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Name: Wishing Wells
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Cartman»LT
Version: 21-Apr-2020
Released: 21-Apr-2020
TMX id: 5621727
LB Rating: 38,622
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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0:54.44   osna+ 0:00.0038,622
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0:54.51   Cartman»LT+ 0:00.0738,324
0:54.93   maze+ 0:00.4936,536
0:55.90   FT»Tobbe+ 0:01.4632,407
0:55.96   gazo+ 0:01.5232,152
0:56.50   NoTimeToDrive+ 0:02.0629,853
0:56.91   OLDA_X+ 0:02.4728,108
0:57.18   banjee»UD+ 0:02.7426,958
4:16.85   rad+ 3:22.410
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Author Comments

Hello dear Community,

i proudly present my new track Wishing Wells. I started playing trackmania 2 weeks ago, after very long absence.
Exactly its more then 8 years ago
Maybe there are some guys playing, i know from the past. Would like to hear from you again
Newer players are of course also invited to play my new track

Tell me what you think about it. I think i didnt lost my mapping style in those years that much

I appreciate all kind of comments or awards

Sunrise Mode
Coppers used: 7470
AT: 55.09

Have Fun!!!

User Comments
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  Cartman»LT 21-Apr-2020
I would recommend to first watch the GPS!!!

Thx List:

Thx for those nice words, glad that you liked it

Great work that you finished it with keyboard, that might not be easy

Glad to hear that i didnt lost my whole creativity

thx that you kept on trying and actually like the map

Thx Wallaby, nice to see you after all these years Proud that you like it. I didnt know from which one i had this GPS counter, i found it in one of my old tracks So Thank you for giving it to me But why dont you use it anymore? I thinks its very cool

Good that it isnt too easy and too hard for you Iam obvious about that you can do a better time

Thx for being honest to me, i can understand your recommendations about some things. Next time i will try to do it better Thx for the tip with the kightpoles of the 2/2/1 block, i didnt knew the fact (or i just forgot it ). Glad that you liked it beside of those things

thx that you tried it and appreciate the track Iam sure that you could manage the track with a bit of practise

Thx for those words Of course the tracks should be finishable, but i always build and will build my tracks how i like them, even if they are getting pretty hard to finish sometimes

ps: I think OLDA_X nailed it in the comments.

Nice that my comeback got you

Nice to see you I think you didnt got rusty, amazing time Maybe i will try to beat it later

Great that you liked it without getting a clean run yet. Keep trying i know you can do it

Glad that you liked it

thx mate, waiting for an insane time of you
  gazo 22-Apr-2020
Hello Cartman »LT,

Of how much do you estimate your percentage of success on this track?
  Cartman»LT 22-Apr-2020
Hallo gazo,

because of the fact that i build the track, i would say that i have very high success rate. But i know or i can imagine that if you dont know the track, that you need a bit practise
  gazo 22-Apr-2020
please, it is not to the player that I ask for an estimate, it is to the constructor.
I modify my request; no matter your skill;

From what success rate (percentage) do you consider acceptable the validation of a track? (as a builder?)
Because I question myself on my maps.
  OLDA_X 22-Apr-2020
@gazo You did not accept the fact that the track should be respawnable. This fact makes your tracks much more difficult than this. Moreover this track finishable with keyboard players.
  Wallaby 22-Apr-2020
Quote ...
But why dont you use it anymore.
I often like to dive through good looking maps via cam7, and became pretty minimalistic considering the mediatracker (My Laptop doesn't display FX colours and stuff in this game anyways ,even with PC3 shaders) Countdown GPS' force you to move.
  Cartman»LT 23-Apr-2020
seems legit
  Tuta 24-Apr-2020
I feel I need to contradict some comments and awards here. I am by no means a great island player but I certainly didn't have that much of a problem finishing after trying a few times. There are no insanely calculated jumps that force you to carry lots of speed through the turns, t's a little tight in places but if I can finish it without being frustrated I wouldn't call it lunatic But maybe it just suits my driving style, who knows.
  wormi 24-Apr-2020
I have barely experience about sliding on purpose, maybe i could do it better with kb instead of pad also would need more time, my try was very quick!
  osna 25-Apr-2020
do you play without shadows?
i had to turn them off to see where to go at a few spots

already got a better time lol
  Amit»LT 26-Apr-2020
Welcome back!! nice to see you back.
  Cool-T 26-Apr-2020
btw, you got the trackname from a particular song?
  Cartman»LT 27-Apr-2020
@ Amit:
Thank you, nice to see an other LT again

Hell yes, i did
  osna 02-May-2020
nearly missed the finish on this run lol
  Cartman»LT 11-May-2020
amazing time osna you almost ruined it
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  NoTimeToDrive 22-Apr-2020
Welcome Back Cartman!!!
Wonderful intro....I'm back Track!!!
You Still got IT!!
Lovely track.....fantastic build!!
Thanks A Lot!!!!!!

Nice to see you pick up the game again

PS:Was half sleeping when i try it
Will do better run soon!

  banjee»UD 22-Apr-2020
Amazing track!
How smooth that banked road landing and jump near the start is really impressive! There are some other jumps that feel really tight on my keyboard but otherwise the whole track plays very nicely after some practice.
  Tuta 22-Apr-2020
Woow this is really amazing! Such a coool track, insane speed and amazing ideas throughout! Love those offroad sections and the cool use of the quarterpipes the most really impressive! SUper job

<--From: >>Tuta<<
  FT»tuutti 22-Apr-2020
Finally managed to finish it!

Truly a great island track. Some really great transitions and jumps, my favorite is probably the little offroad bump under the road piece

Great comeback!
  Wallaby 22-Apr-2020
With Tuta building the impossible rallytracks and myself building the impossible snowtracks the guy building the impossible island tracks returned just in time . I really love those fancy styled transitiontracks and don't mind if they are brutally hard (even though you really could raise this thing up to "lunatic"). It's obvious you need to be an insane islanddriver to get this huge ammount of combinations working while the building process. I loved what I've seen there. The finish bump is my favourite thing, even though everything is great on this track. This track is truly a 10-12 year time travel back. Trying to get a decent replay on this later. I slighty dislike this ugly GPS-thing though, although I'm suprised it has survived for 12 years already, but I have reasons why I'm not using this thing anymore.

  OLDA_X 22-Apr-2020
Very nice track and ideas. It's not too hard but it's not easy either. I really like how easy it is to restart. I uploaded a pretty bad record but I'll improve it over time. It's fun to ride.
  FT»Tobbe 23-Apr-2020
Finally clocked in somewhat of a time.
What a ride. To me, the transitions are innovative and absolutely awesome, that's why I place an award for this evil construction.
However, I think you overcooked it a little on this one.

The track itself would not be that difficult I think, if it wasn't for these tiny little edges the car flips on everywhere. Like the 1st right turn, why the hell couldn't you spend just 10 more coppers on an additional banked block!?
The overhead turn didn't really work for me since the angle into it does not fit properly. Somehow you have to countersteer a lot to not hit the next edge there at the exit. The transition to CP1 is also a myracle to me. Why not place the wavy 2/2/1 block there, where the lightpoles are not solid? That would make the transition a lot easier!
The exit of the quarterpipes is a pain, since you placed that bridge block right in the way, "for scenery"
The line between the Airplanes is also very narrow, for absolutely no reason. More edges to flip the car to make this track a real lunatic.
Grass slide is awesome, as well as the double ramp transition!

greez: Tobbe

  wormi 23-Apr-2020
I can't drive it properly but what a track nevertheless. Seems like a short break makes you innovative!
  gazo 23-Apr-2020
Superb challenge, with narrow passages that require a lot of precision.

However, as already written here above, some blocks could have been replaced by others,
i quote: "" where the lightpoles are not solid?""
(( The designers of the game should have in my opinion, had to make a update of this blocks with non-solid lampposts)) !!!
The decors is beautiful BUT !!!!!

While waiting for other leads from you, BIG BIG +++ for your design, your imagination.

ps: Thanks to you because this track, and what is written about it, shows us that we can post anything that we are capable of validating.
  Cool-T 24-Apr-2020
Welcome home man, impressive comeback

  osna 25-Apr-2020
oh looks who's back
and with another track in his usual style.

the track isnt that hard. but it has a few tight and tricky spots (i hate lamp posts )
still took me a while to get a time i find okay. i think i'm getting rusty.
might try to get a better time later

anyway nice track
and good to have you back
  Artorias 27-Apr-2020
Superb track, even though I still struggle to beat it in one go (I'm by no means an expert ), still enjoyed it immensely
Hope to see more art like this from you
  DMW»UD 28-Apr-2020
welcome back with a sick map
  maze 07-May-2020
welcome back
keep it up
  Knight 31-May-2020
What an amazing time to be alive, after more than 7 years we can yet again experience the beauty of Cartman's transitions! A challenging one for sure, you need to put some effort into it - and the track itself is a reward. Butter smooth transitions, feels like every single block was used at some point. The scenery isn't overcrowded yet attracts the eye, and the sunrise gives it a great mood. I know how map borders can be a pain, but Cartman used this limitation in a great way right before the finish line, amazing!
I hope to see more tracks like this in the future!

I managed to pull this one off with the keyboard, the time is not that impressive though. Glad you didn't make it KB-proof!
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