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Name: Testing Grounds
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Zooz
Version: 25-Dec-2007
Released: 25-Dec-2007
TMX id: 587096
LB Rating: 8,312
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:59.43   Forgot10+ 0:00.008,312
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:59.46   Zooz+ 0:00.038,286
0:59.65   Dengel+ 0:00.228,127
1:02.81   MixD+ 0:03.385,475
1:07.00   eyebo.wp+ 0:07.571,959
1:10.53   timmy»UD+ 0:11.100
1:18.85   Mr.Brow+ 0:19.420
1:24.72   Loe+ 0:25.290
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Author Comments

A technical Time Attack track. Quite twisty, with some unusual parts. It's not all tech though, there's some boosters in it too.
There are new blocks, as well. One is easy to spot, the other maybe not so much.

- You can cut a bit through the hangars at the beginning
- If you want to stay stable at the hill down near the start, use brake for air control
- At the turn up after the tunnel, the inside is faster
- There is a way to hit the middle finish consistently. Look at the shape of the block that launches you! (or at my replay)

I supposed you could play it in rounds too, but the start is a bit dodgey and maybe too random for rounds, and some of the respawns aren't very good.
Good fun in TA though, took me a while to get a 59.

PS: Thanks to Mix for the mixing techniques used, and for the new blocks.

PPS: This track is passworded. A passwordless version is available for some coppers at manialink Zooz:Tracks. Part of the coppers will go to Mix.

User Comments
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  MixD 29-Dec-2007
An interesting thing to check out is the blocks mixed at about 38s in Zooz's replay - the wall and the part that goes from banked to horizontal. You can clearly see that the intersection is bumpy, which explains why the car often gets unsettled when driving on this part.
  Zooz 29-Dec-2007
Yes, it seems that some TM blocks have been made bumpy or otherwise less grippy on purpose, to make them more interesting. This is especially clear on Island, where grip is really important, but you can notice it on Rally too. Another example is the uphill turn block at 29-30 secs, which you can really only drive on the inside or outside, there's much less grip on the black part and you never see fast players drive there, no matter what's before or after the turn. It's always either inside in a slow section, or outside in fast parts.
  MixD 01-Jan-2008
Of course we're looking at the visual mesh rather than the collision mesh, but still it gives some idea of problems there might be with the collision mesh. You can see the car floats above the road by a varying distance if you look closely. A part where the difference is particularly obvious is at the bottom of the ramp in Island block 636.
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User Awards
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  Mr.Brow 25-Dec-2007
Nice Mix
Nice Tech
Nice Track
| from me |

Hilsen Brow
  Jake 25-Dec-2007
cool track!!
nice bug-usual-mix-track
  Dengel 26-Dec-2007
awesome one !

may be the cut on the grey parts is a bit frustating (just took it one time , i am also not sure if it is faster...) ... but some nice parts and cool turns are in it ! lovely hill @ the start + the passage into the xtrem tunnel ! the finish is again horror .... (bug-oh....-mania -.- )
  BrummHummel 27-Dec-2007
Awesome mix track!
for me very hard to get a great time but i like the design very much!
How is it possible to make such bugs??
Most i´ve seen in other tracks are stupid and senseless but you used some veeeery good ones... for example the road in the tube... it´s just another design ...or the hill after the first checkpoint!! great!
Is there a "How to" / manual / description out there in the internet??
  MixD 29-Dec-2007
Love it, such interesting lines. Still working on getting a run without bad mistakes.
  maphios 31-Dec-2007
Great use of the block-mixing techniques .
Very creative design here overall, i like the tunnel part, it looks weird but also cool .
Nice job here Zooz

  finfin 24-Jul-2008
Good ideas. More of that
  eyebo.wp 12-Dec-2009
Crazy ideas, but really fun to drive.
  Forgot10 13-Apr-2010
Awesome track!
I really like the layout and usage of blockmixing.
The track is really fun and challenging, and yes, you're right - it's TA track. Some spots aren't really good for playing in rounds.

I've spent some time to beat your AT but I should say 58 is not that hard for pros like you. I often had -0.35 - -0.32 to my 59.58 replay after tunnels.
I guess Dengy could do 58 easily too but he got bug at finish.
  Loe 02-Feb-2013
nice one
  andrus 02-Apr-2015
those blocks ununsed in the final release are insane
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