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Name: Download Danger Zone
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   KEV Fan
Version: 30-Nov-2007
Released: 30-Nov-2007
TMX id: 555548
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 75,717
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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0:57.59   BrummHummel+ 0:00.0075,717
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:57.85   -tchocolat-+ 0:00.2673,666
0:57.88   Zemano !+ 0:00.2973,429
0:57.96   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.3772,798
0:58.12   kroco+ 0:00.5371,536
0:58.17   Axon+ 0:00.5871,142
0:58.26   KEV Fan+ 0:00.6770,431
0:58.26   GrandMaster-D+ 0:00.6770,431
0:58.36   Larry*C+ 0:00.7769,642
0:58.37   Vincent+ 0:00.7869,564
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Author Comments

So here´s a brand new island map.
First of all I´d like to give a big “Thank You” to “Underdog” for making this great mod.
I always loved the “TM-MarsMod” but the addition of the pink sky and the fire-tunels is mega-awsome and really motivated me in mapping this one.
This map should be fun for high-speed-junkies and is not too hard in my opinion.
My favourite part is a combo you´ll going to hear a “YEEEHAAAW”- sound. I have played all elements of this combo already in different maps but never seen them put together the way I did it – maybe I´ll make a map full of those combos

Thanks to the beta-testers especially TopTrog, s8ndm8n and Underdog.

Map data:
Coppers: 6436
Intro: YES
MT: Yeah
Outro: I love it – yes
Music: Yes – dl while I-net is on
Mod: Yes (no automatic download because I cannot afford the bandwidth for online gamers) but you can download it here and install manually.

Click here for Mod download!
Installation help for the MOD:
Put the zipfile into this folder: TMU/GameData/Skins/Island/Mod
If this is your first Mod there will be no "Mod" Subfolder - just create this folder then.

You got to restart TMU to see it – I tell ya it´s worth installing – never seen such an awesome island mod

Have fun and cheeeeers

User Comments
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  KEV Fan 30-Nov-2007

Danke Underdog - for great award - yep you´re right that I should not fade out completely -probably it´s got something to do with the fact that my music volume is always high and car sound volume is always low when driving

Cheers Mr.Brow for your 500th and golden award

Mega Thanks OLDA_X for your sweet award

Xiaolong - of course I remember the nice rounds we raced on VIP Server - thx for your nice award

Cheeeeers axon - glad you enjoyed it

Thank you very much Grand Master D for this detailed award which I appreciate very much. I think you did not get the real intention of that loop. Try to steer already to the right while you are IN the loop to make you jump towards the right just when leaving it - makes me "WOW" every time it works

Hartelijk Bedankt Dakkon for this detailed award - hehe maybe you should try a pad some time ? - nah nah just kidding Great that you enjoyed the outro

Thanks s8ndm8n for the "steak sandwich" which you also enjoy with mustard ? - Nice time mate

MaB - lol - after the bomb has fallen - thx for your nice award

Thx Vince - argh what am I doing to make you so many probs mate ? - cheers for trying it again and again

Danke Markus for the King of jumps - yeah i love flying with my island car

Thanks TYZZ - yeah I know what you mean - amazing about that is that I thought about it - built it and it worked on first try as it is now

Thanks Sivert - glad you got addicted

Thx Pjotr - nice comments - come on go go go - I know you can do that faster

Nice award Low_B - come one - you can do Top10 - 200 coppers if you make it and 400 if you kickass my time till Sunday evening - thx for your comments

Cheers Bye Tom - very nice comment - glad you like the final jump

Grazie maphios - lol I thought about making the huge jump without steel to save coppers - but it looked so damn cool that I could not remove it - nice comments - highly appreciated - cheeers

Yeeehaaaw kroco - very nice and very detailed award - I it

Domo Arigato KiwiNinja - nice that you mention the reuse - nice comments

Grazie MasterDisaster - comments bellissimo

Thanks a lot crooms - nice comments - glad you like that music too

Thank you QBert - well I´m probably even worse on driving stadium than yyour island skills are - thx for your award

Very good to read your award Larry*C - I always try hard to make music and map fit together - so good to read if other guys think I did it well - cheeers

Yeeehaaaw Kendar - thism award made my day - Huge thanks mate

LOL abmangoog - that penguin is the driver - thx for your award

Cheeeeers Nibor

Very interesting to read your awards. Seems that this map splits opinions. Some like the mod except of the sky - some just love that pink sky. Some think music is cool - some think it´s no good - hehe very interesting to read - thanks
  DaKKoN 30-Nov-2007
When you make a link, make sure it's to the right file...
This link DL's your track; NOT the MOD

Fix it and I will try (I will also try without it, but I simply do not have time right now )


  KEV Fan 01-Dec-2007
Thanks Dakkon - fixed the download link
  DaKKoN 01-Dec-2007
Very good m8

You'll have a response later tonight
  MaB 02-Dec-2007
In my game the mod did automatically download. Or do have the wrong mod now? I didn't make use of your download link, but I just played the track and a mod installed itself automatically.
  DaKKoN 02-Dec-2007
Hehe I didn't even try that MaB I just pushed the link and got the track so I started "whining"
  Pjotr 04-Dec-2007
Don't like the music,
It gets boring.
Better listen to my own...
  Vincent 08-Dec-2007
I must admit that I subestimated the track in the beginning - it´s really excellent (once you know what to do)!
  GrandMaster-D 17-Nov-2008
0:58.20 baby 8-)
  Zemano ! 17-Aug-2009
Gogo 57.7 or better
  BrummHummel 17-Aug-2009
ok.. let´s start with a 7x
  KEV Fan 25-Aug-2009
Go go go BH and Zem - nice times
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 29 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   crooms 12-Dec-2007
Wow super track, The music made me like this track before i played it
Its a thrilling high speed track with some great stunts and nice lines

n1 KEVFan

User Award   Qbert 13-Dec-2007
Nice track Kev Fan! I'm no good at this time did not make it to the top10. Keep up the mappin
User Award   Larry*C 15-Dec-2007
It all fits together - track-music-mod - absolutely great masterpiece!
User Award   Kendar 27-Feb-2008

Dude - you think "bigger" than anyone else out there. That was absolutely H U G E.
BIG stunts
BIG BIG challenge!
BIG BIG BIG FUN (which is always important to me)

Rock On, buddy!!
User Award   abmangoog 13-Sep-2008
fun map in server, and more, and great. what a funny screenie with penguin on car, hope he doesnt lose his grip.
User Award   Nibor 18-Nov-2008
Rock and Roll, Kev_Fan

Awesome Island Speed Track with great Wallrides
and speed
Big for you
User Award   Zemano ! 17-Aug-2009
Smooth map

I like the mod and the music

Again a goo track from you Kev

User Award   DarkLordRacer 15-Nov-2009
very nice track
User Award   darmaya 21-Sep-2010
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