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Name: Get Closer
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Aero
Version: 02-Jan-2008
Released: 02-Jan-2008
TMX id: 596923
LB Rating: 74,983
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:43.09   Zemano !+ 0:00.0074,983
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0:43.18   MTX + 0:00.0974,043
0:43.30   Roxer.+ 0:00.2172,790
0:43.38   Pray.sKillz+ 0:00.2971,955
0:43.40   Aero+ 0:00.3171,746
0:43.42   Mighty-Mike+ 0:00.3371,537
0:43.44   osna+ 0:00.3571,329
0:43.72   SkunkY+ 0:00.6368,405
0:43.84   BrummHummel+ 0:00.7567,152
0:43.98   -Homie-+ 0:00.8965,691
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Author Comments

Heyho Guys!

This is my new Track!

Its a TMS Demo-styled one, with many drops, jumps and so on

The challenge at creating it, was to make it smooth for pro's, but also for noobs. And I tested it, you can slide or go fullspeed, but its always rather smooth!

It contains:
Intro, Outro (No Ingame )
Techy, but speedy turns
many jump- & drop-combos
mainly street, but also a bit platformparts

Should be smooth on every computer because of "only" 2355 Coppers

See a bigger screenie here!

So, Have Fun with it! I'd be glad if you'd upload a replay of your best time!

@ all pro's: 42 Is possible, I nearly managed it :/
So let me see your 42 time!

User Comments
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  Aero 02-Jan-2008
w00t! Thank ya sooooo much for the Award, BrummHummel!
Just controlled the link at my clan's forum, and suddenly ive got one award already! Im so glad mate!
Ill leave a replay of the AT , and ill also test your maps in the next weeks!
Thanks once again, mate, also for the replay!
Hehe, edge! thanks too for this award and the replay
of course, maphios its hard to do it with kb, but possible
so, big thanks for the award, and also the not bad replay!
hey Homie! thanks for the nice award and of course for the nice replay!
thaaaaank you, tmjonas, thats such an awesome award *sniff* ^^ i have to say, that im coming from tms demo, so this is oldsql for me, and my true love thanks so much for this great award! btw: i like it to make an outro
hey silvan! thanks for the little award
hehe Eagle, thanks for the cool award, nice to read!
wow, Ripper, thank you too, this is my first award from you!
cool, vincent thank you for that award
hehe, MasterDisaster im glad you liked it!
never thought id receive an award from SkunkY! what a honor! thanks!
hihi, a very pitylike award thanks, m8!
cheeeeeeers, Axon ty too!
  Eagle 02-Jan-2008
nice track
award comes in next weeks
  Aero 08-Mar-2008
hehe, nice time, pray!
  Sammon 25-Mar-2008
What car did you use in the screenshot?
  Aero 04-Apr-2008
sry speeder, didnt see your post yet^^
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  BrummHummel 02-Jan-2008
Perfect build demostyle / noslide!
superb speed and what a smoothness allover
i love evry of these perfect calculated jumps.. but what´s also awesome that slower players can finish as smooth as faster players
damn good work!
until now i´ve no idea how i should get your time because i´m better in sliding
great work and both thumbs up!!
  Edge 02-Jan-2008
Yep,a great NoSlidetrack!!!
Perfect calculated jumps.
Great speed and superb flowing!!!

Great work!!!!

+ +
  maphios 02-Jan-2008
Should be great for online gaming at an island server
With keyboard the track gets a bit rough, but with a Pad it´s great! Then you´ll get a smooth ride and some very good timed jumps. Furthermore a challenging layout as you can try to push through the tunnels with much speed . The start is tricky, not easy to get it with good speed.
But a good job here, i had fun while driving. Also thanks for using not so many coppers

  -Homie- 03-Jan-2008
awesome noslide track!

I like all of these turns and ideas!
It makes a lot of fun to drive it!

get ur

  tmjonas 06-Jan-2008
Wow, great track!!
Never thought you'll make a noslide-island-track But you made it perfectly.
I have to say that I'm an island-noob and I couldn't finish it noslide but the good thing is that it was really smooth even for me as a keyboard-player! Nice technical startsection. Wonderful smooth jumps all the way! I love the flow which is really perfect the whole map. Another good point is that you integrated some platform. The jumpcombo onto platform and away from it is my favourite part!! I also love all those drops into the tunnels. The MT-work is brillant. One of the best outros I've seen, perfect mixture of differentes cams and woota great cam-angels. Intro is short but very nicely made!!
Slidy Noslide

/tmjonas ... btw woota screen, your best!!
  gdffgdfgd 11-Jan-2008
Nice and fast Track with great ideas!
  Eagle 17-Jan-2008
here my early award
great track
super noslide
great jumps
nice speed
superb flow


  Ripper 18-Jan-2008
good Track you´ve made

a award from me!
  Vincent 28-Jan-2008
Good track - very smooth and well calculated!
  MasterDisaster 25-Feb-2008
Late award ...
Beautiful track
Sweet smooth jumps and cool transitions
Starts like a demotrack but ends with the Xtreme red boosts Great

  SkunkY 09-Mar-2008
Fine track!
I like how it gets smoother as you get faster but its still absolutly drivable when you are slower.
Many tracks only work at a certain speed, not this one.
So its also a great online track.
Great work!
  pitstep 09-Mar-2008
wow great noslider
100% fun
  Axon 11-Mar-2008
Yo ...

Excellent no slide track ...

Cheerrrrrrrrrsssssssss Axon...
  Sammon 04-Apr-2008

Those smooth!
The flow was wicked smooth.
The scenery was simply stunning.
The mediatracker was quite good as well.

Since I'm a KB'er, I can't do noslide all that well, but I tried. And that's what counts, right?

Once again, fantastic job.

  Mighty-Mike 04-Mar-2009
Great Track Aero
Nice map , good directions , and a nasty last turn
Well done m8
  Xmastree 18-Jun-2009
Played this on ppo last night great work here love the track
  CraxX 01-Nov-2009
freakin no slide track

crazy smoothness and good scenery

  osna 01-Nov-2009
awesome noslider!!!
this track is super smooth and got an amazing cool flow!!
it's very addictive!!
i like the jumps and drops.
the scernery is very nice!!
great work!! -->

  NoTimeToDrive 07-Aug-2020
Lovely track!!
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