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Name: Download Tech Defined
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Zooz
Version: 31-Dec-2007
TMX id: 594745
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 9,421
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
1:06.25   Shock/CZE+ 0:00.009,421
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
1:07.96   wormi+ 0:01.717,962
1:08.27   Schnitzer+ 0:02.027,697
1:09.12   Sandder+ 0:02.876,972
1:10.24   Zooz+ 0:03.996,016
1:13.82   Varsity+ 0:07.572,962
1:14.86   FoF ED+ 0:08.612,074
1:20.66   LORD M.+ 0:14.410
1:24.02   Dranar+ 0:17.770
1:24.48   Gandi+ 0:18.230
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Author Comments

I've noticed that players these days call every track tech. More than 2 turns? Tech! Not fullspeed? Totally tech man! Maybe speedtech with some luck, but still. And let's not even talk about braking! That's just way too extreme, even for the Nations Cup, at least according to Bergie. It seems peope have forgotten what tech actually means.

So I made this track to show. None of that pansy "omg I had to slow down a bit before that gigantic high-speed turn so it's totally tech!" in this one, this is what tech used to mean back in 2004 before the TMX community spoiled the term by calling every non-speedtrack tech. I could go and explain here, but just have a look. You can even get the replay if you're lazy

It's 1:10, long but not too long, shouldn't have cuts, and you should be able to respawn from every check. The road might not always be clear (you drive the track, the track doesn't drive you, go play a speedtrack if you're into that), but I put signs all over the place so it should be ok.

None of that useless and distracting MT, outro, intro, GPS crap here, would only have taken valuable time that could have been spent making the track better. You should be happy I at least plonked down some scenery, that's kinda useless too really

Well, good luck and have fun! Don't forget to remove that tape from your forward key before playing.

I might also make one for every other environment if people like it, it's a lot of fun to make anyway

edit: People did like it, so here they are! Check them out too if you liked this.
Island: "Tech Defined 2 by   Zooz"
Desert: "Tech Defined 3 by   Zooz"

User Comments
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  Zooz 31-Dec-2007
Thanks for the awards Sandder and pjw! Nice time, I know i messed up twice in my run, but it would probably still take me a while to beat that time.

Yes, it was hard to make it clear that you have to go through the narrow passage, it's not really a common thing in tracks (I've seen it as a shortcut a few times though). Not really much room for signs either. I was hoping you could see the check through the gap, and made the screenshot of that part to help with it.
  TimeBreaker 03-Jan-2008
omg, this track is insane !
I watched sandders replay.. omg, youre crazy man xD
I wanna see this as a tournament track !
  Zooz 03-Jan-2008
Thanks for the awards all, good to see there's still some support for actual tech! I just finished up the next one, Island now, which I'll probably post soon.
edit: "Tech Defined 2 by   Zooz"
  MrA 04-Jan-2008
for the rant, havn't tried the track yet!
  Hubby 04-Jan-2008
I think i'm gonna try to build something like this also.. i wonder what i come up with
  Zooz 05-Jan-2008
@13ORlilo: Hardcore is a stupid word and that term doesn't exist on my scale ^^

Tech - Normal - Speed - Fullspeed
  Harmony~Bros 06-Jan-2008
I think it was the "slide technique" that did for this type of track. These days (i'm guilty too) i make it so that almost all of the braking points allow for the corners to be sliders. I think thats the same for most tech mappers. But i still believe there is a difference between tech and plain annoying

Oh, and here is my scale:
Zooz - Tech - SpeedTech - Fullspeed - PF
  Zooz 06-Jan-2008
I think sliding can fit in with tech tracks just fine. You can make turns that are extremely hard to slide (little space, rammstein required, low speed etc). I just didn't really pay attention to sliding on it because it's low speed a lot. It's done in a few places though.

IMO sliding is overused, it can help to make a track more challenging, like with a slide that's really hard to pull off, or just because sliding is often harder than not sliding, or a turn where it's tricky to see if you should slide or not, or a turn where you would normally slide but there's something in the way so you can't do it (Rax is good at that one). But these days they just make every turn a slide, it's uncreative, it decreases variation in the tracks, and it often makes tracks "speedtech" as you call it because slides are easier at high speed and mappers are not always good drivers.

About annoying: I don't think league tracks and such should be tech and all low speed like this, but they should at least be diverse and therefore include some parts like in these tracks, which can be combined with tricky normal sections and maybe some high speed turns as you more commonly see in league tracks. For diversity ^^
Maybe tracks like this at least give some attention to real tech so that authors will include low-speed tech bits in their tracks. Tracks that are 100% tech like this are fun but you can't say it's very diverse... and the constant requirement of skill might annoy people
  wormi 05-Nov-2016
Nice run Shock!
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User Awards
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User Award   wormi 10-Sep-2014
One of my favorite tech maps ever

Just the tight gap in the end.. oh man, lost several 107s there until finally got one run through ^^ 106 or maybe even 105 high would be easily done when combining my best sector times though.
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