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Name: Download KeyQuay
Pack: Download KeyQuay
By:   MixD
Version: 02-Jan-2008
TMX id: 596963
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 17,261
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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0:31.84   Marius 89+ 0:00.0017,261
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0:31.93   Zooz+ 0:00.0916,968
0:32.67   Techno!+ 0:00.8314,561
0:33.11   Lord M'zn ...+ 0:01.2713,130
0:33.59   RBR-Max+ 0:01.7511,568
0:33.86   Plasmah78+ 0:02.0210,690
0:33.88   ohei2+ 0:02.0410,625
0:34.08   KALAMANDER+ 0:02.249,974
0:34.21   MasterGary+ 0:02.379,552
0:34.53   riolu!+ 0:02.698,511
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Author Comments

This was going to be another proof of concept map, but it turned out pretty driveable... You'll need some driving skill for a good time but it's a load of fun too! ^^

New blocks: Yes
New track building techniques: Yes
Passworded: Yes. Non-passworded version available from Manialink Mix
Compatible with different TM versions: Yes (TMSX version in the map pack)
Easter eggs: A little one

This one uses a bunch of more advanced mixing techniques, in the mould of "EvaMin04 Bashful by   eva". And doesn't use modified textures.

For more new blocks, check out "Testing Grounds by   Zooz", or if you want a proper challenge, check out "Tech Defined by   Zooz", and remember to put on your tech head! xD

User Comments
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  MixD 02-Jan-2008
Wow, incredibly fast award MiniZyko! You even uploaded your replay before I got mine uploaded! How the...? ^^ Thx!

Thx Golo!

Thx Zooz!

Thx Jake!

Thx Marci! I estimate that I spent about 35 hours building this map, and created more than 600 versions. That includes time working out the new building techniques (needed for the water parts at the end), but doesn't include time spent on the new blocks. There are nearly 1000 blocks in the map and yeah I guess most of them are mixed and/or are new.

Thx kamyl!

Thx Iquere! I tried to make it a bit tech because that's what I like. It's probably nowhere near tech enough for Zooz though. xD

Thx Dragon!

Thx xgt1!

Thx Ravager!

Thx Harmony Brothers! Hehehe, I think the floating road is the only part I've ever put in that I thought actually made the track less driveable (without ruining the concept), but it made me laugh so I couldn't resist putting it in. But, you could put a road on from there that you can only get to by respawning at that CP, so maybe somebody will find a proper use for it.

Thx Babbe! There's no texture hacks though, the rainbow road is a new block.

Thx noswaster!

Thx M'zn!

Thx MikoZ! There's some water on the road in "Hell's Karting Track by   Zooz", but it doesn't have the splashing.

Lol, thx Arubiano!


Thx KekX!

Thx Nahe!

Thx chris!

Thx Piw!

Thx Nibor!

Thx Sivert!

1. For'ard of the start line you can find Rose Bowl Island which has its own racing circuit, with rose-coloured roads and bowls to contend with, plus some close encounters with the island scenery. No Ball Games! No road links to this island either, so to get to Lord Rose's Manor you'll have to get creative. Will TMUF be able to make use of the handy helipad?

2. For a good time there's a section where you have to do a two-wheel lift (the steep hill down to the waterside). Check out my replay - it's just like driving Desert!

3. I shouldn't have to mention this, but just in case... at the start you're supposed to turn hard left for a shortcut to the first checkpoint. The rest of the road was an idea that didn't pan out (see my replay), but I figure it's cool for decoration.
  Golo 02-Jan-2008
@Zooz: Really? I just thought it, cause the car didnt slide there, I even cóuld drive it fullspeed...
  TimeBreaker 03-Jan-2008
very nice mixideas
especially the dry channel looks and drives amazing imo
the rainbow road is ugly though
  [GER]Dragon 05-Jan-2008
pls build some more tracks of this track style your tracks rooooccckkks
  Wraith 05-Jan-2008
wow any chance of you posting it on the mod forum with step by step and pics of how you make this work ?
  Babbe 05-Jan-2008
You said there is a "TMSX version in the map pack", but where to get that map pack?
  MixD 06-Jan-2008
Heh, I made the track pack then forgot to upload it. xD It's there now. ^^
  Marius 89 06-Jan-2008
Especially @ Zooz:
My time is with keyboard!
  Zooz 06-Jan-2008
Who cares, its a low speed track, you can probably get a 31 while driving backwards too.
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 06-Jan-2008
Everytime the same!
Everytime funny how zooz reacts to something like that!

Well, what should I say??? --> You are both freaks!
  Babbe 14-Jan-2008
I also found out that it isn't a texture hack, but I dont know yet how to build the Harbor blocks...

edit: I know it xD
  FT»eyebo 02-Mar-2014
riolu made a video tutorial:
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Piw 20-Jan-2008
hey too many surprises here to not award this map more !!!
Fun and fun and fun !!!
Real good job for On-Line !

User Award   Nibor 20-Jan-2008
This one looks like a Bug Track

Surprising Job
User Award   Sivert 22-Jan-2008
Genious block-combining in this superfun track
And it's very driveable, I'm amazed
Gotta get more awards!!!!

User Award   Siem»LT 01-Feb-2008
User Award   abmangoog 12-Mar-2008
User Award   nihil 06-Apr-2008
User Award   Wallaby 19-Jul-2008
Quay forever xD

Incredible Work

You are the only one , who builds mixmaps with so many mixes , but they are always drivable
this one makes a lot of fun

User Award   ohei2 19-Jul-2008
Very special track - nice work.
User Award   Losinater 14-Sep-2008
very nice done

User Award   Joost»LT 14-Sep-2008
Played this one alot of time ago and I loved it
Brilliant mixes, and very drivable still
I love it
User Award   Nukedragon 08-Nov-2008
im loving it
great map m8

User Award   Jet777 20-Dec-2008
This track really reminded me that you never know what to expect in bug tracks.
I still am in schock by the rainbow block
User Award   Nim 03-Jan-2009
User Award   rhino 25-Sep-2009
Very good mixtrack! I loved especially the "rainbow-road" part...
User Award   Plasmah78 26-Jun-2010
Really Impressive !
Very nice mini map, with a real blocmixing work, and you make us discover the coast hidden bloc

Very nice !

_/ \_
User Award   fab'm 04-Aug-2010
nice and crazy track
User Award   »Matix 09-Jan-2011
nice track!
User Award   Loe 02-Feb-2013
awesome track
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