before the finish if only you had not drifted we'd have scala crying on Zips shoulder - but i guess he has a chance now
  13ORGus 23-Jan-2008
LooooL smok3y ^^
I know for my last drift, but it's hard to manage the turn without slide at this speed ^^
  smok3y 23-Jan-2008
Hipp Hipp Hurray - we can keep laughing at scala's expense till he gets really really serious and then we both will have it
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User Awards
Showing 33 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Sivert 20-Jan-2008
Great build, well calculated with superb loops nice slides and a cool jump

User Award   KiWiNiNjA 21-Jan-2008
Fun stuff!!

I almost didn't award this one.
WTF? scala on best of the week? Yeah, he is an awesome track-maker. Yet he has many tracks that are better than this one.
Yet this one gets 20+ awards
Everybody who reads this should try his other tracks! Yeah, you have to be a bit sadistic, but he has some that are way better than this!!!!

Back to this track, nice ideas! Cool slide turns and the loops are tricky but great (especially on the way back)

A big award for you ----->
But please go back to your evil tracks!!!!!

User Award   XTL Textiles 21-Jan-2008
very nice speedy symetrical track!
Great job m8!

~XTL Textiles
User Award   13ORSakawine 21-Jan-2008
excellent as usual
speed, short, original and very fun !! on more excellent track !
great work !!
User Award   crooms 22-Jan-2008
Nice design, lots of fun and a cool solution to the MTC.
Favourite bit is the loops, looks nice with a few replays


User Award   Gman`w4 22-Jan-2008
Great track scala... less evil than most tracks but dam hard to finish fast... great flow all round.. really fun addictive track... Great MT...

nice work...
User Award   tyzz 23-Jan-2008
Very nice track

Marveillous smooth start
Cool crazy curves
Nice slide
Cool loop combo
Very smeed
Nice challenge
Wonderful screenie
Nice Mt work but Amzing outro

Vade Retro
User Award   -HQ-CeLoX- 23-Jan-2008
Fine looping combo track with
nice slide curves! Wonderful
to play!
User Award   Master H 25-Jan-2008
How this screenie
super sym track wow
User Award   Black Dalek 31-Jan-2008
Cool track dude. Especially liked the upside down jumps. Got me first time round. Nice quick stadium track without any BS. Good luck.

One for you.
User Award   KoBe 08-Feb-2008
amazing track!!
cool idea!
very fun!!

User Award   jazzy 29-Mar-2008
Honestly, the best sym track i've ever played on the entire TM series

Truly well deserved n1 mate
User Award   AcidCreeper 30-Dec-2008
damn good track!! Very good Work!!
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