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Name: ==TOP GUN==
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   KEV Fan
Version: 14-Dec-2007
Released: 14-Dec-2007
TMX id: 572776
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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0:51.76   Cayman»LT+ 0:01.00-
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0:52.02   Axon+ 0:01.26-
0:52.32   KEV Fan+ 0:01.56-
0:52.32   CraxX+ 0:01.56-
0:52.40   Larry*C+ 0:01.64-
0:52.50   BrummHummel+ 0:01.74-
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Author Comments

Theme map TOP GUN

refers to a movie of 1986 which made Tom Cruise well known and was his first big success.
You are at TOP GUN where good pilots are trained and drilled to become the best of the best pilots of the Navy.
I am Jester your instructor who has built a kickass training program to enhance your skills in handling your F-14. If you meet me online I´ll heavily kickass you on this map by permanently trying to eliminate your best times.
So here´s your training schedule:
Catapult training:
Cope with the G-forces from the catapult start when taking off from your Carrier
Flight control
Take control after being shot bythe carrier´s catapult
Sideways rolling turns
There are three sideways rolling turns – master them smoothly and you´ll be rewarded with a good time
Airport bouncing
Land on an airport with full speed and immediately take off again

Master this schedule and you can always be my wingman

When creating my last map “Danger Zone” the song reminded me that there was that Top Gun movie of the late 80s and inspired me to build this map. I tried to make it an easy intermediate – so depending on your driving skills it should be either Beginner or Intermediate to you.
Thanks a lot to my Beta Testers: Dakkon, Kroco, Micster and Underdog.
You guys showed me how to improve this one
Map data:
Coppers: 5107
Intro: Yep – shows carrier you start from
MT: full
Outro: Yes
Music: Yes – keep i-net online to get it
Mod: Oh yes – hell3 mod by underdog – great again

Click here for Mod download!
Installation help for the MOD:
Put the zipfile into this folder: TMU/GameData/Skins/Island/Mod
If this is your first Mod there will be no "Mod" Subfolder - just create this folder then.

You got to restart TMU to see it – I tell ya it´s worth installing – never seen such an awesome island mod
I´d like to close the longest author credits I´ve written so far with a quotation from the movie made by “Maverick” and “Goose”:

“I feel the need…..the need for speed”

Have fun – take care and MERRY X-MAS

User Comments
Showing 10 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  KEV Fan 14-Dec-2007
Iken thank you very much for the detailed award - you did not miss that much not seeing that movie - nice dogfight scenes but questionable background story - I´m glad that you like it that much

Thx a lot Dartz4 - for awarding and putting it on your server - btw. what´s the server´s name ?

Skol Dakkon - for testing and nice comments - glad you like the screenie

Big woooow back OLDA_X - thank you

Wow - "awesome" and "perfect" - you are so good to me - cheeeeers kroco

Thx Low_B for your "cursing-award" lol and thx

Merci Papy Champy for your "rocking" comments

Thx QBert - glad that at least somebody thinks that it is not that hard - and I wanted to label it as a "Beginner" map

Thx MiniZyko for your award

Thank you Houly

Cheeeeers Sivert for your supreme award

Thx a lot for the golden Mr.Brow

Thanks a lot Micster - nice comments I appreciate very much

Cheers Vincent - I´m sorry but I fell in with that mod - probably one more map with it and then I´ll make standard design again Nice awardcomment - thank you very much mate

Thx broadsword I´ll take care better for the volume reduction in future maps - cheeers for your great comments

Danke Larry*C - hehe "Blockbuster" is nice - I like that - fine you again enjoyed my choice of music


TMJonas - wow - what an awesome detailed awards - appreciate it very much - cheeeers

Well Speedy - there is normal road (although you more fly through it after catapult start - thanks for your great award comment

Cheers s8ndm8n - hehe - glad you like it mate - impressive time

Danke Brummhummel - glad you like it

Cheers RonTurbo - wow - you vanish for half a year and just toss in to write such an awesome comment for my map - - hope I´ll see some cute island maps from you soon

Awesome time axon - seems s8ndm8n got that patience - thanks for your comments

Mercie for your nice words EDGE

Wow Lonnie your first sentence makes me - thank you very much for your nice comments

Thanks a lot to The Thunder - enjoyed every word of your award - here´s a link where to get the soundtrack:

Click Here !

Cheers Mikealange - very nice award comments I appreciate very much

Thank you ADIo

Cheers Kendar - when mapping this one I had "Ken" in mind a bit because I thought you´re also a fan of that flight sym stuff

Freddie - thanks to my wingman - with your award its 30 - great

Nibor - hehe I enjoyed that movie at that time too - thx for catching the spirit and awarding

Ben - Ben - thx - glad you have fun

Cayman - thx you Classic-WR-smasher

gooblaster - uberthanks - I am happy that you like it that much
  tmjonas 14-Dec-2007
looks and sounds interesting
will drive it tonight
  KEV Fan 14-Dec-2007
By the way - if you want to get true TOP GUN feeling - you can download a fast plane here:
It´s a MIG (same as on the screenie) but I have not found a F-14 yet
  Underdog 15-Dec-2007
ähm... the mod is NOT from me

i have only two mods combined

"HELL" from Haunted and
TMMars - Creator unknown
  KEV Fan 15-Dec-2007
okidoki underdog - at least you put them together - so you´re responsible for this great overall impression - I did not know that the pink sky is made by Haunted - cheeers to him because I love it
  Quick 16-Dec-2007
It's not the first with this theme and this name, tho . Unfortunatelly, it's too hard for me.
  BrummHummel 31-Dec-2007
waaahooo... i uploaded a new time and the lb-points increased from 71k to nearly 84k!!!
never seen such an inreasing before...

btw. ...i can´t get the curve before the last cork/loop without sliding... damn
  KEV Fan 31-Dec-2007
Wow Brummhummel - never had a 84 K map Cheeers for uploading your time
  Sogno 16-Jan-2008
I had a time of 53.xx once but when I saw that I was nomore in top10, I tried to make a better one... and I made it
Please, edit your initial comment... I don't think we're at toG gun (LOL)
I'm just kidding, you're great Kev! ^^
  KEV Fan 08-Feb-2008
Lol - thx for the hint Sognodivolare
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 36 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  BrummHummel 17-Dec-2007
great track!
great 90° loopings and massive speed allover
what shall i say?
i like it!
  Ron Turbo 17-Dec-2007
Cool track!
Not quite awesome enough to tear me away from my other games and back to tm for good, but I sure did have fun with it!
Great choice of music and mod, raelly fun track and good mt (though imo, more camera angles could have shown the great track instead of my suzuki escudo )
Great work! Cool to see you still making great tracks!
  Axon 18-Dec-2007
Hi KEV Fan...

Well well then = another great track from yr studios....

Good speed , and flow.. However i just dont like the mod so i raced it offline to stop it auto downloading..
Then i got the pleasure of the track a la naturale....

Excellent weerk and a 51.xx ic certainly possible with patience...
And at least i'll make s8ndm8n werk 4 it.....

Cheeeeeerrrrrrrsssss Axon .....
  Edge 19-Dec-2007
Awesome track!!!
Wonderful looking mod,great speed and superb loops!!!
Well done again!!!
  Lonnie 20-Dec-2007
If there anybody who didn´t like the Island Envi, just drive Kev Tracks and you will love it.

Great Map by using a great Mod.
Everytime a nice Flow.
Cool Jumps.
Cool MT Work

  The Thunder 22-Dec-2007
HI there, i really enjoyed the Track. I seen the movie and i really liked it. This Track is fast it has style and it has loops. The mediatracker works are really nice too. And the music it reminds me of the movie top gun. But one question, where did you get that song, ive been trying to get fimsoundtracks but i cant find any, maybe you can help me. do you have XFire?? try my track ,,American Arena" its new, and one of my first ones. Please contact me at Xfire, or E-Mail.... . Well i must go now, nice job, here are your rewards. Love your other tarcks too, please contact me sometime^^ ok cya
  Mikealange 23-Dec-2007
Great track KEV_Fan like always !
I like the jet start. Then, side loops. Music appropriate and good flow. Good track made.

Greetz !
  ADIo 04-Jan-2008
Nice track! Cool PF start and good speed!
  Kendar 24-Feb-2008
AWESOME track dude!
One of my favorites of yours!!!
I loved everything about it.
Felt like I was flying an F-14.

  Freddy[NR] 29-May-2008

Hey Hey good fly ICEMAN!!!
you've made a great map! with a good idea (the catapult)
  Nibor 21-Nov-2008

...thought I was Tom Cruise sitting in a Tomcat

Great work, Kev_Fan
  Frx ben75 12-Feb-2009
It's a bit too hard for me, but it is fun to play.
  Cayman»LT 31-Jul-2009
Nice mod and very fun start !
  gooblaster 27-Aug-2009
Omg i love love love this map.. Seriously uber fun... Nice enviro mod too
  DarkLordRacer 29-Jul-2010
nice one
  NoTimeToDrive 21-Dec-2019
Great track!!
Fun start
Nice MOD
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