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Track Name
Name: Symphony Xtreme
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Kendar
Version: 15-Nov-2007
Released: 15-Nov-2007
TMX id: 536655
LB Rating: 53,870
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:21.41   Marius 89+ 0:00.0053,870
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:21.49   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.0853,552
1:21.59   Shu+ 0:00.1853,155
1:22.14   Hastings+ 0:00.7350,971
1:22.15   Sandder+ 0:00.7450,932
1:22.56   Zeref+ 0:01.1549,304
1:22.60   Axon+ 0:01.1949,145
1:22.77   Fallout Boy+ 0:01.3648,470
1:22.89   Dingo.O+ 0:01.4847,994
1:23.34   Edge+ 0:01.9346,207
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Author Comments

Kendar Island full-length maps are usually all concrete with wide lines and a challenging design built for racing from the very start. With Symphony Xtreme, I was inspired to break out of that mold.

We kick things off with a PF start (see it to believe it).
A bit of road driving (hun?)
Big jumps – of course!
Two airports to navigate
Tunnels and Tubes (whoooaaa)
And of course there is plenty of concrete too with wall-rides, wall-jumps, a corkscrew and a loop with my famous Kendar loop-cam.
The finish is quite a whopper too – hint: stay centered!!

Intro: Yeppers
Outro: Put your feet up and enjoy.
Music: Symphony X, “Set the World on Fire”
Coppers: 6116

Bigger Screenie

Now a shout-out to my fellow XT dudes for your help.
KEV Fan – Thanks for hooking up the rockin’ tunes!

Beta Testing:
s8ndm8n quotes, “I'd say it's moderate difficulty, but compared to that jackass s8ndm8n it's a piece of cake.”

SkunkY quotes, “ Start is tricky, rest I found pretty easy I think.”

Well, OK – I’m ready to drive. How about you???

User Comments
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  Kendar 15-Nov-2007
DaKKoN Hey dude, I think it is good we live thousands of miles apart. LOL. Really amazing comments in the first award. I was so excited to find out you liked it so much. Thanks, buddy. You are still the King Stud!!!

MasterDisaster Big track - yes - I had to squeeze in all the ideas that were in my head. Ahh - you noticed the flashy trails. Haa haa. Cheers, MasterD!

Hageldave A smilie is worth a thousand words. Thanks, dude!!

SkunkY I gotta hand it to you, SkunkY. Your beta comments were spot on!!! Thanks for all the help. Rock On!!!

Iquere My first track with music, and my first showcase. Thanks for all your support!!!

Mr._Impossible It's great to see you enjoyed it all. Thanks a bunch!

Pjotr I love getting people addicted!!! PF starts always have the danger of reducing the playability. That is why I never use them. But this time I just wanted to do something different. Thanks for playing.

Hastings Wow - this is high praise coming from such a masterful designer as you. Thanks for your awesome comments, and awesome time!

KEV Fan I can't believe Serpent Strike has been dethroned. Haa haa. Your maps always bring big FUN, so I'm very happy that you enjoyed this map so much. Even though it took you 30 minutes to finish an Intermediate level map. LOL.

kaiN Thanks you very much, kind sir.

Gerblo But you stuck with it and finished it - awesome, dude!! Thanks

s8ndm8n When I was designing that fly through CP, I actually had to go load up your track to make sure I wasn't copying you. Whew - it was totally different thank goodness. Hey - this finish jump is not nearly as ridiculous as the one I had in the Beta version. And it's nice to see you put your stamp of approval on this track. Oh no, not the award, but the WR.

pjw Super comments from the innovative master. I'm glad you liked the flow and design. Cheers, mate!

Micster My original design had the airport reuse as offroad. Big thanks, dude - glad you had fun.

[ATP]EDGE Thanks for playing, awarding and submitting a great time.
  Hageldave 15-Nov-2007
wow that screen roxx!
  DaKKoN 15-Nov-2007
Oh yeah: The outro rocked!!!
  Bare 15-Nov-2007
SHOWCASE Congratiulations
  Hageldave 15-Nov-2007
lol now thats some succes man!
  DaKKoN 15-Nov-2007
Haha showcase is precisely what this track deserves!!!
Congratz!!! m8
  TimeBreaker 15-Nov-2007
that screen is crazy
super awesome work ^^
  MasterDisaster 15-Nov-2007
yes..yes...congratz with the showcase...but we want a PUZZLE track!
  KEV Fan 15-Nov-2007
Well deserved showcase - nope it´s not intermediate at all
  TEP=Julien= 15-Nov-2007
WOWW ... Awsome screen shot
  Hamade 17-Nov-2007
I cant fifnish this track because I get lost after the PF start.
  Kendar 17-Nov-2007
KiWiNiNjA'w4 Thanks for playing.

MiniZyko An 8 smilie award Sweet! Thanks.

pitstep thanks, mate!

ukrmarkie Your comment made me laugh. Cheers!

Vincent "play Majong" Haa haa - funny, mate. With all that bathing, you should be very clean by now.

ORA Thank you very much!! Glad you had fun.

MaB Cheers, mate!

Axon Nice to see you, buddy. Great time you posted!

Bark Wow - that's awesome. Thanks!!

CRO|Low_B Oh so close to the top 10. Thanks for playing.

[ATP]Speeder I'm happy to hear it's on your server and you guys are diggin' it. Thanks for the kind words.

zuick Weee Hooo. Thanks buddy!

maphios Yes, my tracks always take a bit of training. Super comments, I really appreciate your award. Cheers!

jarny You want to give me 5 awards - LOL. Thanks, dude.

BrummHummel I appreciate your straight-up comments. I normally don't like ingame MT either, but in this case, it actually helps me get lined up better. But I see where it can confuse you too. You still beat my time. Thanks for playing!!

|AS| ben75 Wow - that is a lot of Xtrem exclamation marks!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!

Mirco the Racer I'm very pleased about being showcased. Thank you for the kind award!

lamogui Another Symphony X fan. Thanks, dude!

[CMC]Sandder Great time!!!! Yowza, I'm gonna have to study your lines. Cheers!!

dac|sharky Wowzers! Thanks a bunch.

squirrel Thanks for playing, mate. Glad you got the PF working - otherwise it would be impossible.

-Firefly- Really nice comments, dude. Thanks for all the cups

Sivert Now that's a great collection of comments and smilie faces. Thanks!!!

[FoF] BionicWolf Yes, the gloves were essential to execute my ideas. Cheers!

-Homie- Glad to get it. thanks, dude.

the_binkster Nice how you weaved the song titles in the comments! Rock On, dude!!

Nova The Devil Night mood would be interesting, but then you would lose the high ceiling effect I wanted over the airport. Thanks for playing!

Markus... Wow, I was so stoked to read your comments. Thanks, buddy, your support is awesome!!!

jaiksen Thanks!

Bombadil Cheers!

OLDA_X Nice Grande Award.

The Idler It's nice to hear you love playing it so much. Thanks!

Lord Henrik Thank you kind sir!

azog Thanks!

maniamaster I'm happy that people are still playing this track. Cheers, mate!

Rally I enjoyed your award comments. I don't usually make long speed-tech maps, but I'm happy you stuck with it to feel that satisfaction at the end. Cheers for #50

Msr.ArwuZ Your award is much appreciated.

Bobulator Thanks!

B®aad Thanks a lot, dude!

Hardarm Cheers!
  Hastings 17-Nov-2007
Dammit, stop grabbing my one and only WR!

EDIT: Ok ok you can have it, no harm done!
  Kendar 18-Nov-2007
Hey - lookout - Hastings is getting feisty.
That's one smokin' time, dude!!!!
  Hastings 18-Nov-2007
Shu and Marius "Mr. Perfect" 89 are gaining a lot of time at the airport, that's right where the decision lies. Up to there it's all even.
  Shu 19-Nov-2007
alalalalala gg marius, i must take many time to make a 1.21.30, and i think it can be my must, but you can a 21.10 !! gg pgm
and nice map, amazing.... not my favorite style but nice run. thx for this map
  Marius 89 19-Nov-2007
Thx Shu ^^
Your time is also impressive!
  DaKKoN 22-Nov-2007

Give this Masterpiece at least the no. 40!!!!

lol 2days the track got stuck on 39, and after this little post it got 2 more within the hour Cheers peepz!! now let's go for the 50!!
  Braadje 16-Apr-2009
deserves to be classic
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 56 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Ls Nova 01-Dec-2007
impressive and it's Xtreme !!

but it's too long and it's could be perhaps better with the "night" mood

so 9/10

18, bis
  Markus... 07-Dec-2007

i find no words for that track
I find no words for such a beautyfull screeny
i dont wonder myself about the quality of this track, i knew and know what an amazing mapper you are
damn was that a ride
the only thing wich makes me wondering a bit, is the minimal amount of awards for this Masterpiece
only 42 lil happened here?
where are all those wich had tested this thing? Gone? Lazy?
Trust me Kendar, if i could you would get more than this single
  jaiksen 18-Dec-2007
I love it. you can that with Island tracks!
  Bombadil 03-Feb-2008
love this=)
  OLDA_X 18-Feb-2008
awesome island track
nice pf start and first jump
great speed and jumps
awesome looping , super construct
also awecome jump in finish
nice music


.... .... OLDA_X
  The Idler 21-Feb-2008
I've been driving this for ages, but I forgot to award it!
This is my favorite track track in the whole game, awesome job!
Oh, and the screenie is just fantastic! The music rox too!
  Lord Henrik 06-Mar-2008
  azog 20-Mar-2008
Very nice track well done
  Mania»LT 21-Mar-2008
wooooow !!

this is one of the best tracks I'fe EVER seen !

the start is great-the speed is great-everything is great!!!
So you get a very BIG

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  Rally 06-Apr-2008
Fantastic track... I got so pissed at the start as I thought it had too many small obstacles for such a long track. It made the whole track a speedy technical one, which I don't prefer. But, when you finaly made it with a exceptable time, ohh the personal reward is awesome. I pass that reward on to its proper owner by giving it top you, kendar. Thank you.
  Msr.ArwuZ 14-Apr-2008
Great track with super flow and good speed. Good job, awesome
  Bobulator 16-Apr-2008
well good track
  Braadje 01-Aug-2008
amazing track
one of the best island tracks i know
  -' Hardy 13-Dec-2008
Good track
Fly with meee!!!
good work
  MightyGamer 02-Jan-2009
Nice Track
smooth curves and tech and Great flow of speed
Good job Kendar
  Bierfuizl 14-Feb-2009
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