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Pack: (no track pack)
By:   sebik1992
Version: 26-Nov-2007
Released: 26-Nov-2007
TMX id: 550582
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Desert
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Author Comments

UPDATE: Please... don't be strict, this map has over 2 years-old, and then I was n00bing, so...

I presents new speedtrack, this time on Desert enviroment. The NO RULEZ is really fast track, sometimes car gets over 500mph!
Track incudes:
-short PF start (on every computer),
-one loop,
-3 tunels sections,
-7 jumps,
-4 checkpoints (form every you can finish the track,
-42 second of pure fun,
-music (StuntGP PC game soundtrack, as an first in have to be in "Noobs Killer" track, but I decide to use it on "NO RULEZ"),
-MediaTracker (intro, In game, GPS, Outro),
-about 2700 coppers.

If you liked this track award it on TMX or send some coppers on "sebik1992" account!

User Comments
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  Mr.Brow 26-Nov-2007
Why Only 2 Awards
  sebik1992 27-Nov-2007
Surely polish community have other works, I'm not famous over polish comm. of TM :/
  rad 27-Nov-2007
I played stunt gp sebik
  demo 05-Feb-2008
stunt GP is game for noobs -_-
  DaKKoN 13-Feb-2008
I wanted to it after my 1st run, but after driving it a few more times I got bored with it (sorry)
So I can't . Mainly because of all the reverse boosters. They really get the competition out of this track. And without them it would be a lot more fun to play cause you have to use the gas not constantly...
Fun track, but not addictive and a little boring

  rad 10-Dec-2008
41 possible, I've got -0,42 to my dedi rec
  sebik1992 06-Mar-2010
Joke... but track in general is very old and with lamed trackbuilding style.
Thx 4 award on this rubbish
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  PtysiO 26-Nov-2007
fajna mapka sebcio
  Mr.Brow 26-Nov-2007
Awesome Speed
Awesome Flow
Awesome Smooth
Awesome Jumps
Awesome Platforms
Awesome Tunnels
Awesome Finish
Awesome Loops
Awesome PF-Start
Awesome Intro, Ingame And Outro
Awesome Track
| from me |

Hilsen Brow
  [CMC]Zeo 09-Dec-2007
Well, maybe i'll help a little bit with having more than 2 awards and making Mr. Brow a little happier. Honestly i thought i won't award this track because it's a bit too boring and too much reverse boosts were placed here, but then i wondered a bit and asked myself "WHO F****N CARES!". Nice work, MediaTracker skills are really nice and i also think all those jumps were sweet and smooth. As i said earlier, try not to put reverse boosts, even in reality, when car is going 500 kph onto the turn after which we have to jump over the vulcano. Nah, joke, kids don't do this with ya daddy's cars. Even nitro won't help ya. But it's still a virtual world and everything is possible here.

  kamyl 16-Dec-2007
Great track,
Great mediatracker - intro, in game, outro
Nice music
  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 10-Jan-2008
Great track
Fun to play
exellent ideas!
Amazing turns!
Good work!
Greeting from
  Crixu' 15-Jan-2008
Nice track !
Nice MT work !
funny jumps
amazing flow
and super PF start
  ADIo 07-Feb-2008
Awesome track!
Very good Media Tracker!
Insane speed!
Nice smooth!
  Lli! 13-Feb-2008
Excellent full speed desert, nice speed and flow.
for ya
  gdffgdfgd 13-Feb-2008
Wow what an awesome Track!
Extremely high Speed, great flow, smooth and incredible jumps!
  Acid 19-May-2008
Very nice and fast Track.
Very smooth and a ruuush
while driving it. Lots of Fun
and a Woah-Effect .. Great Work.

  KleinPhilip 30-Aug-2008
so cooool^^
Optimus from playPal O
  DeaD.oas 30-Aug-2008
Nice Track

  MasterMe 26-May-2009
I can't say more, I'm stunned.
Awesome track!

  rhino 06-Mar-2010
WTF, I haven't awarded it yet? Impossible
So I award it now, the track is just great!
  Sebs 29-Jun-2010
42 seconds of fullspeed awesomness!
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