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Track Name
Name: ARAB-Truuk-GP
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DaKKoN
Version: 10-Jan-2008
Released: 10-Jan-2008
TMX id: 608540
LB Rating: 33,909
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Night Vehicle: Coast
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:48.00   Dengel+ 0:00.0033,909
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:48.24   Sunspinx+ 0:00.2432,891
0:48.36   Marius 89+ 0:00.3632,383
0:49.74   Kent1+ 0:01.7426,533
0:50.00   Varsity+ 0:02.0025,431
0:50.15   Vautour+ 0:02.1524,795
0:50.33   Skyline+ 0:02.3324,033
0:50.41   NémésiS+ 0:02.4123,693
0:50.49   Jake+ 0:02.4923,354
0:51.00   flurry+ 0:03.0021,193
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Author Comments

It's been a while since I put up a new track and this is an oldy back from Sunrise I played it online and thought, wow that one was nice to race cause there's a lot of time to be won in every corner! Als DEnGel drove insane times online (it's rounds ) and I put it up here specially for him!!

I changed a little as in the intro and outro! Also I added some blocks to improve lightning And I used the ARAB-mod which makes it look awesome!! (imho ) download the mod HERE --> or you go to the MOD-site and DL it there but this link is quicker.. (it's called Arab-mod)

PLace it here: C:\ProgramFiles\TrakcmaniaUnited\Gamedata\Skins\Coast\MOD
If the folder doesn't exist yet, simply create it

Now go and have some fun!! And give me a time. I mean I AT-ed it with KB so almost every "padder" should be able to beat it!! And the KBers as well off course!!



I'll take a 10-day Deadline: Sunday 20/01/08 22:00 EDIT --> 00:00 (I'm home later then 22:00... )
All replays placed after the 20th of januari will NOT count

1st - 2000 --> DEnGel need login
2nd - 1000 --> Sunspinx need login
3rd - 500 --> Marius89 need login
4th - 300 --> Kent1 need login
5th - 200 --> VarsitY need login


omg what an amazing times!!! (and 's for that matter!! )

Here's the winner of the MTC-December 2007 (And it was me

DynamicaL (MTC) by   DaKKoN

User Comments
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  Dengel 16-Jan-2008
i just drove 10 mins the track , as u said 47.5 is a hard time ^^ 47.7 47.8 is reeally easy possible (for me ) , but i don´t wanna spend so much time on tmx-fun tracks ---- so 10 mins are enough and after 10 mins i just had a 48.00 and the last 0.xx seks are often lucky to get .... (they need train , but train suuuux )

ps: u should see the times on my coasttracks , they are also not perfect , but also not to noobish ^^ (there i just drive one round and validate ) and if u will look @ my records u will see that i often post first try times, but i don´t feel that they are noobish , i just wanna help builders with good tracks with my times to create bigger lb´s ! i don´t care about second places on tracks (just burning rubber 2 must be my record xD )
  DaKKoN 17-Jan-2008
You say 10 minutes, but in fact he drove it over an hour in total
I mean the 1st release dat was September 2005 so you had plenty of time to practise And I;m almost 100% sure you played it more then 1 hour the last 30 months or so... ==)

Still your time is awfully fast!! and so brilliant;y put on te round numbers And I have no doubt you drove this one for only 10 minutes m8!! You are like the cheater without the hex-hacking Like smok3y said: grip-cheaters get under 50s...
  Dengel 17-Jan-2008
lol u are right , i already played it 2 times online + on tms

to bad tm don´t show how many hurs i played a track :/

anyway thx for the grip cheat compliment xD
  Vautour 19-Jan-2008
I remember this one from TMS. 10 minutes on the track to post a little something, I would have spent more time if it was daylight, and less fullspeed.
Funny competition, and funny reactions by some players.
  Skyline 19-Jan-2008
Damn this track is real kb killer

Don't remember last time when i was so happy to take fourth place on a coast track, even though i'm 1.5 seconds from the third place

First 3 times are just insane

As Marius drove with a pad, i'm happy to be the best kb driver here xD
  Vautour 19-Jan-2008
You're not the first keyboarder anymore here.

I can do 49.7x with my keyboard, maybe even 49.5x, but a fullspeed night track, I really don't want to play it more than I did (half an hour).
  Sunspinx 20-Jan-2008
So here is my finally time.
  DaKKoN 20-Jan-2008
You did that on KB m8??
That's ridiculous!!
  Marius 89 20-Jan-2008
argh Sunspinx ...
I saw you beated my time at 23:45 and started TMU again and
at 23:55 I had -0.11 to my own time before the last turn, but
I drifted away there.
  Sunspinx 20-Jan-2008
@ Dakkon : No, it's with pad ...

I uploaded my time 23:30. Is the deadline in MEZ or UTC ?
When in UTC you have still 1 hour, Marius.
  DaKKoN 20-Jan-2008


I'll take a 10-day Deadline: Sunday 20/01/08 22:00 EDIT --> 00:00 (I'm home later then 22:00... )
All replays placed after the 20th of januari will NOT count

1st - 2000 --> DEnGel need login
2nd - 1000 --> Sunspinx need login --> np m8!
3rd - 500 --> Marius89 need login
4th - 300 --> Kent1 need login
5th - 200 --> VarsitY need login

  Sunspinx 20-Jan-2008
My login is : Sunspinx
Thx for the coppers Dakkon.
  Marius 89 21-Jan-2008
my name is "Marius89",
not "Marius93"... I'm 18 and not 14 years old.

my login is:
  DaKKoN 21-Jan-2008
lol sorry m8

I did it out of my head and thought it was 93...
But I was also calculating and couldn't figure out if I always got beaten by a child...
hehe Anywayz: Your coppers will be transfered tonight!
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User Awards
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  KEV Fan 16-Jan-2008
Great GP map Dakkon. Simple but challenging.
Can´t tell you why - I was afraid all the time to crash because of a "Dakkon-transition" but it never happened in this one
Fun stuff - echt smakelijk

  MExUnited 16-Jan-2008
Awesome track man, great GP!!
  MiniZyko 18-Jan-2008
Great track
Realy like it
  Skyline 19-Jan-2008
Good GP track, though i think there are too much straights
  Varsity 20-Jan-2008
Excellent speed coaster:
~nice MT work
~nice mod
~great layout
~easy to handle hard to master
~awesome mix of technical curves and speed
~awesome flow
~great for WR-hunt
~and also for online and rounds
Superb GP track just4fun or online!

  ncaa|SHL 20-Jan-2008
Great Coast Track
Easy but challenging
Nice Mod and nice Track

cheers ncaa|SHL
  WailTale 31-Jan-2008
Great track, only too bad I couldn't compete in its challenge. I missed the 20th of January deadline...Oh well, 4 U!

  wrathwell 01-Feb-2008
Nice GP race track! The corners are challenging because I want to take them a little too quickly . Great mt work on this one! I like the outro, the camera angles are very cool and the outro itself was very well made! I like the elevation changes too, adds flavour to the track . Very nice layout thoughout the mountain setting. This is a nice track!

  SkunkY 10-Feb-2008
Nice gp track.
Good to drive and thats all what counts - especially in coast.
Good work!
  Sammon 17-Feb-2008
You know, I normally don't like GP tracks. However, this one was veeery good. The flow was great, and using my mad coast skills I was able to get a reasonably good time. Now if only I could build a flowing GP track...

  terminator 03-Apr-2008
Very fun track with good speed and curve
good joB
Big award for this one
  eyebo.wp 27-Aug-2008
Fun GP track. The most positive thing I can say is that it's not boring. Coast lovers will enjoy this. ... and it looks like they have for quite some time.
  ichirou 28-Aug-2008
Great track!

This really puts your highspeed turns in coast on test
It's simple, easy to drive and great for online playing! There's always a possibility to get a better time than last run

My first coast I believe, well earned
  Reggae Rida 25-Jan-2009
i love.....circuits

great for online and fun to overtake and challenge playerz

good job dakz

aka reggae rida
  Xmastree 05-May-2009
Very nice track Dakkon was really surprised when i ran it. I said oh no a Dakkon track hehe braced myselffor something hard... This was really pleasant to drive over and over Good job my Friend Hopefully catch up with you soon.
  Deng:) 20-Aug-2012
Great track, well done
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