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Track Name
Name: Rise.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   lui tim
Version: 15-Sep-2020
Released: 15-Sep-2020
TMX id: 5758960
LB Rating: 63,058
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:54.40   cemko+ 0:00.0063,058
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:54.49   _Hawk_+ 0:00.0962,432
0:54.73   spedzo+ 0:00.3360,763
0:55.87   Kif+ 0:01.4752,834
0:56.22   hawki+ 0:01.8250,400
0:56.72   andresaguado+ 0:02.3246,922
0:57.15   OLDA_X+ 0:02.7543,932
0:57.15   sTeImOlO+ 0:02.7543,932
0:57.24   -Chaos-+ 0:02.8443,306
0:57.30   uk.VR+ 0:02.9042,888
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Author Comments

--- --- ---

--- First Driver to beat AT wins 15k cc! ---


--- --- ---

Hey ,
after a long time i decided to build a map for TMX again. Recently i had been building a lot of maps for ULR4. However i felt somewhat restricted, because i had to consider also kb-drivers point of view for the league. However on TMX it doesn´t matter too much . So i this basically is a league Style map with all the fast and wide corners i couldn´t put in the actual league maps. Still it has some turns suited for KB (i think).

With that being said, it´s an easy map (no transitions or jumps) which should be easily finishable 1st try for everyone. However, this time i added a spicy challenge, as mentioned atop:
Beat AT as first person and get 15k cc!

Intro/Outro/Gps: nope
Mapsize: ~3500cc
AT: 54.41

So, have fun hunting, or just enjoy the drive


Thx for the awards

rogurgo (i guess it atleast gives some motivation )
tatiaaaaa, well i hope there will be some battling . But no need to tryhard if
you don´t want to, you can just cruise, too. Therefor is the scenery
Kif, nillstorn AT´s are also pretty hefty
rulz, and thx for the nice words
Vautour, dunno about hell, but here it´s quite hot
cem, GG, wouldn´t have thought it´s possible with kb tb, but your tapping proves me wrong once again

User Comments
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  uk.VR 15-Sep-2020
that's a huge prize-pot, and will no doubt attract more than just the regular bunch of coast drivers here.
Even your 'average' replays are way beyond me so i don't expect to be anywhere near the AT.
  Kif 15-Sep-2020
The AT is way beyond my skills too
  andresaguado 15-Sep-2020
I'll certainly give it a try also later on in the evening. I guess it will be hard even to be within the top 10 if the pull effect brings here the ellite of coast. We'll see...
  lui tim 15-Sep-2020
@VR Well, i hope it attracts people. Maybe it gives some motivation;). And yea, why not just enjoying the map, no need to tryhard. I´m glad you like it tho

@Kif . But i´m sure you can still improve quite a bit tho
EDIT: see

@andresaguado Go for it. And who knows, maybe you´ll stay t10
  Kif 16-Sep-2020
Maybe a 55.7x is possible for me with some more hunting
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User Awards
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  rogurgo 15-Sep-2020
Well calculated, good atmosphere
(also 15000cc = 300 days)
  ziro_der_hutt 15-Sep-2020
  tatiaaaaa 15-Sep-2020
Looks like people are batteling hard on this since there are no times..yet
too noob to beat it or even try it,the map has really cool turns
  Kif 15-Sep-2020
Very nice league style map with a good mix of speed and tech Scenery is also nice Must be one of the hardest author times ever in coast
  uk.VR 15-Sep-2020
a superb track.. smooth and easy to drive. The turns arrive at the car so nicely, i really enjoyed this one. ><
  Halogucker 15-Sep-2020
Very nice track with a good flow
  rulz 15-Sep-2020
Aaah, Best I can do is not even close Could have eked out a few more fractions but it'll have to do Great track and well designed turns Just when I thought you would run out of turns there are 4 more to finish I enjoyed racing your track
  -Chaos- 16-Sep-2020
beautiful track. a pleasant ride. good work
  Vautour 16-Sep-2020
A league-style map with so many awards in just one day? Hell must be freezing...
Very nice map anyway. And I don't think it's that much kb-unfriendly, I've seen worse.
  cemko 16-Sep-2020
Really nice map Tim. Not that hard for keyboard but not easy either. Had to sacrifice my right hand to beat AT.
  andresaguado 16-Sep-2020
I had real fun training with this one. There are so many critical places to loose or gain speed, and I'm not consistent enough to do all of them right. As usual, I aim to be about 2 seconds behind you, so no exception to the "2sec rule" here. By now this seems to be my limit. Well deserved award ==>
cemko: "not that hard for kb" so you won the lottery. I was beginning to think that tim would keep the coppers in the end.
  Psikopate 16-Sep-2020
  sTeImOlO 16-Sep-2020
nice map. nice mix of tech and speed parts
<<<||| |||>>>
  Aar1401 17-Sep-2020
Very nice map
enjoyed as a ride at my level
  OLDA_X 19-Sep-2020
  BRX204 20-Sep-2020
  SK927 21-Sep-2020
Nice one! I am far from AT though
  spedzo 23-Sep-2020
Good for practice, some interesting throttle control parts and a smooth ride
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