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Name: Download Sunriser
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   KEV Fan
Version: 21-Dec-2007
TMX id: 581555
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:54.63   Zemano !+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:54.74   spedzo+ 0:00.11-
0:55.05   Marius 89+ 0:00.42-
0:55.21   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.58-
0:55.36   Larry*C+ 0:00.73-
0:55.41   BrummHummel+ 0:00.78-
0:55.48   maphios+ 0:00.85-
0:55.81   KEV Fan+ 0:01.18-
0:55.82   Axon+ 0:01.19-
0:55.99   [ATP]HAVOC+ 0:01.36-
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
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Author Comments

Those are the prizes for the uploaded times on TMX:
1st: 2000 coppers Marius89
2nd: s8ndm8n- he gave his 1000 coppers to Larry*C for the great battle
3rd: 750 coppers Larry*C +1000 coppers from s8ndm8n = 1750 coppers
4th: 500 coppers Maphios
5th: 250 coppers Brummhummel
6th: 150 coppers KEV Fan
7th: 100 coppers Axon
8th: 100 coppers HAVOC
9th: 75 coppers MaB
10th: 75 coppers Ville

-Deadline for posting a time will be January 1st 2008 - 10pm Central European Time - I´ll make a screenshot of the posted times then.
-No cuts are allowed - i think the map is cut free - I´ll watch all replays - those who found a cut and used it won´t be taken into account for getting a prize.
- I am allowed to take part - if I manage to get one of those 10 ranks I´ll save the coppers for the rank I make (Don´t be afraid - this mapping style is not the one I´m good at racing - so I probably won´t be able to make the podest )

I advise to poker a bit - do not upload your best time from the very beginning - it´s like bidding on ebay - best times to be uploaded towards the end of the contest - that´s why I picked up some flowers while making author time

Map data:
Coppers: 5.640
Intro: Short but sunny
MT: necessary only
Outro: Yes
Music: Yeah - if you wanna join the copper club make at least No.10 bite the dust
Mod: no - not this time
Style: Original sunrise style - maximum yellow boosters - for better competition

Usually I make highspeed or highspeed theme maps with lots of effects. I had to struggle hard while mapping to make it competetive for WR-hunting - I was mapping against my own style. Hope it´s still fun

Cheeeeers and Merry Christmas to you all

User Comments
Showing 18 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  KEV Fan 21-Dec-2007
Thx for shooting this one to the top of BOTW
- Gogogogogogogogogogogogogo to win the contest

MiniZyko thx and I´m glad you hve fun with it

Great analysis Iken - thx a lot - gogogo for gold

Danke Vincent for betatesting and your great award - good luck for the competition mate

Yeah thx Homie - good you had TMS feeling - same with me when mapping it

Thx Ville - calling it damn great for WR hunting is the best award I can get for this one

Thx maphios for clean and wide award

Danke Brummhummel - lol "freaky" ? good luck for copper challenge

Thx MexUnited

Danke Underdog - don´t worry - my red booster insanity will return soon

Golden THANKS to Mr.Brow

Cheeers again OLDA_X

Thx and come on axon - you got something on your HDD after the s8ndm8n has posted - don´t you?

Thumbs up and thx XTL Textiles

Wow nice time and nice comments again Larry*C - btw nice "old people" homepage you guys have

Yeah HAVOC is back - welcome back mate - good to see ya - thx for yourt award

Cheeers s8ndm8n - I´m pretty sure to cu on the podest - good luck

Thx Crawdaddy for your detailed award

Thx CraxX - glad you finally like one of my island maps - although its a quite unusual one for me

Great you also like that different style iquere - thx

Cheers Cephid - sorry rank 10 is gone now - go go to make it again

Danke Markus for your comments

Danke kroco for your award - yeah I´m pretty sure you can make Top5 if you try

Thx MaB

Thx EDGE - appreciate your nice comments (as always )

Danke pitstep - glad your little break is over

Thx RwFury - lol I know - now try s8ndm8n´s time

Danke Q - go go go give us a frightening time

Thank you QBert

Merci ORA

Thx a lot Sivert - a"GREAT" from you counts double to me

Thank you again ADIo

Glad you enjoy it - thx to The Killer

Cheeerrrs smok3y - super comments as usual - haha I´ve eaten lots of dust myself when trying without success to be quicker than those 5 guys ahead of me in the WR list

Thx LG - glad that you like it

Thx Nibor for your award
  Vincent 21-Dec-2007
NOT upload our best times in the beginning???

I´m completely unable of such a nasty immoral unfair behaviour!
  KEV Fan 21-Dec-2007
LOL Vincent I know you NEVER do that
  Larry*C 22-Dec-2007
@KEV Fan: thx - times will get nicer and nicer i think ...... you told us to poker, so i think the last word is´nt spoken
the time will come to get this last damn x%&/$§" curve better...........
(fine that you enjoy our chilling page - its our last resort after years of clan-stress - we´re just chilling now! )
  BrummHummel 23-Dec-2007
@s8ndm8n: xD
  MaB 23-Dec-2007
10pm, is that 10 o clock in the morning or in the evening?
  BrummHummel 23-Dec-2007
p.m. = post meridiem = afternoon = 10 o clock in the evening
  KEV Fan 24-Dec-2007
Thanks Brummhummel for explaining - could not have done it better
Hey hey - that´s all ? - are we going to be wiped by s8ndm8n ??? - gogogogo
  BrummHummel 24-Dec-2007
ok.. ok... i´m still working at a good time

btw: merry x-mas to you all! i´m back in a few days!
  Larry*C 24-Dec-2007
now it´s time for silence! (can´t hear the music any longer.......... )
happy christmas all!
  [ATP]HAVOC 26-Dec-2007
Think that is about all I can get with keyboard
  Dartz4 27-Dec-2007
Sorry mate, don't like this no award from me this time.
  KEV Fan 28-Dec-2007
Contest has ended - here are the 10 pm results Click Here !
Congratulations to the Top10 drivers - especially to the podest - great fight for number 1 between marius89, s8ndm8n and LarryC.
Everybody in Top10 please send me a pm with your login so I can send you the coppers - I´ll check all your replays on Thursday and send everybody their well deserved coppers if I got the login

Thank you all for participating - been much fun to me and I bow down for the podest - incredible times you guys posted - will be always unreachable to my skills.
  Larry*C 02-Jan-2008
nice times! congratulation
  KiWiNiNjA 17-Jan-2008
I love the song choice! Not only is it at awesome song, but I love how you have worked it into the track. The track starts off slow, not your average KEV Fan track, the music also does the same. It slowly builts up, and then you hit the first booster "Let's go!"! Awesome.

Unfortunately the track doesn't do it for me. It's missing that something special. I would love to award it just for the song. But this is Trackmania.

Look forward to some more highspeed KEV Fan island action in the future

  smok3y 22-Jan-2008
NiNjA started cooking and cutting vegetables with his katana
Ok i think i got atleast one reason on why you chose that song
  KEV Fan 05-Feb-2008
Hey Kiwi - highly appreciate your music comment - nice - let´s go
  Zemano ! 20-Jun-2010
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 37 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Markus... 23-Dec-2007
wonderfull fast track with nice jumps and sweet curves
lovely designed and very nice to drive for sure
deserves much more awards

one more
User Award   kroco 23-Dec-2007
Nice Track!
good speed and nice design. cool jumps and curves.


ps: replay follows within next week, if i don't forget, to drive again^^ (today i just got a 57:50 o.O)
User Award   MaB 24-Dec-2007
Good track!
User Award   Edge 25-Dec-2007
Great track!
Wonderfull design (as always)!!!
Great speed, nice jumps and turns!!!
Lot of sections to improve the time!!!

Well done!!!
User Award   pitstep 25-Dec-2007
great track
easy to drive
great jumps and speed
cool intro-nice outro
User Award   RwFury 26-Dec-2007
A nice track. The author medal was easy to beat
User Award   Squirrel 26-Dec-2007
Great Track here! good work
User Award   Qbert 26-Dec-2007
Nice Kev, I´m a Fan.
User Award   Sivert 03-Jan-2008
Lovely speed and flow Some awesome turns Great well calculated jumps

User Award   ADIo 04-Jan-2008
Nice track!
User Award   The_Killer 17-Jan-2008
OMG Great track LOVE IT
User Award   smok3y 22-Jan-2008
Did the penguins start playing cricket
Did the camels start living in The Arctic
Did s8ndm8n beat my record in stadium maps
Did markus find his ex GF that ransacked his room
The why was I listening to Queen
for the perfectly funny music choice
I was rolling in laughter
I'll comment about the track some other time
This was funny
Damn my stomach hurts now
You are one funny guy
Ok Ok nuff said about it
The map is sweet
Whenever i see you maps i lay back
Get something to munch on and get my hands on my PAD and start
And i always love em
This one is brilliant as well
Superb speed - the start is a bit slow
And then those wide wideeee wideeeeeeeer wideeeeeeeest - *3d Max surround sound wide* platform sections
And still i manage to slide my ass on them - call me funny too
Sweet track indeed really really sweet and yet challenging
<-- *Pling*
User Award   low-gamer 05-Feb-2008
realy nice no-slidetrack music nice ,too
User Award   Nibor 24-Nov-2008
Excellent Island Platform Track
Design and Technique
MT work

Great Job, Kev_Fan
User Award   crooms 17-Aug-2009
Nice track
User Award   'Buchi' 17-Aug-2009
Jou, thats a cool Track KEV
unusual start for a kev map, but quite nice
then it starts getting kevy great fast race with cool stunts and nice turns and jumps

User Award   Zemano ! 02-Jun-2016
Wassup ??!!!

Cool and smooth track !

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