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Name: Download Snap Frozen
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Jonkster
Version: 07-Jan-2008
Released: 07-Jan-2008
TMX id: 604018
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 26,474
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:49.53   Wallaby+ 0:00.0026,474
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:49.86   [CMC]roaSone+ 0:00.3325,415
0:49.93   Cephid+ 0:00.4025,191
0:49.98   *Garfovsky+ 0:00.4525,030
0:50.04   Varsity+ 0:00.5124,838
0:50.08   mangastef+ 0:00.5524,710
0:50.11   NémésiS+ 0:00.5824,613
0:50.45   Kerebatem+ 0:00.9223,523
0:50.86   DonAlfonso+ 0:01.3322,208
0:51.22   DaKKoN+ 0:01.6921,054
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Author Comments

Snap Frozen

So ends the holidays, and so starts the new year. What this year shall bring is a question that is on the lips of many people. Well, for a start, how about a new track? Lovely, lets get on to it.

I live in the southern hemisphere, so I have been enjoying beautifull weather, sandy beaches, etc etc... However im not ignorant to the fact that a larger percentage, indeed by far the majority, of players out there are not so priveleged, living in the north half of the globe and having to suffer the worst weather over the best part of the year. How sad.

But frozen toes cant be all bad right? And to prove it, and help cheer you unfortunate "northeners" up I have a gift for you. I've been too busy enjoying the hot climate to think about coming near a computer. Actually, this track has been sitting unfinsihed on my hard drive since before the holidays, but i've finally had time to clean it up for release, so here it is gift wrapped and ready to go.

Snap Frozen, is rather tricky I think. The first sequence of three or so offset jumps will probably weed out the men from the boys. Its hard, its fast, hopefully its fun. This has quickly become the favourite of my snow tracks, I think its one of the best alpines ive made, and I hope you feel the same way.

It may not look like it, but all CP's are respawnable, with one actually placed backwards - on purpose - so the slower driver can take advantage of a noob-tunnel-route. Other noob routes assist different cps.

Intro - if your got the colours working you should be able to appreciate the "foggy" effect I was aiming for, looks pretty cool if I may say so myself.
Ingame - GPS, just in case you get lost!
Outro - Of course, you should know what to expect by now.

Big Screenie

I really hope you enjoy this one, ive put a fair ammount of work into making it as smooth as I can. Your feedback is always appreciated.

User Comments
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  Jonkster 07-Jan-2008
I thought the first two jumps might have been a bit like that Edge! I tried all sorts of ways of making them a bit easier, but everytime they also became less spectacular so I left them how they are now. Thanks heaps for your award mate, and the record also.
Nice time roa! Im really pleased people can make it around in such good times. Thanks for your cool award too of course!
Im glad you liked the fog effect flurry ! Something a little experimental. Cheers for your nifty award bud, ''outrageousely great''- awesome adjectives!
Wow, stunning award by you, VarsitY, a great pleasure to read! Thanks heaps for that dude. And what a time! Very impressive, I wonder who will be the first to crack the 49s... edit there we go, roa got it!
Omg TYZZ! Wow mate, thats the longest award ever! Fantastic fun to read, your english is great mate. Glad you liked the track, and thanks for taking the time to review it like you did. Awesome comments on the different aspects too mate, the MT, screenie etc very happy you liked these. Ive played this track online a couple of times and I think your right, it is a bit too hard for online play, not many tend to finish it in the time limit. Thanks again for your massive award!!
Wow, two stunningly huge awards in a row! Thanks for your awesome words tmjonas, lovely to read! The first Jonkster track you could finish well? Thats a bit worrying, perhaps im making them a bit too hard... Thanks for your superb review mate, greatly appreciated. You and TYZZ's awards are worth hundreds right there! Cheers jonas!
Thanks for your great award KiWiNiNjA!!, it did get a little toned down after the first 15 seconds, I didnt want too many complaints! PLeased you think the music fits the track. Thanks for your cool award!
Groovy award Mr Impossible! I know the feeling you are refering to, I tend to call it "the X factor", im super glad you thought this track had it! Its what I tend to aim for! Thanks dude.
omg, Zeo, superb award from you! Great and funny to read! Actually I did think about finishing it earlier, but i prefer the longer tracks. Im a bit slower than most racers, so i didnt realise you could jump too far into the tunnel... Sorry anout that mistake... Absoulutely cosmic award by you man, cheers!
Thanks Textiles, a long award is awesome to read, but not expected or neccessary, im just glad you liked my track! Thanks for your cool words!
Greetz MExUnited, thanks for you majorly awesome award! I hope theres nothing illegal about this track! Great words from you, fun to read - detailed, funny and refreshing. Cheers bud.
Thanks for your kind award Eagle, greatly appreciated. Happy that people seem to be able to finish this one enogh to get a few that enjoy it!
A bit hard is ok imo pitstep, its when people start saying [i]way[i] too hard i begin to worry! So thanks for your cool award mate!
Cool Iquere, many thanks for it. Was a bit of a suprise, i come back to this track after a day and its got another bunch of em! Thanks for yours.
Welcome to TMX then, Live_To_Conquer, and I am flattered to be one of your first favourite alpine tracks. Thanks heaps for your award bud, appreciate it.
Glad you enjoyed the MT Serdough27**, and the track too of course! Thanks for taking the time to give this one a go, and for the award! Cheers.
  maphios 09-Jan-2008
Sorry, your track was too hard for me . I really tried to get it clean and speedy, but the jump up to the offroad part was the end of many of my tries, aswell as the first part .
  tyzz 09-Jan-2008
The suite of my award

- Superb Mt-work (Intro, Outro and In-game with the GPS)
- Super hard start
- Super screenie
- Amazing way
- Superb transition
- Cool different but smooth jumps
- Super Track

So, Superb track, very hard to managed it and too to master it but lot of joy and hapiness when I drive on it....maybe too hard too for online mod but very challenging and addictive if we have lot of time to try a lot of time ^^

Finnally, I spend more htan 40 minutes to write the award ^^


PS: I believe that it's my longest award ever but the track must earn lot of award like mine

You roxxxxxxx
  tmjonas 09-Jan-2008
lol TYZZ stunning award!!
and I just begun writing a long award too
seems we had the same idea
  tyzz 09-Jan-2008
Tmjonas, your award is very too and super detailled

My award do over 4000 letters because when I had tried to post it, I couldn't.... because it was too long xD
I will count if I get lot of patience

I thought, Jonkster will be happy when he will see the rest of
  tmjonas 10-Jan-2008
hehe I had over 4000 caracters too
so I deleted the last sentence and it worked
  MI 13-Jan-2008
finally the track gets the awards it deserves *happy*
  tyzz 13-Jan-2008
Héhé tmjonas
Me I wanted to erase one sentence but it was always too long xD
So I decided to write the award in comments ^^


Congratulations for the BOTW
Because the track deserves more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more ,more, more, more ..... more..... ^^
  Jonkster 01-Feb-2008
--more thanks--

Thanks for the Master H!! Glad you liked it! "Punch line track" eh? Sounds good!
Most of my maps seem to scare of beginners, The Idler But im glad it didnt scare off you! Thanks for the award mate!
Heh, keep trying then Doc im sure with enough patience... Im really glad you still want to, many would (and indeed have) just given up after half that time! So good luck mate, and thanks for the
Speeder, awesome award thanks mate! Im glad you didnt give up, and found the noob routes useful! Thanks for the comments on the MT too bud, glad you thought they went well together. Cheers neighbourhood dude!
Indeed it has been Lonnie Thanks for your big award!
Awesome award from you DaKKoN Please dont hate me, it was nothing personal, really... And yes, the beauties (literally) of living in the better half of the world... Thanks to you also for the words on the intro, I think too its my best, and im glad you appreciated it. And I know what you mean about the differences in the awards, ive never had so many detailed ones on one track before, its worth much more as feedback as 100 two line awards! Thanks for your input mate.
Well you must of gotten round in one piece because your time is definitely reasonable Ricardo Rix! Thanks for your cool award, I think 'challenge' describes it well....
Thanks Don Alfonso, for the great award, and a pretty good time as well mate!
Smok3y mate! My driving in fact isnt that hot. Its more my sheer bloodymindedness where I just want to keep re-doing and re-doing until I've got something im pleased with! Thanks for your superbly written award mate, and im sorry about the spilt beans in the undies!
Wicked award Snfu, thanks mate.
Thanks for the dom_i_nik! Keep at it mate, you'll get there in the end!
Cheers for another great award Garfield! I do remember this one! I do like snow tracks...
  Sammon 04-Apr-2008
I liked the song so much I downloaded it off iTunes.
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User Awards
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User Award   Lonnie 15-Feb-2008
Everything is said by the Awards before.

B i g A w a r d
User Award   DaKKoN 15-Feb-2008
Luckily for me the most has already been said in essay's...
That saves me about 30min of typing... I mean I already raced the track for 2 hours and only got 1 good finish And even I can manage about 1s faster But off course I crashed near the end...

The track: Alpine MASTERPIECE

It's a Leonardo Da Vinci on the Alines around on TMX. I'm not a snow-lover, but this one rocked even my world. I hate you for making it frustratingly hard. I even didn't want to just for the fact you kept me busy for about 2 hours and never gave me the satisfaction of a clean run But then I read the author-comments and actually then it got even worse for you... Chica's in bikini on Christmas??!?! wtf I wanna live next to you m8!! But this track is simply perfect!! (despite the diff.) The scenery is VERY well thought off!! Incredible!!! Amazing intro btw. I think that was the best intro I ever saw!!!! That mist was (And then some...)

MT is top notch and well you simply deserve every you gained!!! It may not be as much as a track like this should deserve, but then again there's a difference between boy-'s and men-'s ^^ Since every is SO damn long I think it says more about a track then the amount of awards!!! So Awesome job m8!!!!

User Award   Ricardo Rix 15-Feb-2008
a true challenge. some super cool transitions and the production level is crazy good. I will hopefully get round in one piece soon and then I can post a reasonable time.
User Award   DonAlfonso 15-Feb-2008
Wow! Awesome track!! Great great great!! Superb ideas, pure great!! =)
User Award   smok3y 15-Feb-2008
What the *bleep* did you make here
I wonder how well you drive these environments to make such crazy transitions
Its damn hard to get it going from the start
I crashed like 100 times everywhere spilling my beans and underpants
You sure make 'em hard m8y
And you also damn sure make 'em amazing
Just for the fact you have made some insane transitions this map totally becomes deserving of a lot many awards
But for the fact that only 10% of the population here can drive it you see for yourself you haven't as many awards
Such a shame that this track kinda got lost in he blackhole for that reason
But it is definitely worth a try and I sure as hell had loads of fun playing this
And then i finally used all the respwan routes to see the finish line
And then i downloaded Roa's replay to see how it feels to drive it in one go
Awesome work indeed Jonkz
Masterfully designed track m8
User Award   Kerebatem 04-Apr-2008
fastastic snowtrack amazing start section... super smooth transitions at the whole track (nearly snowbugfree too)... thx for this frozen gift
User Award   Wallaby 16-Jul-2009
Boah , hard start
Good Map.
I'm fascinated by the start , but disappointed of the rest.
After the startsection the track begins to get a bit boring :/

>> <<
User Award   .Dominik 28-Feb-2010
Although too hard for me, watched some replays and I have only one word to say:


Just beautiful track.

And I am personally fan of snow.

User Award   *Garfovsky 16-Dec-2016
Great, great track ! Very fun to play and very flowy.
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