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Name: Download TechTension
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Zyre
Version: 13-Jan-2008
TMX id: 609373
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Stadium
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0:37.10   Zdenda|iSM+ 0:00.30-
0:37.21   Bare+ 0:00.41-
0:37.31   [CMC]Figos+ 0:00.51-
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Author Comments

E D I T - 3.edition, due to fix cut - 12/1-08 - E D I T A G A I N, 4.edition 13/1-08
Track has been removed and change a little bit due to a H U G E cut - Cut is fixed and track change a little bit

The idea with this map was that I would make a techtrack in a small area and it should be on level: eXpert!!!
B U T - I'm not sure if it's hard enough to be an eXpert map, so I've put it on intermediate and would like some feedback to that, Please

Techtrack - 1497 Coppers


Big thx to Harmony~Bros for help to fix cut - hopefully you will give this a try to

User Comments
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  Zdenda|iSM 09-Mar-2008
I hate u Roa .........
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User Awards
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User Award   flurry 11-Jan-2008
This could be your best one yet! Very very nice! Technical enough to really keep the driver busy with a nice flow. The transitions are well calculated and fun! Finish section in reuse area is a nice touch and can be tricky while carrying big speed. Screen shot is quite quite good as well Great one here m8 Big
User Award   Arild 11-Jan-2008
Yea, I think this might be your best as well. There's one thing I dislike though, the crossroad where the finish is, that transition to banked road isn't all good, and it's even reused. Otherwise I think I like it all, a nice compact layout, decent scenery and some very good slides. Especially the first one, I love it Here's your
User Award   publicPUBLIC 11-Jan-2008
Oh, new version
This is really cool track
I noticed little changes and you added littlebit more design too
Great turns
Great speed and flow when track is learned
Great track!
User Award   Harmony~Bros 11-Jan-2008
Nice to see it re-uploaded

A cool tech challenge with some nice drifts and some unorthodox ideas. I really like the start section, as Arild said

Good work.
User Award   lilo 11-Jan-2008
You wanted a compact-tech track ? you got it
good use of the tilted blocks
nice rythm
cool litlle jumps
not easy to do all the sections well in the same run
Difficulty of the track ? : it's not pretentious to put in Expert level imo
User Award   OLDA_X 12-Jan-2008
great tech track


.... .... OLDA_X
User Award   Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 12-Jan-2008
Wel, lol ... drove this track, but forgot 2 award it!

I love this one. Espcially the second fixed version!
Some turns are just incredible nice 2 drift!

My Respect! =>
User Award   T-hunderbird 14-Jan-2008
very good techtrack

perfect flow
good speed
great scenery
cool curves

greetz T-hunderbird
User Award   PyrO 14-Jan-2008
This is indeed a compact beauty
Nice tech track, the speed is always good, even without any boosters! I lke it
Hard to do a reasonably good time because of those tricky jumps. They always screw me around...

Anyway, it really deserves an award, so here it is:

Greetz: PyrO
User Award   Varsity 17-Jan-2008
Nice tech action:
~nice scenery
~great layout
~awesome flow after you get it
~technical slide action
~great track just4fun
~perfekt for WR-hunt
~also for online
Another great technical one!

User Award   Hubby 17-Jan-2008
Awesome technical challenge !

Very nice slide sections
Cool transitions
Nice scenery
Great challenging end part
VERY addictive

Good job Zyre

User Award   KiWiNiNjA 22-Jan-2008
Very intense track this

Really flows awesomely with nice transitions, and some really cool turns.

A real fun one to race!

User Award   Master H 24-Jan-2008
Some tension when you play here
I have to say track is so good and frustrating in the same time
so it's nice combinaison
great one
User Award   13ORSakawine 01-Feb-2008
Excellent tech one !! , great original ideas and transitions, hard drifts, and tech everywhere
very good , one , very good job once more
User Award   [CMC]Figos 08-Feb-2008
nice tech
great work
User Award   Bare 10-Feb-2008
Very cool tech challange again...
But mybe start anoying

Here's ur award...

User Award   Zdenda|iSM 11-Feb-2008
User Award   [CMC]roaSone 09-Mar-2008
Freaky tech track ! I definitly love it
User Award   DraGoOn 15-Mar-2008
pure tech, good job
User Award   Nibor 05-Dec-2015
hard tech track in cool sceenery
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