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Name: Download Virtuoso!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Pacha»UD
Version: 22-Sep-2019
TMX id: 5365805
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 21,583
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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0:44.58   Lux»UD+ 0:00.0021,583
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0:44.87   OLDA_X+ 0:00.2920,740
0:45.23   andresaguado+ 0:00.6519,694
0:45.74   timmy»UD+ 0:01.1618,213
0:43.87   *Garfovsky- 0:00.71-
0:44.55   waitforme_2- 0:00.03-
0:44.63   Pacha»UD+ 0:00.05-
0:45.22   Brainhead+ 0:00.64-
0:45.68   Freddys5+ 0:01.10-
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Author Comments

hello all welcome to a new Rally map that i made
transitional/fs , i know one part can feel slow but i think the rest of the track can compansate !
hopefully you guys enjoy

(i know the detail are a bit empty comparate to usually, but it's my birthday and i'm a bit busy right now so hopefully you guys understand !)

Cut fixed

and thanks everybody who award or comment the track

User Comments
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  Brainhead 19-Sep-2019
finish is too random for me, i dont like it.
i also dont like the dirtroad to dirtroad jump at the start, too buggy.
nice little cut to skip the engine killer, but that route is also very bumpy so i dont think it gets you this much time.

best time i can do for now, im too frustrated about the finish jump, rest is good.

happy b-day. no award, too much flowkillers.

  Pacha»UD 19-Sep-2019
Thanks for the critic brain ^^ i acutally have no problem for the end.. I guess maybe you just go faster than me can happens
  Brainhead 21-Sep-2019
totally not overhyped, dude wtf......
  *Garfovsky 22-Sep-2019
"I don't like this map, so no one else can like it"
Why do you care so much bro.
  Pacha»UD 22-Sep-2019
i mean ... 9 award is not overhyped first...
when i see some coast track or other author 10 sec map with more award...i don't think this one is overhyped...
anyway i don't tell anybody to award or force anybody to try it... soo heumm calm your tits plz
  timmy»UD 23-Sep-2019
  Brainhead 23-Sep-2019
@Garfield, maps i dont like seem to get mass awards which they def not deserve, thats what always fks me up, im not gonna say its bad i just say 9 awards is def too much for such a flowkiller map.

@Pacha, i say the exact same thing about every bullshit coast map from the last half of the year, its the reason why i builded that "crapbute to sheetmaps" thing, but even that gets 2 awards, means awarding something doasnt show any sign of quality, best examples are lalalands maps. but who am i to complain, maybe i should start award bs maps myself too and hold my opinion or feedback, joining the train. But sry i drive myself, i dont need a train.
  Kif 23-Sep-2019
Hey Brainhead,
If you don't like a map and have some criticism about it, that's absolutely fine. But if you're start ranting about others and their work, that's pretty bitchy. Perhaps you should reconsider your behavior.
  andresaguado 23-Sep-2019
Just a wild guess: Brainhead is a politician
Just think about it: apparently he throws away some shit but in the end he manages to have people debating about what he's said. That strategy is followed by many politicians indeed
  Pacha»UD 23-Sep-2019
like i replied to your first critic brain, i understand your point and i'm open to it, i'm not a perfect mapper and i know..
but it's the comment after that is a bit too harsh,
is like if you say that the track is 0 good and deserve not to be publish on tmx....
saying constructive comment and tell what you don't like about the track is fine, imo
but saying stuff like '' OvErHypED Map, wTf 9 AwArD'' or '' ShiiT MaP CauSe MiNE HaVe LesS aWarD''
is not okay,
also as i can see it's look like you are a bit mad about your award, and i understand, i have some map with 1-2 award who i think deserve more but don't, it's part of trackmania and some people was not on tmx that week, that happens, mostly those day since TM is pretty ''dead''
but i don't go say on other track that he got more award than me and rant about it..
whatever, i'm not saying ''every'' coast are bad... but for sure some are overhyped... even more than mine, but i don't go on their track saying bullshit..
it's not the fault of the mapper if people award those track, the mapper think is style is good, and not everybody can create masterpiece ... they atleast try and even if the game is ''dead'' they continue to add content to the game... even if we don't like it or not...
like i said, i don't think 9 award is overhyped... since some of my other track have close of 20 award even those day...
so for me 9 award is not even good... and i don't need someone else to come rant in comment about the track hyped
  Brainhead 24-Sep-2019
its funny how guys react if you type your mind about the quality of the mappool from the last months, or critic some flowkillers about one map not saying its bad, what has the world become were you not even can post your opinion about a track and or others maps?!

and btw i would be proud of guys dis. on my tracks about quality, at least i would know they care to drive them and or like them.

i will continue posting critic about maps i like if they get killed by flowkillers, bcuz i would like to have feeback myself on my tracks too.

hate me for that, i dont giva a damn.
  andresaguado 24-Sep-2019
I sincerely believe (and hope) that nobody here is hating a TMX colleague. After all, we are not many, and hating is not good for health
By reading all the comments, I think that nobody here has problems with your criticism, Brain, it is more about the style you use when communicating that criticism. There seems to be some "disconnection" between people with your approach style and other people who cares and values a more respectful approach. I insist it is not about the critic itself. Btw, I just tried to put some humour and a better mood in this discussion; did I fail?

We might all try one of Brain's track and let some comment in it

EDIT: Done. I tried your "Crapbute to Sheetmaps" and, understood as a "shortcut" map, I liked it! Crappy of me
  Kif 24-Sep-2019
@andresaguado: I'll second that
  Pacha»UD 24-Sep-2019
+1 andre, like i said, i don't care brain.. i just try to put my point.. i don't hate you , i just try to let you understand my point... if you agree or disagree it's you.. but i just say that some of your comments looks more like a rant than a critic to me
  ivank26278 25-Sep-2019
will test your track later
  NitroGuy!»UD 26-Sep-2019
It all stems back to: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

It's not that difficult to hold your tongue.
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User Awards
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User Award   waitforme_2 19-Sep-2019
bypassed the engine cut... Happy Birthday
User Award   Freddys5 19-Sep-2019
I like this map, but the end is little bit tricky
Happy Birthday!
User Award   timmy»UD 19-Sep-2019
pretty fun track, I love how well it works but it's not as hard for KB as advertised, downvote.
Happy Birthday pachapacha!
User Award   OLDA_X 19-Sep-2019
Great map Hpbrpch
User Award   Acid 19-Sep-2019
Ver yclosely calculated, had trouble with the first jump combo Keyboard doesn't make this easier. Happy to get gold. Fun map though


User Award   NitroGuy!»UD 19-Sep-2019
good stuff
User Award   *Garfovsky 19-Sep-2019
shame about the small cut :/ would be cool if it gets fixed.
Fun map. I enjoy this one. Cool jumps and I for one like the ending. I didn't have much problems there.
Nice work.
User Award   Frozenkhaos»UD 20-Sep-2019
User Award   P&H 20-Sep-2019
User Award   andresaguado 23-Sep-2019
As a VIRTUOSO of freedom, I hereby certify that nobody forced me to award this track
I love rally It's true that coast tracks have highest LB these days but that's no problem: i love coast as well
And I love you all (just I feel happy today), even Brain, his sarcastic style has some value in itself
I forgot to mention that this transitional track is FANTASTIC for me
User Award   ivank26278 25-Sep-2019
User Award   Lux»UD 25-Sep-2019
Fun little map, good well calculated straight lines - smooth at least with pad.
Last jump indeed is a bit addicted on how good or bad your line is during wide uphill turn before.
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