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Track Name
Name: Flying Squirrel 2
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Wallaby
Version: 19-May-2020
Released: 19-May-2020
TMX id: 5653253
LB Rating: 20,637
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Snow
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:34.83   Wallaby+ 0:00.0020,637
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:35.09   Duck+ 0:00.2619,712
0:35.47   Pacha»UD+ 0:00.6418,361
0:35.57   _Hawk_+ 0:00.7418,006
0:35.68   Lux»UD+ 0:00.8517,615
0:35.81   Acid+ 0:00.9817,153
0:35.82   Cool-T+ 0:00.9917,117
0:36.25   OLDA_X+ 0:01.4215,588
0:36.66   onway+ 0:01.8314,131
0:36.88   tmjonas+ 0:02.0513,349
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Author Comments

A sequel of a track barely one knows? Yes! Respawn Ways: No! It's a pretty short but very intense track. Probably not too good for competitive hunting since it needs some knowledge in avoiding bugs and sometimes the wallride is in a bad mood, but I hope it's good stuff for the eyes . Have fun!

User Comments
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  Wallaby 20-May-2020
Quote ...
so I wouldn't call it lunatic
  tmjonas 20-May-2020
I'm probably just too bad to avoid these bugs
  Wallaby 20-May-2020
Quote ...
(e.g. why did you put a tilted platform block after the first upward combo with the ride on the obstacle and the castle instead of just a straight
I tried it with a blank street, but it results usually with a landing bug making the nose of the car dancing up and down making the turn afterwards impossible. The titled platformblock avoids usually the landingbug without the need of shaking the vehicle, but as you said, it makes the jump a tad harder. I reached the edge of the trackbase already at that spot, which made some kind of quick turnaround necessary (Clever Wallaby thought it was a good idea starting a fullspeedtrack in the middle of the 20x60 field...).

I really like to use pretty fast straight combinations in my more recent fullspeedtracks. The problem about the snowcar and a decent ammount of fast straight jumps is obviously if you give bigger jumps some room of error which allows you to finish the track still with tons of bugs, you are faced with the "Rotorspin"-Problem where you start to overjump checkpoints or platforms by far if you are aiming to avoid every landing bug. If you calculate the jumps more closely it turns out like this = One bug and you are dead by high chance. However I prefer to calculate my fullspeeders more closely and I'm aiming for giving the driver the feeling of an adrenaline rush when finishing it. I remember from an Online conversation long time ago SkunkY was talking about 2 types of Trackbuilders. Those who built "Human vs Human"-Maps, and those who build "Human vs. Track"-Maps. I probably belong to the second type (at least when I'm building fullspeedtracks)

Thanks for the awards, and especially for the replays guys!
  tmjonas 20-May-2020
haha, well put!
yeah, those "human vs. track"-tracks got something for sure!

ps: just checked the first one, which looks bloody crazy in the replay, however, couldn't finish it so far keep them coming!
  OLDA_X 24-May-2020
I just don't like how the LB rating is calculated here on tmuf. This is really frustrating for the track itself.
Sometimes it is enough for one player to upload their record and the track has 10 LB. But here are 10 records of good players, but this track still has only 9 LB. Really frustrating method of calculation.
  Wallaby 25-May-2020
That was probably my fault by adding the high 34 so early. I drove a pretty bad start there though, so you can gain around -0.15 if you drive the first turn more closely. As much I remember the LB raises a lot when the WR time gets beaten and beaten over again. (Additionally the Alpine-leaderboard is pretty weak currently). It's pretty awesome to see a full house in the replay section though, especially on one of my harder tracks.
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User Awards
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  tatiaaaaa 19-May-2020
Sick transitions man!
  FT»tuutti 19-May-2020
Completely crazy stuff man!
  Acid 19-May-2020
Not much to say bruh, falls in the catagory of your usual creative, maticulously crafted fresh, tuff shit, really digging it. Big GG. Onwards to more maps


  1Zaitsev1 19-May-2020
very nice !!!
  OLDA_X 19-May-2020
  NitroGuy!»UD 20-May-2020
It's manageable if you can make it past the wallride so I wouldn't call it lunatic Nice map though
  Pacha»UD 20-May-2020
  tmjonas 20-May-2020

This kept me going even though it frustrated the freak out of me! Seriously, if you finish this, it feels just great. But the way there isn't exactly straight: due to the mad ideas, due to the snow bugs (which appear here in all of their possible forms ), but also due to some choices in the track design (e.g. why did you put a tilted platform block after the first upward combo with the ride on the obstacle and the castle instead of just a straight - or even tilted down - one?!? -> sometimes, it's details that make a track much more difficult or easy ) Anyway, it's a sick track. Mostly, in a good way!

for the ideas!
  Tuta 20-May-2020
It's kind of sad that you "degraded" this track to a sequel, because this one can really stand on its own as a true masterpiece!! Seriously, a few weeks ago I heard someone saying that basically all good transitions had been found, and I think until now I have kind of believed in that. But then you release this monster of a track! It is so undescribably creative, not only do you have really creative transitions, but the layout is absolutely amazing as well, we go down low and then uuup and down again and onto a plateau and down on the ground and... yeah, it is just a dream!

The coolest feature for me is the asphalt slope to red middle section jump at around 9 seconds, it is simply brilliant, works amazingly well every time, is easy to drive and so simple I can't believe this is the first time I see it! It's really a shame that it is immediately followed by the buggiest place on the track, without which this track wouldn't even be that hard I also love the brilliance of the end with going from the snow side of a wall to those black ramps, really cool And the wallride works really well!! Love those!!!

What else to say? Well, SUPER JOB

<--From: >>Tuta<<
  Cool-T 20-May-2020
Awesome! I think this is one of your most innovative tracks so far.
The difficulty is just right for a track like this.

  onway 20-May-2020
Impressive track
So much creativity

  uk.VR 20-May-2020
i can't drive this car so no replay here, but watching yours i can see how well made this is. Great use of available blocks to give a smooth fast ride with a fair amount of difficulty. Very impressive driving too! _\/_
  simo_900 21-May-2020
  Lux»UD 22-May-2020
Wow, what an experience! The smoothness once your car dashs along the ideal line is incredible. Good implementation of the red middle obstacle used as a ramp (not often seen that way), that frozen 90° brick which comes after the pipe and gives the car that little push for a clean landing afterwards, and the wallride with a way of entering it I've never seen before.
Of course, the style of this map has its price - smallest imperfections will result in a crash.
But that's part of the concept, and I can tell you, I had great joy playing your map!
  BRX204 24-May-2020
  Duck 24-May-2020
  timmy»UD 25-May-2020
o lawd... I love watching the GPS
  Cartman»LT 26-May-2020
Pretty hard for me as a snow noob, but goddamn what a ride
Really innovative ideas, i absoluety love it. So i dont care about difficulty
  Loe 30-May-2020
awesome stuff
  wormi 24-Jun-2020
Sick. Undriveable and not fun, but sick.
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