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Track Name
Name: Bayzooka
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Aar1401
Version: 09-Sep-2020
Released: 09-Sep-2020
TMX id: 5753065
LB Rating: 33,900
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:40.90   WAB+ 0:00.0033,900
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:41.46   Dengel+ 0:00.5631,115
0:41.64   tatiaaaaa+ 0:00.7430,220
0:42.22   lui tim+ 0:01.3227,335
0:42.52   Aar1401+ 0:01.6225,843
0:42.70   -Chaos-+ 0:01.8024,948
0:42.84   Marieftf+ 0:01.9424,252
0:45.71   OLDA_X+ 0:04.819,979
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Author Comments


Here is a new map, in speedtech style (again !! )

CP respawnable
2656 CC
AT 00:42.52

Have fun !!



Thx tatiaaaaa
Thx Dengel
Thx Marieftf
Thx SK927
Thx -Chaos- it is precisely because it is the start ( and therefore not yet at high speed ) that I allowed myself to put these obstacles
Thx lui tim
Thx Acid

User Comments
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  Marieftf 09-Sep-2020
a few blocks are missing for me to make it perfect
  Aar1401 09-Sep-2020
Thx for the feedback & replay
... Which blocks and where ? don't hesitate to give some advices
  Marieftf 09-Sep-2020
in the first tunnel i would have added 1 block more further before you steer left to get more speed for the jump becuase mostly i crased into the wall i had not really room there ( really hard to explain )

and i personaly after cp3 i go very wide and go over the edge
i think you can see that very well on my replay

thats all the blocks that are really missing for me
after all a very good and well made map
  Aar1401 10-Sep-2020
Well... for the first point you mentionned, I wanted the jump ( and so the landing into the tunnel and that left turn ) be calculated a minimum, I didn't think that this part would be some hard, you can get a good jump even without driving 100% FS, and if you drive it FS; you can jump still quite far, you just have to land in the right place into the tunnel ( for me a bit on the right ) to not crash in the wall

For the second point... same : it's intended, and basicly, I wanted to build a way more tight, and finally, I added one block to make the race easier,
So, these 2 point are calculated, it was to spicy up the race

Thx for the details, I really appreciate
  Dengel 10-Sep-2020
crashed the ending xD
  Aar1401 10-Sep-2020
Oh yeah, I saw that... you would have reached probably 00:40.XX without this little crash, or even below
... Very nice time anyway
  -Chaos- 10-Sep-2020
as it is quite hard to get up to cp1, i'd say the difficulty is expert.
  Aar1401 11-Sep-2020
Thx for your feedback
You're the second to tell that, I really didn't think that this part would be so hard, I not thought that my map would be so hard, sorry mates

Usually, I try to build maps accessible to all levels ( except for a few track I admit )
For me, I hesitated a lot to leave or no the CP4, because I crashed a lot on that one ( but finally I left it )
  -Chaos- 12-Sep-2020
sure, for an experienced Bay driver that first section isn't too hard. but when you are a bit out of the proper line you gonna crash even if going fs. you HAVE to jump into the tunnel on the right side. there are signs for left, center or right straight within the sign packs, btw.
that makes the track very, very hard or even impossible for low skilled players. like kaugummi. i think his rep. and award are missing because he cannot finish here.
after you reached the first cp, the track is nice & easy.

you should think about a 'noob-way' (here and also in the future). i have seen a lot maps with two start routes, a long easy and a hard short, for example. but here i say the best and also easiest solution is: implement an additional split route underground.
a few more meters to gain enough speed easier will help. and you can keep the original challenge for the high skilled people.

i dunno how you think about trackfix in general, but if you edit a bit here (tunnel, sign) i believe kaugummi gonna be happy. i will.
oh, and if you change something, pleeeeeaase remove the first flower pot ... no matter, if you don't

  Aar1401 12-Sep-2020
-Chaos- thank you very much for the comment
I hope you won't blame me but I will not update the track, sorry ( and sorry Kaugummi ), because I wanted a start to the first check point rather calculated and some challenging, and following your first suggestion: I tagged it as "expert"

However you're right about the difficulty and the differents ways to build a map for all levels
I keep in mind yours advices and ideas for the next track

Also, I'm not running especially behind the awards...
Again many thanks, it's nice to see players involved like you
  -Chaos- 12-Sep-2020
nah, no problem. ofc

i only mentioned kaugummi representative for all the normal skilled race game friends.

looking forward to your next one.
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User Awards
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  tatiaaaaa 09-Sep-2020
Cool and infuriating (for me ofc) to hunt,but damn it's really good
  Dengel 09-Sep-2020
Good one
  OLDA_X 09-Sep-2020
  Marieftf 10-Sep-2020
A Fine map with some fun
Thanks for the info now it makes for me more sense
  SK927 10-Sep-2020
Excellent track
  -Chaos- 10-Sep-2020
these damn little extra obstacles at the start are unnecessary, imo.

  lui tim 13-Sep-2020
Very Nice!
  Acid 15-Sep-2020


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