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Name: ReTouR
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Cephid
Version: 23-Jun-2020
Released: 23-Jun-2020
TMX id: 5692741
LB Rating: 37,467
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:11.46   rad+ 0:00.0037,467
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:11.70   Cephid+ 0:00.2436,712
1:12.76   OLDA_X+ 0:01.3033,377
1:12.78   -Chaos-+ 0:01.3233,314
1:13.19   Psikopate+ 0:01.7332,024
1:14.57   rulz+ 0:03.1127,683
1:15.34   Ozei+ 0:03.8825,261
1:17.04   speedy_57+ 0:05.5819,913
1:19.15   rogurgo+ 0:07.6913,275
1:19.89   Halogucker+ 0:08.4310,947
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Author Comments

Hey guys,

I went through my old maps folder and found this map. I put in quite a lot of work 3-6 years ago , so I think it would be a pity not finishing it.

The basic idea was that I always wanted to build a lap map in Coast, but I didn't like the idea of driving the same lap over and over again. That might get boring. Thats why I tried to come up with different routes. I tried this more than once, but this map is the only one I finished and I am quite happy with. However I had to recognize that this approach comes with some limitation, as you have to get back to the starting spot at some time. This resulted in some more straight parts, but the map is quite fast for Coast so one does not recognize it that much (still can be recognized though).

The whole concept is of course not new, I saw it a lot in Bay and Island, but there it seems easier to me as the third dimension can be used quite simply. I haven't seen this kind of map in Coast. I don't have all 230k maps in my mind though. If anyone knows a Coast map in that style, feel free to post it in the comment section or send me the link via PM. I am very curious how other mappers solved the problems arising from Multitrack with different routes in Coast.

Here's some unashamed advertisement of my Comeback map. It's more of a speedtech map build for WR hunting:

Surprise by   Cephid

Have fun driving it guys and PS there's a GPS in case you don't get the the route,

Cya Ceph

User Comments
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  Cephid 23-Jun-2020
Thanks to:

NitroGuy - thanks, as I said: I hope the straights do not feel to straight
tatiaaaaa - yea tried to upload it, but because of all the ghost the file is to large. I have to look whether I can remove some
Halogucker - thank you also for the replay
Table - nice so see another XT here, hope life's been good to you the last years
Psikopate - also for the time
Chaos - yea you might be right. I had no eye on that as I can drive it blind anyways (I drove the start at least some 100 times)
rulz - thanks also for the replay
Olda_X - thanks for the critics
Wardav - at least I made some effort for you concerning the outro
iroc - yea the jump drop combo at the start I also like
  rulz 25-Jun-2020
The count down GPS is a little annoying. Really annoying for "On Line" players. Better to do a backup or false finish to start the GPS. Really enjoyed your track
  Cephid 25-Jun-2020
hey rulz, what do you mean by "on line" players?
So the GPS countdown is blocking the sight of your car?
  OLDA_X 25-Jun-2020
I also noticed what rulz mentioned and I was not online. When driving through the starting position multiple times is more better use a GPS launch with condition. Example: GPS will only start if the car hasn't triggered a switch (somewhere) on the track yet. This will prevent multiple GPS drying. I drove the track for quite a long time and the gps started for the second time only once, when I crashed. That means it's no a problem, I'm just responding to a comment of rulz.
  Cephid 25-Jun-2020
Ah I understand: Online you also have the UI which also overlays. Of course you don't see anything then
I forgot about online honestly. Thanks for mentioning it.

I also thought about a different trigger like drive backwards or somewhat, but I ran out of space so and didn't want to write something like "drive straight then left then left for GPS".
Anyways thanks for the criticism. I won't make that mistake again.^^ I am not sure if I should change it now. It would be a pity because of all the replays.
Also my question: Where can you drive this online? The map has almost 1MB

Thanks rulz, olda_x and chaos
  OLDA_X 25-Jun-2020
It doesn't matter to me because I've only seen it once. (with my crash) when I slowed down a lot. But I've never been played online on a server. I have no idea how it can affect the driving on a server. Maybe you can test use an ingame server quickly. (no need public IP - only for you)
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User Awards
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  NitroGuy!»UD 24-Jun-2020
incredibly creative and just wonderful to drive
  tatiaaaaa 24-Jun-2020
I love multi routes and this one is amazingly done Would be interesting to see how to improve the time on a server on this map
  Halogucker 24-Jun-2020
A very good track with a nice flow, well done
  TaBle 24-Jun-2020
impressive build.
intuitive wayfinding,
even though its a 4way-reuse.
great work.
  Psikopate 24-Jun-2020
  -Chaos- 24-Jun-2020
interesting concept. nicely done

but ...

i rly don't like that i have to do this 'pretty nice' blind start at every run, because of that very important gps-counter.
That surely gonna prevent me from driving this again.
  rulz 25-Jun-2020
Really fun and well made track Great challenges all over. Love it The double route works well Nice MT work too
  OLDA_X 25-Jun-2020
Very nice
  ZachD 26-Jun-2020
That was really fun to drive
  Ozei 26-Jun-2020
An interesting idea, excellent execution.
  wardav 27-Jun-2020
This one is rly my cup of good black hot coffee taste.
Idea is amazing, layout and flow is exelent.
Scenery deserve another

What appreciate more is your MT work - intro and inside game.

But what about OUTRO ? Its lazy work, man ...

However, I enjoyed your beautiful map, and after a long time, the old, good times have finally come.

  rogurgo 28-Jun-2020
Lovely concept and MT
  iRoC 29-Jun-2020
Very cool, especially the jump-combo at the start
The wayfinding is a little confusing, but overall there are too many good ideas to not award this track
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