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Name: RaceStyle2! [mtc]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   NitroGuy!»UD
Version: 28-Feb-2020
Released: 28-Feb-2020
TMX id: 5535731
LB Rating: 16,743
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Platform Style: Trial
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 3m 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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World RecordPenByDifferenceScoreLB
4:28.48 + 70s  NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:00.0016,743
Top 10PenByDifferenceScore  LB
36:24.04 + 1110s  Acid+ 31:55.560
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Author Comments

Hi all,

I started this map back in 2007/2008 and only made a couples CPs, but when I saw this MTC theme, I knew I had to finish it. This map is freestyle trial, only the second one. It's the unofficial sequel to the map, "RaceStyle by   Walex". This one is much more improved, 99% cutproof and much better structured spots. Is this map, you will encounter (in order):
-Simple slide
-Biiiig slide
-Primo slide on wallride
-Wall kiss
-Bridge slide
-Triple slide
-Primo slide on sign

This map is quite difficult, so good luck. If anyone is curious, my AT (7 respawns) is two respawns at CP 1, two at CP 2, one at CP 5, and two at CP 8. There is also a little replay to view at each spot for your assistance.

Thanks to DMW for a fantastic screen once again!

User Comments
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  Brainhead 29-Feb-2020
its a bit wierd seeing a plattform pop out right after the "rule change" i myself would have also build plattform tutorial map for the mtc, but i decided to go with a challenge, im feeling a bit uneasy about this tbh.

i kinda wanna pull back my mtc bcuz of this, bcuz if others can use the new rule why cant i?

i also rly dont like that rules get changed inside a running mtc, and this is NOT A SMALL rule change. you basically removed the 1min.30 completely.

but what eva, im prop. negative and passive agressive again.
  NitroGuy!»UD 29-Feb-2020
I told nod that 1:30 was way too short for a platform, and considering that you had the only entry up until the rule change about a week ago, perhaps the change was in order. Also, you had this whole time to change or update your map.

Also, you're making this big of a deal about a tiny little competition on a site with like 30 active people and 2 entries total. Some things aren't worth the complaining.
  nod32»UD 29-Feb-2020
the track originally had 10 checkpoints. i told nitro he had to shorten it to 8 because submitting a 10 checkpoint entry would be unfair, as you already noted. this MTC already has no entries so standing by the original rules would just reduce the amount of entries to one. if you're a fan of "winning" an empty track contest, feel free to open one in your DMs. it's not like i'll open a judging phase with 2 or 3 maps submitted anyway.
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User Awards
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  DMW»UD 28-Feb-2020
Fyt, fyt, fyt, fyt fristajlo! Fyt, fyt, fyt, fyt fristajlo!
Łaka maka, dam dytym dari duri dam dyti
Tiri tyri dam dytym tyri tyri dam, dyti o, o!

  timmy»UD 29-Feb-2020
interesting one, even though it's too hard for me!
  Acid 29-Feb-2020
Long award incoming...
One of the most fun times i've had on a map for a long time. I'm completely new to the freestyle concept and would've never tried a "parcour" styled map just for the fun of it, but this one basicly being a trial map, which i really enjoy, i had to give it a go. Was really hard for me (reflected by me taking 18 minutes + penalties ) but it was very fun to learn (figured the back wheel hangup lock-in on the wallride out by trial and error) So that was prolly the most fun part for me.
By far the hardest part for me was the big red boost just to long slide, took me ages.

HP Videos helped alot, since trying without knowing if you're even doing the right thing would've been a lil' frustrating. I'm not sure i did the correct techniques on most CPs, since i tried not looking at your HP videos, so i gotta check you 7 respawn run out
Also, i'm a skateboarder and laughed on seeing the 5-0 and the BS noseblunt/bs overcrook on the HP rep on the sign near the end. Awesome work dude !!


  frozenkhaos»UD 01-Mar-2020
What da fuck, DMW ? he prolly smoked

Superb map, i liked it, was super to beta-test this.

here's your
  OLDA_X 02-Mar-2020
Pretty nice one , but i cant finished it. I caught 4Cps for a 120 respawns. Then I gave up ... Nice and fun
  banjee»UD 17-Oct-2020
super cool
  Voyager006 21-Nov-2020
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